Glamping comes to the seaside

GLAMPING NEAR THE BEACH: Coonawarra Bush Holiday Park, Steve Moignard will soon be opening glamping accommodation near Port MacDonnell.

Charlotte varcoe

GLAMPING will soon be available in Port MacDonnell with the reopening of Dingley Dell Cottage.

The current owner and operator of Coonawarra Bush Vacation Park, Steve Moignard, received a grant of $ 233,000 for the total estimated cost of the project of $ 466,000.

Mr. Moignard will develop a style of accommodation similar to his current glamping site in Coonawarra, near the heritage listed museum at Dingley Dell Conservation Park.

The project will include 20 new canvas glamping tents, showers and equipment, with the museum also due to be reopened and operational.

The cottage was the home of poet Adam Lindsay Gordon and will be modernized with ongoing maintenance of its stables and gardens.

Mr Moignard said he also plans to re-exhibit a number of personal items from Adam Lindsay Gordon that had previously been removed by the Environment and Water Department for safekeeping.

“One item that interested me from the start of this project was Gordon’s saddle,” said Moignard.

“The former chalet keeper had a full inventory of Gordon’s items and I think it will be in the best interest of visitors that they are returned.”

He said that in addition to historical artifacts, a number of holographic exhibits were also planned for the museum.

“We’re all excited to get this business on the right track, including hosting,” said Moignard.

“It will be so positive that we are now going to bring people to Port MacDonnell with the same model I used for the bush park.

“The accommodation area is less than two kilometers from the beach, which also makes it a prime location.”

He said that in addition to the museum and accommodation, the company would also host a number of events throughout the year, including live music.

The site is expected to reopen around Easter next year.

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