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As consumers have lost their jobs and struggled to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic, many have turned to payday loans and other short-term solutions, with an increase in solutions in line. This has not only allowed predatory lenders to thrive – many borrowers still face exorbitant interest rates and opaque fees – but has also created a fertile environment for scam artists, according to a new in-depth study from the Better Business Bureau. .

From 2019 to July 2022, BBB received nearly 3,000 customer complaints about payday loan companies, with a disputed dollar amount of nearly $3 million. In addition, over 117,000 complaints have been filed against debt collection companies at BBB.

Complainants often said they felt ill-informed about the terms of their loans. Many fall into what consumer advocates call a “debt trap” of racking up interest and fees that can force customers to pay double the amount originally borrowed. A St. Louis, Missouri woman recently told BBB that over the course of her $300 loan, she paid over $1,200 and still owed an additional $1,500.

The scammers haven’t missed an opportunity to take advantage of consumers either. Posing as payday loan companies and debt collectors, scammers use stolen information to trick consumers into handing over banking information and cash. In one case, BBB discovered that hackers had stolen and released detailed personal and financial data for more than 200,000 consumers.

The BBB study advises consumers to thoroughly research all of their borrowing options — as well as the terms of a payday loan — before signing anything for a short-term loan.

Why Buff Bagwell’s Only WWE Match Was a Disaster https://ostellidellagioventu.org/why-buff-bagwells-only-wwe-match-was-a-disaster/ Wed, 21 Sep 2022 18:00:00 +0000 https://ostellidellagioventu.org/why-buff-bagwells-only-wwe-match-was-a-disaster/

Buff Bagwell was a star talent for WCW for many years, from his more humble beginnings as a babyface tag team specialist to his more memorable run as a heel in the New World Order. When WWE acquired WCW, there was no shortage of pundits suggesting Bagwell would be a shoo-in to succeed in the WWE system. After all, he looked fantastic and had an outsized personality – two factors guaranteed to at least give anyone a sustained mid-map run under Vince McMahon.


Related: Buff Bagwell’s WCW Neck Injury And Return, ExplainedHowever, Bagwell never realized this potential. He was handpicked to work the first ever WCW marquee match on WWE Raw facing Booker T, and the fight was horribly received, ultimately marking the end of Bagwell’s WWE career.

Buff Bagwell vs. Booker T was the wrong match at the wrong time

There are ways to make Buff Bagwell and Booker T vie for the WCW Championship as an ideal match to showcase the WCW brand to WWE audiences. After all, Booker was an exciting young star who had emerged from the WCW Nitro Finals as a world champion. Bagwell had a WWE-friendly look and charisma. Both were familiar names to fans who had previously followed WCW, but new to WWE fans having never worked in that promotion before. It was even a traditional face-to-heel face-off to keep things simple.

However, despite all the factors that could have made sense in booking this game, there were plenty of others that didn’t. WWE staged the match “cold,” with no storytelling or heat. Also, while Booker was a main eventer, he wasn’t necessarily one of the earliest fans of big-name stars associated with WCW, like Sting, Goldberg, Ric Flair, Hollywood Hogan, or even Diamond Dallas Page (arguably the biggest name that would actually immediately move to WWE). And even for loyal WCW fans, Bagwell was someone who had never really been a main event guy — an odd choice to get a world title with no meaningful storytelling to get him there.

Beyond the question of star power, there was the reality that it’s hard to imagine Booker T and Bagwell having a great match, let alone in the main event spot on an episode of WWE. Raw. Booker had great matchup potential with the right opponent, but wasn’t in that class of Ricky Steamboat, Randy Savage or Bret Hart who could get more than three stars with a broomstick. For everything Bagwell brought to the table, he was at least one step behind Booker as a worker. Combine those factors and the game only lasts about five minutes bell to bell, and it was almost guaranteed to disappoint before it even started.

Buff Bagwell thinks WWE sabotaged her match with Booker T

It’s not just conspiracy theorists who think Buff Bagwell vs. Booker T was set up for failure. During a visit to the Who The Fook Are These Guys podcast (h/t WrestlingINC), Bagwell shared his thoughts on how WWE did everything possible to ensure that the match, himself and the most big brand of WCW would not defer to their fans. That includes booking him for a show that emanated from Tacoma, Washington, which was never a market for WCW even in its heyday. This contrasts with Raw’s trip to Atlanta – arguably the hottest city for WCW – just a week later.

Along with the location of the failed match, Bagwell offered additional suggestions WWE had for him. One of Bagwell’s most infamous behind-the-scenes stories is that his mother called Jim Ross on his behalf to “call him sick” during an appearance, which JR used to illustrate Buff’s lack of professionalism. . Bagwell completely denies the story, going so far as to suggest that Ross lied to ruin Bagwell’s career. “God, me and he are the only three witnesses I have, and who are they going to believe?” said Bagwell. “They’re going to believe Jim Ross. It put me in a bad spot…I said ‘why should I fight Booker T with 25…staples in my head and then pull three house shows as you try to get to [WWE]While fans may never know for sure who is telling the truth, Bagwell seems aware of how absurd it would have been to make that choice.

