Figures highlight number of homeless people still in Bridgend County hotels and guesthouses

Research conducted for Bridgend MP Jamie Wallis revealed that there are still 200 homeless people in hotels and guest houses in Bridgend County Borough (BCBC).

Welsh Conservative Dr Wallis sent a series of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to BCBC about what had happened to homeless people in the borough since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The council revealed that in FY 2020/21 they hosted 665 homeless people, of which 183 were sent to hotels and guesthouses in Porthcawl – the cost of this was 1,266,252 £.

This year, the council revealed that as of August 1, there were still 201 people in emergency B&B-type accommodation, including 70 in premises in Porthcawl.

Figures show that so far this year the cost has been £ 382,084.

Dr Wallis said he had recently met with police to discuss the situation in Porthcawl, which has been affected by higher levels of crime during this time.

He said: “I have received numerous complaints from residents of Porthcawl since the start of the lockdown regarding increased levels of antisocial behavior, drunkenness, drug addiction and other crimes.

“This follows the city council’s decision to relocate a relatively high number of homeless people, including homeless people, to hotels and guesthouses in the city.

“I realize that the council had to find places very quickly for these people in order to get them off the streets as the Covid-19 pandemic was taking hold.

“Obviously, using empty hotel rooms was a quick fix.

“But the unintended consequences of this action in the form of increased levels of criminal behavior have had a negative effect on the city and its residents.

“I raised this both with the police and with the city council and stressed the need to get these residents out of this accommodation as soon as possible.

Police say they have worked with city staff and homeless charities to find alternative accommodation.

He added: “I welcome this news that the council says it is assessing all homeless people with a view to developing individual housing plans to meet their needs and prevent them from becoming homeless in the future. .

“The council said it did not yet have a date for the departure of the last residents of Porthcawl hotels and guesthouses as emergency Welsh government guidelines remain in place.

“At the moment, demands for the council’s homeless services remain high and a range of temporary housing is still in use.

“I will monitor the situation as we move forward. “

Bridgend County Borough Council has been invited to comment.

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