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DUBLIN – (BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Global online accommodation reservation market 2021” the report was added to from offer.

“Global online accommodation reservation market 2021” provides information on the current state and trends of the online travel accommodation market around the world. Among other findings, the publication reveals that for some of the major market players, the disruptions in 2020 resulted in a substantial loss of market share, while some were able to maintain their positions.

Recent developments in the global online accommodation reservation market

The global online accommodation market, on par with the travel industry as a whole, has suffered significant disruption with the onset of COVID-19. Before the pandemic, the use of mobile devices to book travel accommodation was on the rise, and the share of mobile app use in hotels was the second highest among all apps used for travel.

However, since the onset of the health crisis, the share has fallen 12 percentage points, according to the publisher’s research results. This follows the general downward trend in travel sales and use of travel apps due to the pandemic; however, future application usage is expected to exceed pre-pandemic levels.

The year 2020 has clearly shown that technological solutions in the travel and travel accommodation industry will be essential in the future. Specifically, 8 out of 10 survey responses from some Asian countries said hosting providers should use the latest technology to feel secure. Additionally, travelers around the world have claimed that when choosing a hotel, they will pay more attention to health and safety standards on future trips.

COVID-19 has brought some changes in the distribution of travel accommodation market players

Overall, on average, was the top website in the ‘accommodation and hotels’ category in April 2021, despite a significant drop in revenue in 2020, as the new publication reveals. In addition, some sources also show Airbnb, Agoda, Traveloka and Go MMT after Booking in the rankings of specific countries, while the former global online booking company Expedia has suffered a substantial loss of market share in many countries of the world. world in 2020.

Cover of the report

  • This report covers the global online travel market for accommodation reservation. It takes into account a broad definition of accommodation, including hotel rooms, hostels, apartments, private rooms and others. While the focus is on leisure and unmanaged travel, some sources cited in this report might also include business travel.

  • Besides sales figures, penetration, and rankings, this report also reveals important market trends and forecasts.

  • The following global regions are covered in this report: Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North America, while data availability varies by country.

Structure of the report

  • The Global chapter opens the report, including an overview of global market developments, trends, regional and country comparisons.

  • The rest of the report is divided by regions. Regions are presented in descending order of total online travel sales.

  • In each region, regional information is included first, when available, and countries are also listed in descending order of online travel sales. Where no comparable sales figures were available, other related criteria such as total e-commerce sales, online shopper and internet penetration were applied.

  • In the country sections, the following information is covered, where available: online accommodation booking sales, channels used to book accommodation, devices used to book accommodation online, share of consumers booking accommodation from online travel and ranking this category among other categories purchased online and top websites used to book accommodation. Not all types of information mentioned are provided for each country due to the varying availability of data.

  • For the global and regional sections, information on global online travel sales has also been included in the context of the development of the online accommodation booking segment.

Global overview

  • Online Travel Market Overview and Trends, December 2020

  • Online Travel Sales, USD Billions, 2019 & 2020e & 2023f

  • Online travel sales, in billions of USD, 2021f and 2023f

  • Top 10 online booking channels via STAAH Channel Manager, by rank based on confirmed nights booked, 2019 and 2020

  • Travel apps used, incl. Hotel applications, as a% of travelers, February 2021

  • Top 10 hosting websites, by web visits, in millions, average visit duration, in minutes, bounce rate, in%, and top 5 countries by visit share, in%, February 2021

  • Booking Holdings Inc.’s gross value of travel bookings sales, in billion USD, Q4 2019 and Q4 2020

  • Share of adult travelers who said accommodation should use the latest technology to make travelers feel safe, by country,%, July 2020

Companies mentioned

  • Agoda

  • Apple Pay

  • Atlantis

  • Reservation group

  • Reservation Holding Inc.

  • Ctrip

  • Direct bookings via STAAH

  • Expedia Group

  • Not very direct

  • Go MMT

  • Goodle Pay

  • Hilton hotels

  • Hostelworld

  • Hotel bed

  • Lufthansa

  • MakeMyTrip

  • Marriot Hotels

  • Pay Pal

  • Pegasus

  • Traveloka

  • Venmo

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