The Legacy of Booker T Vs. Buff Bagwell

According to the old wisdom, winners write the history books. WWE controls most of the popular understanding of WCW’s narrative due to the competition’s takeover, and Booker T’s failures against Buff Bagwell became a major coda for the Monday Night War.

Related: Buff Bagwell Vs. Booker T & 9 Other Bad Matches That Hurt Major WWE StorylinesThe flop of the match was used as justification that no business partner wanted WWE to relaunch the WCW brand, not to mention, more quietly, a display of the limited skills that Bagwell and, by extension, so many others WCW contracted talent has actually brought it to the table. . WWE hasn’t dropped Booker T vs. Buff Bagwell’s storyline, including keeping it available to this day on its official YouTube channel to remind curious fans of how bad it was, and the implication. that WCW as a whole was so lackluster of a product.

Buff Bagwell never ended up getting another picture on WWE television, even in a part-time legend type role that many of his colleagues from that era had the opportunity to step into. Booker T became that rare start to move from WCW to WWE and achieve comparable success, but it’s generally seen as a testament to his incredible talent and work ethic to get there. Nonetheless, Bagwell vs. Booker remains a cautionary tale of why WWE doesn’t trust talent from outside their system to succeed, and a reflection of all of WCW’s shortcomings.

]]> Union Minister Anurag Thakur Honored Guru Nanak Dev University Players https://ostellidellagioventu.org/union-minister-anurag-thakur-honored-guru-nanak-dev-university-players/ Tue, 20 Sep 2022 15:30:44 +0000 https://ostellidellagioventu.org/union-minister-anurag-thakur-honored-guru-nanak-dev-university-players/

AMRITSAR: Anurag Thakur, the Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Sports and Youth honored the players (including 25 international players, holders of the positions of Khelo India University Games, Indian Interuniversity Championships and Khelo India Youth Games) from Guru Nanak Dev University with cash prizes worth more than 2.00 crore and trophies to top performing colleges.

These players have brought laurels to the University in various sporting disciplines at International, Khelo India and All India Inter-Varsity levels. The 52nd Annual Sports Awards Function was held at the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Bhawan University Auditorium of Guru Nanak Dev University.

Anurag Thakur said that the reputation of Guru Nanak Dev University precedes itself and it is one of the leading sports universities in the country. When we talk about developing a sports culture, it is these universities that lay the groundwork for that to happen. The United States of America, which has won the most Olympic medals in the history of the Games, has a prominent university sports culture and the reputation of Guru Nanak Dev University speaks for itself as it have won the prestigious Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (MAKA) Trophy for recording 23 times. Not only the MAKA trophies, it has also produced 35 Arjuna, 2 Dronacharya and 6 Padma Shri laureates.

We have spent nearly INR 2758 crore to develop sports infrastructure in which we have sanctioned 300 projects across the country. He said that we focus more on female athletes – we run dedicated Khelo India Women’s Leagues in nine disciplines – Hockey, Archery, Weightlifting, Cycling, Boxing, Swimming, Wrestling, Volleyball and Judo – More than 23,000 female athletes will participate in these competitions.

While appreciating the work done by Guru Nanak Dev University and their colleges in the field of sports, Shri Thakur said that Guru Nanak Dev University finished a very honorable 4th in Khelo India University Games with 42 medals including 14 gold medals. He said that our government’s approach is citizen-centric and that we want to bring ease of life into the lives of all citizens. He said that sports culture must develop throughout the country and that the government is

While sharing memories of student life at Guru Nanak Dev University, he said it was his responsibility to provide necessary sports facilities and projects. He was proud to have been a student at this university which today has a name in many fields other than sports in the country and abroad. He said that the country can develop and prosper through sports culture and that at individual, family, societal and corporate level, everyone should also contribute to promote sports culture.

While welcoming the chief guest and other guests, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Jaspal Singh Sandhu said that this university needs many projects to strengthen the sprots infrastructure. Professor Sandhu said the University needs grants and projects regarding the replacement of the Astroturf, the establishment of synthetic tracks, the upgrading of the swimming pool and other facilities. He also thanked Sh. Anurag Thakur for his visit to the university.

Earlier, Dr. Karanjeet Singh Kahlon, Registrar, welcomed the guests and Dr. Kanwar Mandeep Singh, Head of Department of Physical Education (TA), Office of the Director of Sports, reported on sports achievements . Professor Sarabjot Singh Behl, Dean of Academic Affairs, presented a vote of thanks. Professor Anish Dua, Dean of Student Welfare, led the work of this function. On this occasion, GNDU Sports Committee (Men), GNDU Sports Committee (Women), Principals and Leaders of Colleges who have contributed maximum to University Sports and other officials and coaches were also present.

