Five Steps to Supporting High Demand at St Mary’s Hospital

THE Isle of Wight NHS Trust is currently facing increased demand for its services, with additional pressure expected during the New Years Bank Holiday weekend.

The persistent threat posed by COVID-19 and the usual winter pressures, including staff illness, means it is important for the local population to use the appropriate service for healthcare support so that frontline staff can focus on those who need it most.

This includes appointments with the emergency treatment center, the after-hours service of the general practitioner or a phone call with a health specialist to enable people to receive care and advice at home. .

Here are five ways to help the NHS emergency service this weekend:

  1. Use of the pharmacy for minor ailments and advice.
  2. Visit NHS111 online or call NHS 111 for advice and help before coming to the emergency treatment center or A&E.
  3. Self-isolate and book a PCR if you have symptoms of COVID-19.
  4. By following national advice on hands, face, space and fresh air whenever possible.
  5. Get your booster jab.

Call NHS 111 for advice and help and before going to the emergency treatment center or A&E.

Steve Parker, Isle of Wight NHS Trust Medical Director, said: ‘We thank our community for their continued support in following COVID-19 guidelines and getting vaccinated to help protect themselves, their families and the NHS, and I urges you to help we help you using emergency services appropriately.

“There are a multitude of other supports available for elective physical and mental health.

“By taking these steps in the first place, you will allow healthcare services to focus on the patients who need our services the most.

“We wish everyone a safe and healthy New Year. ”

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