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South Korean actor Lee Dong Wook charmed K-drama audiences with his smile and impeccable acting. He rose to international fame after appearing in the 2016 fantasy romantic drama Goblin or Guardian: The One and Great God. He played the role of a Grim Reaper in the drama, and since then he is often referred to by his character when fans talk about the actor. The bromance between his character and that of Gong Yoo is one of the most popular bromance couples on screen. His latest fantasy romantic drama Tale of the Nine Tails is one of the most popular dramas of 2020. The drama will soon have sequels with Lee Dong Wook reprising his role as Lee Yeon.

The The actor, who will turn a year older today on November 6, has delivered some pretty memorable performances not only in K-dramas and movies, but also on variety shows like The return of Superman. Let’s take a look at some of the must-see K-dramas and movies from Lee Dong Wook’s filmography.


In Heartbreak Library, Lee Dong Wook stars as Kim Jun Ho, a loving person who visits the library and tears up page 198 of any book he can find. Eugene plays the role of Cho Eun Soo, librarian at the library visited by Jun Ho. He is accused of vandalism, but Eun Soo quickly discovers the reason for his actions. His girlfriend left him without a trace and only said “Look up page 198” without saying the name of the book. Heartbreak Library is a moving story of love and loss. The film is adapted from the novel “Là , toi? by author Yoon Seung Hee.


Lee Dong Wook plays a small role in Recipe, but the film is still worth seeing. The plot follows the story of Jang Hye Jin, a woman known for making delicious soybean paste stew. Lee Dong Wook is introduced as Jang Hye Jin’s lover, Kim Hyun Soo. Actor Rye Seong Ryong stars as Choi Woo Jin, a detective who delves into Jang Hye Jin’s story to learn more about his affair with Kim Hyun Soo.


No K-drama list is truly complete without a love affair between a chaebol (rich heir) and an ordinary working-class woman. The perfume of a woman is it a drama on this list. This drama starring Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah was popular with audiences at the time of its release. There’s romance, there’s awkward laughter and to top it off there’s a melodrama with the female lead being diagnosed with a fatal illness.

Lee Dong Wook takes on the role of Kyung Tae, a sturdy self-righteous person who is considered “good-for-nothing” by society. He is given the responsibility of taking the sister of his deceased friend, who is also ill. The sister, Moon Suk, also has a son, Kang Koo. While taking care of Moon Suk, Kyung Tae ends up falling in love with her. The drama lasts a little over an hour, but the scenes and storytelling are interesting to watch.


Before the drama of 2019, Beauty inside starring Seo Hyun Jin and Lee Min Ki, came the film of the same name with Han Hyo Joo in the lead. This Korean film is in turn based on the 2012 American social experimentation film of the same name. Lee Dong Wook plays a small role in this film. He is one of the characters that Woo Jin transforms into.Beauty inside also marks director Baik’s feature debut.


How to talk about Lee Dong Wook and forget about the international blockbuster drama Leprechaun? The cast of Leprechaun achieved new fame after the drama aired. Lee Dong Wook played the role of a Grim Reaper, and his deadpan expressions as well as comedic timing were fan favorites. The drama tells the story of Kim Shin, played by Gong Yoo who seeks a bride who can draw out the sword and end her life.

LIFE (2018)

After romances and melodramas, it’s time for hard-hitting thrillers. The drama Life tells a story about power and politics in a hospital. The hospital is used as a ground for satisfying personal blood feuds, instead of focusing on saving lives. Jo Seung Won plays a negative role in the film as the CEO of the hospital, while Lee Dong Wook plays Ye Jin Woo, a doctor devoted to selfless patient service. The confrontation between them opens the way to discussions on morals, public service and power.


Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na’s pair were beloved after they appeared in the drama Leprechaun. The couple made a comeback in the drama Touch your heart which is a quirky and cheesy romantic comedy. Lee Dong Wook plays Kwon Jung Rok, a devout lawyer, while Yoo In Na is Oh Yeon Seo aka Oh Jin Shim, an actress who works as a lawyer assistant to gain experience for her next stint. The two are opposed in many ways, but the ice melts quickly and love flourishes between the two.


Lee Dong Wook showed his versatility in 2019 with two different dramas like Touch your heart which is a completely funny and cheesy romantic comedy, and then Aliens from Hell which falls into the biting horror thriller genre. With Im Shi Wan leading the way as Yoon Jong Woo, Aliens from Hell is adapted from a webtoon of the same name. The drama tells the story of mysterious encounters in the cheap hostel building where Jong Woo is staying in order to save money. Lee Dong Wook plays Seo Moon Jo, a charming but mysterious dentist. Ahn Eun Ji and Lee Jeung Eun appear in supporting roles in the drama.


Tale of the Nine Tails is the drama you go to when you want to watch romance, deities with a mind-boggling past history, and genuine sibling bonding. Tale of the Nine Tailstells the story of the romance between Lee Dong Wook’s character, Lee Yeon, and Jo Bo Ah’s character, Nam Ji Ah. Lee Yeon is a gumiho (nine-tailed fox) who was once a mountain god. What follows is a story of love, loss and betrayal. The drama brought new fame to Kim Beom, who played the character Gray and Lee Yeon’s half-brother Lee Rang. Her character has become such a fan favorite that there has been a special three-episode spinoff for her past story. The drama will soon have two sequels set to air from 2022.

As fans wait for his next K-Drama, Lee Dong Wook was recently seen on a variety show. Sea of ​​hope with Yoon Jong Shin, ONEW of SHINee, Lee Ji Ah, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go Eun, and Lee So Hyun as regular cast members. The sextet showcased his cooking skills, singing prowess and more as he relaxed in a seaside bar. The cast also came together to sing old-fashioned hits like ‘Support me ‘ who was part of the OST for the 2009 drama Boys above the flowers. The show is calming and calming to watch, and just what one needs to unwind after a week of work!

Meanwhile, Lee Dong Wook will be the next star alongside Squid game star Wi Ha Joon in the upcoming quirky drama, Bad and crazy. He is also expected to play in the next two seasons of Tale of the Nine Tails.

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