Various sports personalities who have obtained positions and participated in the Olympic Games, World Cups/World Championships/Asian Games/Commonwealth Games, World University Games/Championship/Asian Championship/Asian Cup/Commonwealth Championship/Other International, SAF Championship/Games or any other recognized championships, All India Inter-University/Khelo India University Games/Khelo India Youth Games/other recognized tournaments/championships at university level were awarded cash prizes on this occasion.

In the men’s section, Khalsa College won the 2021-22 Guru Nanak Dev Inter-College University ‘A’ Division Overall Championship Trophy (Men) with 12800 points while Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar remained runners-up with 10700 points and GNDU Campus, Amritsar finished third with 2700 points. In the Men’s Division ‘B’ SSM College, Dinanagar was the winner with 2300 points and GNPKS, Nadala and SBDS Khalsa College, Domeli were runners-up with 700-700 points.

Similarly, in women’s section, BBKDAV College, Amritsar won the Guru Nanak Dev University 2021-22 Inter-College ‘A’ Division Overall Championship Trophy with 8300 points while HMV College, Jalandhar is remained runners-up with 7600 points and Khalsa College, Amritsar finished third with 4500 points. In Hindu College Division “B”, Amritsar was the winner with 3500 points and DAV College, Amritsar and Doaba College, Jalandhar were joint runners-up with 1600-1600 points in the women’s category. The Shaheed Bhagat Singh Yadgari Trophy for the year 2021-22 has been won by Khalsa College, Amritsar. On this occasion, the principals, the personalities/coaches of the CdD of Physical Education and Sports were also honored by the guest of honor.

On this occasion, the minister also inaugurated sports hostels under the “Khelo India” program and visited sports facilities on the university campus.

Wife don’t want to cook, come to these Delhi Dhabas that open till 12 o’clock https://ostellidellagioventu.org/wife-dont-want-to-cook-come-to-these-delhi-dhabas-that-open-till-12-oclock/ Tue, 20 Sep 2022 06:51:19 +0000 https://ostellidellagioventu.org/wife-dont-want-to-cook-come-to-these-delhi-dhabas-that-open-till-12-oclock/ Sometimes the wife also does not feel like cooking at home, she also thinks that she should also take a day off or go out with her husband to eat something good. But after hearing the question like “Let’s go out to eat today”, the only thing that comes to the husband’s mind is that if you go, where should you go? In the end, after not understanding anything, you have to do something at home. If you are also going through a similar situation all the time, then today we are going to tell you about those places in Delhi where you both can dine for a one night dinner, very cheaply. This way you will both have an outing and you can eat good food outside. So let us tell you about small stalls in Delhi, which stay open even at noon.

Rajma Chawal near Shivaji Stadium Rajma Chawal near Shivaji Stadium

There are many such places in Delhi, which prepare many tasty dishes here. You must have seen many kinds of dishes on Aaj Tak cookbooks or YouTube but you have hardly tasted such delicious street food. A similar place is near Shivji Stadium where Rajma Chawal is very famous among the locals, not only that but people from Delhi NCR also keep coming here to eat. If you want to try the dish from another place cheaply with your wife, then go there once.

the penalty: 200 rupees for two

Where : Right next to Connaught Place main bus stop.

After Shradh, go out for wedding shopping, ‘Lakshmi Nagar’, this market in Delhi is none other than Chandni Chowk

(Photo credits: TOI.com)

Parathas at AIIMS metro station

AIIMS has two reasons for moving food overnight. The first is the nearby AIIMS hospital, where people come and go, so they go to eat on the street around AIIMS. Not only that, people don’t have enough money to stay in hotels, so they only stay at AIIMS metro station. That’s the reason why, because of the people who come here, the food goes on day and night. This food is not only tasty according to people’s food, but also very cheap.

the penalty: 80 rupees for two people

Where : AIIMS Metro Station, Gate 3

After Shradh shopping in Navratri in these markets in Delhi you get very cheap goods for girls

(Photo credits: indiatimes.com)

Food Vans in Noida Sector 58 – Food Vans in Noida Sec 58


Noodles, Parathas, Maggi, South Indian, Pasta, Sandwiches and I don’t know what options are available here. All sorts of dishes will be available to fill the stomach on the menu of MCD Food Van in Sector 58 of Noida. There are many multinational companies in and around this place, where people keep coming here to eat and drink.

is worth: 120 rupees for two

Where : around sector 58 in noida

These dhabas and restaurants in Delhi operate at night, those who live in ‘PG’ and ‘Hostel’ can come here even at night.

(Photo credits: TOI.com)

Convergys Dhaba, DLF Cyber ​​City – Convergys Dhaba, DLF Cyber ​​City


Due to the fact that it is a multinational company, this dhaba also works a lot. There are many call centers around the dhaba, whose shifts are held even at night, in such a situation, the employees working here are more dependent on this dhaba. If you also want to eat out, you can go there. Mukesh Dhaba (popularly known as Convergys Dhaba) is a famous outlet that serves delicious food to people throughout the night.

the penalty: 150 rupees for two

Where : Near the Convergys building.

The first copy of ‘Zara’ ‘H&M’ is available at these Delhi markets on Sundays, shop by filling bags for Rs 500

(Photo credits: TOI.com)

Kebabs in Old Delhi – Kebabs in Old Delhi


If you haven’t eaten Old Delhi kebabs, you’ve probably already missed Tasty Cheese. Yes, people here love kebabs so much that they pack them home. Enjoy skewers with roomali rotis at 150 rupees, where else would you get such a combination.

the penalty: 150 rupees for two

Where : Just 100 meters past Karim on the same street opposite Jama Masjid.

This market in Delhi is known as ‘Chhota Sarojini Nagar’, everything is available in just 100 rupees

(Photo credits: indiatimes.com)

Paratha-lassi under Moolchand metro station


There are only two people across Delhi who can happily make you enjoy lassi and paranthas at 2pm, one is your mother and the other is the people sitting in the middle of Moolchand metro station who have delicious parathas. Even if you are not a Punjabi, you will still love these two combinations. If you don’t feel like making your wife’s food at home, that’s okay, you both can plan to go. A glass of chilled lassi will set you back Rs 35.

the penalty: 140 rupees for two people

Where : Just below Moolchand metro station.

Designer shares tips for personalizing your home while staying trendy https://ostellidellagioventu.org/designer-shares-tips-for-personalizing-your-home-while-staying-trendy/ Mon, 19 Sep 2022 14:11:32 +0000 https://ostellidellagioventu.org/designer-shares-tips-for-personalizing-your-home-while-staying-trendy/

Browse design concepts like graffiti, mid-century modern and Scandinavian at the Edmonton Fall Home Show

Content of the article

7e The annual Edmonton Fall Home Show takes place October 14-16 at the Edmonton Expo Centre, showcasing hundreds of home design and renovation experts, as well as the latest technology and home improvement innovations. Of house.

Advertisement 2

Content of the article

Celebrities featured on the main stage of Sleep Country include Sebastian Clovis, HGTV Canada personality, host of Save My Reno, Tackle My Reno, co-host of the ensemble series Home to Win and Family Home Overhaul and executive producer of a new series, Gut Job. Plus, TV host and designer Tiffany Pratt, the “queen of color,” and Megan Golightly of GoSimplified, a professional organizer with a proven approach to clutter.

Content of the article

Special features featured at the fall show include Design Decisions, hosted by interior design expert Jennifer Woch, owner of House of J in Edmonton. A psychology major who found interior design her ultimate passion and true talent, Woch will be available during the three-day show to help homeowners customize their home design while navigating trends.

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Content of the article

“There are so many different design trends. I generally advise people not to get too involved. I think it’s important that they look at what’s out there and then see what they’re gravitating toward,” she says.

Design Decisions will present three stylish “rooms” that feature distinctive and modern designs, each curated by Woch and his House of J team. The themes are Graffiti, Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian and will be a starting point for visitors to the show quest for inspiration.

“People can see a particular style all together. But actually, you can borrow elements from other looks and incorporate them. It doesn’t have to be one style. Your home can fit your personality while still being on-trend,” she says. “I wouldn’t limit you. If you like something and it’s not trendy, or if you’re mixing two or three different trends, go for it.

Advertisement 4

Content of the article

A scene from Design Decisions, one of the special features on the floor of the Edmonton Fall Home Show.  PROVIDED
A scene from Design Decisions, one of the special features on the floor of the Edmonton Fall Home Show. PROVIDED

For homeowners who want a Mid-Century or Coastal or Farmhouse look and are worried about compromising style with too many out-of-trend personal favorites, she recommends adding just a few things that can be changed, like throw pillows, artwork, and more. art or rugs.

Woch has shared his expertise at numerous Edmonton home shows, speaking to countless homeowners looking for advice on how to begin their home design journey. Most are clamoring for information on current trends and what’s to come in home design predictions. His advice is always consistent.

“People should just follow their instincts. And if they don’t know what trend speaks to them, they should go to Pinterest or Houzz and start collecting. A common theme should come up and if they can’t see it, they could hire an interior designer to help them figure it out,” she says.

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Content of the article

As for avoiding trends in favor of personal style, those who think they should decorate in a mid-century modern style but constantly collect images of white kitchens, which are not mid-century century, should rethink their true desires. Or not.

“It’s okay. Rules are made to be broken,” she says.


Visitors to home shows often show Woch their Pinterest boards or saved social media images and express their frustration at feeling all over the place. Some may portray “super edgy” elements while others favor a more traditional look, but a designer’s eye can usually spot common threads, such as color or the line and shape of furniture that might lean towards a specific trend.

When she visits sites, Woch likes to check out the closets of those who claim they don’t know what kind of interior style they like.

Advertising 6

Content of the article

“I see the colors and styles they like. It doesn’t always translate into the house, but it shows personality,” she says. “A designer can help guide people and refine those tastes and flavors.”

The best design, regardless of trend, is when someone can step out of a mold and be true to what they love. When people literally gasp and say, oh, I really like it, but I’m scared to do it.

“That’s what you should do. The stuff that sings to your soul,” she says.

The 2022 Edmonton Fall Home Show will be open Friday, October 14 from noon to 9 p.m., Saturday, October 15 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday, October 16 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission is $12 for adults 13 and over, free for children 12 and under. Save $2 per ticket, courtesy of RenovationFind, when you book online at edmontonfallhomeshow.com.

This story was created by content worksthe commercial content division of Postmedia, on behalf of the Edmonton Fall Home Show.

Voice of the People – Pakistan Observer https://ostellidellagioventu.org/voice-of-the-people-pakistan-observer/ Sun, 18 Sep 2022 21:27:53 +0000 https://ostellidellagioventu.org/voice-of-the-people-pakistan-observer/

Articles and letters may be edited for clarity and space. They are published in good faith with a view to enlightening all stakeholders. However, the content of these writings does not necessarily correspond to the views of the newspaper.

Unfair increase in university fees

The Islamic University of Bahawalpur (IUB) is one of the largest universities in South Punjab where the number of students in different departments has exceeded sixty thousand. Students from remote areas usually opt for this university to get quality education and most students from poor families apply for admission.

Being the only university in this field, it should provide free education to needy and deserving students, but unfortunately, due to a recent increase in admission fees at IUB, it has become a hindrance not for students newly admitted but also for those registered earlier. Many universities under HEC have not raised fees, as IUB has.

The sudden increase in semester and accommodation fees up to Rs 15-20,000 has literally forced parents to terminate their children’s education. Instead of providing maximum scholarships to students in need, the IUB puts the future of students at risk. 3rd and 4th semester students are forced to drop out of school simply because they could not afford the university fees and therefore lost many years. Inflation has already broken the common man and now increasing tuition fees for students day by day also increases the burden. Therefore, the VC of IUB and the Government of Punjab must take immediate action and reduce the admission fee and other expenses. That the youth learn to become a vector of development in the country.


By email

Misuse of the Internet

Internet is a technological tool for people of the 20th century. It is useful especially for students, teachers, doctors, companies, etc. Because the Internet provides them with informative material about what they are looking for. Unfortunately, the majority of people don’t use it correctly. Most young people waste their precious time using Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, tweeting, etc. without any purpose. Due to overindulgence and misuse of the internet, many students have lost interest in their studies. Apart from this, many people open fake accounts on social networking sites and email ids to anonymously threaten and make people worried. Many boys have created girls’ IDs aimlessly and chat with others just to waste time. Abusive use of the Internet is not only a bad habit but also a waste of time. Thus, this technology which has many positive aspects should not be used negatively.


Quetta, Balochistan

The education of Afghan girls

Our religion has emphasized religious and worldly education for both men and women. No society can progress unless girls become doctors, engineers, educators and dozens of other fields. I don’t understand why girls are denied education in Afghanistan? Are tribal traditions more important than Islam? When Malala Yousafzai said girls should be left to study, she was attacked by terrorists. I ask everyone to change their attitude and let their daughters study and be educated in Afghanistan. If girls are educated, they will be against violence and harassment, because education gives you self-confidence.



An emerging flashpoint

The Taiwan dispute has strained US-China relations. As soon as Nancy Pelosi, spokesperson for the United States House, announced her visit to Taiwan, China began to conduct military exercises on its borders with Taiwan and to clearly state that it will not allow any type of American interference in Chinese territory. In the 1980s and 1990s, neither the United States nor the USSR saw China as a major threat. China, with a large population, provided cheap labor, so industries began to move from the West, and in the decades to come, it became China’s strong point. And as China began to grow into an economic giant, a few years ago it launched the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The United States and the Western world have been suspicious that China has brought its own economic system into the world, challenging the decades-old Western capital system.



Love marriage

Why love marriages usually fail despite the fact that couples marry by their own consent and do not involve others. According to a 2019 Gallup survey, 58% of love marriages end their relationship and opt for divorce. The reasons for these divorces are ego, misunderstanding and lack of respect from both parties. According to a report, in Lahore, in 10 days, 500 divorce cases were filed in family courts and the main reasons were domestic disputes and male unemployment. Thus, the so-called love marriage has ruined the lives of men and women. We must be careful in this regard to avoid such episodes in our lives.

Humraz Rachid

By email

Buying property abroad

The people of Pakistan must have read this news with interest that Pakistanis occupy the eighth position among property buyers in Dubai. Property prices in Dubai have risen by 85% in the first six months of this year, according to real estate consultancy Beer. Due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, Russian citizens have invested in large numbers. Indian, British, Italian and French nationals are also among the property buyers. It remains to be seen which Pakistanis are investing overseas as the country has been suffering from a massive economic depression for several decades and the situation is getting worse. Each government claims improvement but borrows from foreign countries and financial institutions to manage affairs.

Under these circumstances, while the country as a whole is suffering from an economic crisis, the government must impose new taxes on ordinary citizens, who are the “lucky citizens” who can use the resources in countries like Dubai? If the citizens of Pakistan came in at the eighth position in purchasing property, that is proof that they cannot be ordinary Pakistanis.

These can be those who have wealth from various sources. After this news, it is the responsibility of relevant government institutions to investigate where these rich got so much wealth and if it was obtained through legal means? Measures must also be taken against them in accordance with the law.


Turbat, Balochistan

Cowboys vs Parramatta Eels NRL tickets for Townsville Preliminary Final in high demand https://ostellidellagioventu.org/cowboys-vs-parramatta-eels-nrl-tickets-for-townsville-preliminary-final-in-high-demand/ Sun, 18 Sep 2022 19:46:41 +0000 https://ostellidellagioventu.org/cowboys-vs-parramatta-eels-nrl-tickets-for-townsville-preliminary-final-in-high-demand/

It’s North Queensland’s hottest ticket of the year, and places for the Cowboys’ NRL Qualifying Grand Final against the Eels are set to sell out quickly.

About 25,000 people will fill Townsville Stadium on Friday night for the city’s first preliminary home final.

Tickets go on sale for Cowboys members at 10 a.m. today, before a public release on Tuesday.

Accommodation across the city is already full, with some fans preparing to travel thousands of miles to watch the game.

Long-time Cowboys fan Chloe Ebert is eager to make the five-and-a-half-hour journey from her home in Port Douglas to watch the game in person.

“Whether or not we can get tickets will be another story,” she said.

“I think it will be tough…it’s like winning Willy Wonka’s golden ticket.”

A large crowd watches the Cowboys practice ahead of their showdown against the Eels.(ABC North Qld: Lily Nothling)

Friday’s game will mark the Cowboys’ biggest progression in NRL competition since 2017, when they lost the Grand Final to the Melbourne Storm.

The club have warned fans to beware of unofficial ticket sellers who may seek to take advantage of the sold-out match.

“I would be surprised if [tickets] lasted much more than a few hours,” Cowboys general manager of football Michael Luck said.

Ms Ebert said if she managed to secure a place it would be the biggest match she had ever seen.

“There was a lot of talk that we were going to be the [wooden] spoons at the start of the year, and I fought black and blue, I was like ‘no, we’re not,’” she said.

A woman wearing a Cowboys jersey stands on a balcony.
Chloe Ebert hopes to get a ticket for the big qualifying final.(Provided)

“If we win the next one, we go to the grand final and that proves everyone wrong.”

Townsville hostel owner Cathy Kenneally said accommodation providers across the city were inundated with people hoping to get tickets to the final.

“We are fully booked that night, and every day we take phone calls from people looking for accommodation on the night of the 23rd,” Ms Keneally said.

“It’s totally wonderful – football matches are well attended and it brings a really uplifting feeling to the city.”

Cowboys players train on the pitch at Townsville Stadium
Anticipation is growing in North Queensland as the Cowboys prepare to take on the Eels.(ABC North Qld: Lily Nothling)

Townsville sports store manager Greg Fazel said Cowboys merchandise was flying off the shelves before the game.

“People around here are fanatics,” he said.

“Go back to 2015 and 2017 – anything with Cowboys in it that we could sell.”

Mr Fazel said he had just received a delivery of hundreds of new Cowboys jerseys and shirts.

“We’re going to sell all of that,” he said.

“The better the Cowboys have done this year, the more the stock has sold very, very well – to be honest, it’s sold so well it’s hard to get.”

Cash Advance Apps vs Payday Loans: Which is Better? https://ostellidellagioventu.org/cash-advance-apps-vs-payday-loans-which-is-better/ Sun, 18 Sep 2022 16:00:43 +0000 https://ostellidellagioventu.org/cash-advance-apps-vs-payday-loans-which-is-better/

(NerdWallet) – If you’re asked to imagine a payday lender, you might think of a storefront in a strip mall with green dollar signs and neon slogans like “everyday payday.” You probably wouldn’t imagine a mobile app that advertises on TikTok and sports a colorful logo.

But cash advance apps like Earnin and Dave provide advances with the same borrowing and repayment structure as payday lenders, and consumer advocates say they carry similar risks. Both are quick, no-credit-check options for closing an income gap or easing the pressure of inflation.

Neither is an ideal first choice for borrowing money quickly, but knowing their differences can help you save money and avoid hurting your finances.

Cash advance apps work like payday loans

Like most payday loans, a cash advance or paycheck app lets you borrow money without a credit check. You are also required to repay the advance, plus any fees you have agreed, on your next payday.

A single payment cycle is usually not enough for borrowers to repay payday loanso many people fall into the habit of getting another loan to pay off the previous one, says Alex Horowitz, senior director of The Pew Charitable Trusts.

App users may find themselves in a similar cycle. A 2021 study by the Financial Health Network found that more than 70% of app users get back-to-back advances. The study doesn’t say why users re-borrow, but Horowitz says the behavior is particularly similar to payday loans.

“Direct-to-consumer payday advances share DNA with payday loans,” he says. “They’re structured the same, they have repeat borrowings, and they’re scheduled based on the borrower’s payday, which gives the lender strong collectability.”

Apps can offer more flexibility

Payday lenders and payday advance apps collect repayment directly from your bank account. If your account balance is too low when funds are withdrawn, you could incur overdraft fees, says Yasmin Farahi, senior policy adviser at the Center for Responsible Lending.

An application may try to avoid overcharging your account. Mia Alexander, Vice President of Customer Success at Dave, says the app reviews users’ bank accounts before withdrawing the refund. If the refund puts the balance close to zero or negative, the app may not withdraw the funds, she says.

However, apps typically include language in their user agreements that while they try not to overcharge your account, they aren’t liable if they do.

In states where payday loans are allowed, a payday lender is unlikely to offer a free, unsolicited payment extension, as some apps say. Some states require payday lenders to offer extended payment plans at no cost to troubled borrowers, but a 2021 report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says some lenders are misrepresenting plans or not disclosing them.

Unlike payday lenders, the apps don’t make collection calls. If a user revokes access to their bank account to avoid a refund, the app will not attempt to collect the funds. The user simply cannot get another advance until they repay the previous one.

Payday loans cost more

Payday loans tend to have high mandatory fees, unlike apps. Instead, they charge a small fee that users can accept throughout the borrowing process. These fees can add up, but they are usually lower than those charged by payday lenders.

For example, an app might charge a monthly subscription fee or a fee for instant access to funds. Most cash advance apps also ask for a tip for service.

The charges on a $375 payday loan are most often about $55 over a two-week period, Horowitz says. Since the cash advance application fee is mostly optional, you can easily keep the cost below $10.

Earnin user Sharay Jefferson says she’s used payday loans in the past, but switched to a cash advance app because it’s a cheaper way to cover bills and unexpected expenses.

“If you get a $200 payday loan, you might be paying something back three times over,” she says. “With Earnin, I’m going to have to pay that $200 back, plus whatever I decide to give them. It’s much cheaper. »

Technically, apps are not lenders

Regulators like the CFPB have not classified payday advance apps as lenders, despite their similarities to payday loans.

Earnin CEO and Founder Ram Palaniappan says the app is more like a payroll service or an ATM because it makes it easier to access your own funds. Earnin asks users to upload a timesheet showing they worked enough hours to earn the cash advance amount. Other apps scan a user’s bank account for income and expenses to determine if they qualify for an advance.

Farahi says applications should be treated like creditors, meaning they would follow the Truth in Lending Act, which requires creditors to disclose an annual percentage rate. An APR allows consumers to compare costs between financing options. For example, users can compare the APR of a cash advance app to that of a credit card and choose the most affordable.

“People still need to know what the real cost of credit is and to be able to assess it and really compare that cost to other options,” she says.

Applications should also comply with applicable state lending laws. Currently, 18 states and Washington, DC, have maximum interest rate caps that could limit application fees, she says.

Cash Advance App vs Payday Loan: Which is Better?

If you need cash urgently, you can have better alternatives than payday loans and advanced apps, says Farahi.

Local charities and nonprofits can meet basic food and clothing needs. A family or friend could lend you money at no additional cost. If you have a few hours to spare, a side gig could generate as much money as a typical payday loan or cash advance application.

If you have the choice between an app and a payday loan, the app is probably the best option because:

  • It is less expensive.
  • It may not trigger overdraft charges.
  • If you don’t pay it back, the app won’t send you to collections.

A cash advance from an app is unlikely to leave you in a better financial position, Farahi says. But it may be a little less likely than a payday loan to make things worse for you.

Why Tunisia is the Intrepid Traveler’s Choice Over Morocco https://ostellidellagioventu.org/why-tunisia-is-the-intrepid-travelers-choice-over-morocco/ Sun, 18 Sep 2022 14:30:00 +0000 https://ostellidellagioventu.org/why-tunisia-is-the-intrepid-travelers-choice-over-morocco/

The three countries that make up the North African Maghreb are Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. These countries have ancient histories and their cultures are similar with many commonalities. Morocco is one of the most popular countries in the world to visit, while neighboring Algeria is effectively closed (or limited) to international tourism.

Tunisia is a friendly country with an ancient history and plenty to see and do. Only a few people bother to visit – everyone goes to Morocco instead, making it an ideal destination for the most intrepid of travelers. Tunisia is a great country to visit, but be aware that the summer months can be very hot. Tunisians are very welcoming towards international travelers.


What to know about visiting Tunisia

While Tunisia is visa-free, cheap, and backpacker-friendly, few people take the time to visit. It draws tourists from Europe — but these mostly go to all-inclusive resorts along the pristine Mediterranean coast, and few bother to explore the country.

  • Visa policy: Visa free for 3 months
  • Official language: English French

Tunisia is generally considered a safe country to visit. At the time of writing (September 2022) the UK Foreign Office has listed it as green (take normal security precautions) except for some border regions.

Tunisia is a country where English is not widely spoken, but enough people speak it to be able to get by quite well. Arabic and French are the official languages ​​of the country.

It is cheap and easy to get around the country if travelers are willing to use local transport (mainly van-buses which leave as soon as they are full). Alternatively, many choose to travel with an organized tour of the country – this is a great option for the less than intrepid traveler who wants to travel to an intrepid destination.

Another popular option is to rent a car and tour the country that way. Just be aware that driving in Tunisia is not like driving in western countries (expect to be cut off, lots of honking, people running red lights, etc.).

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Top Attractions and What to Do in Tunisia

Some of the country’s main attractions include the ancient Roman Coliseum of El Jem, the country’s many beautiful beaches, the ancient ruins of Carthage, the old medinas and souks in each city, the national cuisine, the film sets of the ‘original. The Star Wars movies, and even the only hostel in the country that’s a real museum.

Top attractions in Tunisia:

  • The Coliseum of El Jem
  • Beaches in Bizerte & Sousse
  • Medinas in Hammamet, Sousse, Monastir and Tunis
  • Ruins of Carthage
  • Performances in Roman theaters
  • Star Wars movie set
  • Sahara Desert Tours

The Coliseum of El Gem (or the Amphitheater of El Jem) is just as impressive as the vaulted Colosseum in Rome and is equally impressive. It is worth visiting Tunisia on its own. While the Colosseum in Rome is (sometimes at least) filled with masses of tourists, the Colosseum in El Gem is nearly deserted.

Visitors are free to explore the huge amphitheater and explore its tunnels at their leisure without hindrance.

  • Colosseum entrance: 12 dinar ($4)

Plan your trip well and you can even catch modern performances in ancient Roman theaters like the Coliseum of El Gem and the ancient Roman theater in the capital Tunis.

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Hostel Auberge El Medina – Meet other intrepid travelers

Most backpackers in Tunisia will spend at least one night at the Auberge El Medina hostel. It is the only hostel listed on Hostelworld in the country and is a hub for the few intrepid backpackers exploring the country. The Auberge El Medina is located in the heart of the old town of the capital Tunis.

The hostel offers a selection of dorms and private rooms (with twin beds). It is a small hostel with four dormitories of four beds each and three private rooms. There are two male dorms and two female dorms.

  • Price: 50 Tunisian dinars ($15.00) per night – dormitory
  • Private room: $25.00

The Inn building is historic, having stood for around 700 years, and has seen many uses over the years.

Backpackers planning to explore Tunisia should plan to stay at this hostel. It’s a great place to meet other intrepid travelers from around the world. It is the favorite place for backpackers to meet and exchange notes and even organize trips together.

]]> PepsiCo partners with PSU to educate young people about sustainability https://ostellidellagioventu.org/pepsico-partners-with-psu-to-educate-young-people-about-sustainability/ Sat, 17 Sep 2022 17:05:56 +0000 https://ostellidellagioventu.org/pepsico-partners-with-psu-to-educate-young-people-about-sustainability/

Saudi Arabian Airlines, known as Saudia, the national airline of the Kingdom, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority and the Saudi Artificial Intelligence Society to use solutions digitization and artificial intelligence and consolidate the Kingdom’s global leadership in the field.

The signing took place during the Global AI Summit, held at the King Abdulaziz Conference Center in Riyadh from September 13-15, under the patronage of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Chairman of the SDAIA.

Under the terms of the MoU, the three parties will establish a common framework for using the latest and emerging AI technologies to improve the customer experience, in addition to exploring ways to collaborate on the development and deployment of AI applications. The three parties have agreed to use state-of-the-art technology and natural language processing in Saudia’s customer service and digital channels.

Dr. Majid Altuwaijri, Director General of the National Center for Artificial Intelligence, signed the MoU on behalf of SDAIA, while Ayman Al-Rashed, CEO of SCAI, and Dr. Khaled Alhazmi, Vice President of operations and IT support from Saudia, have signed for their respective companies.

“At Saudia, we are delighted to partner with SDAIA and SCAI to develop and deploy advanced and sophisticated digital products,” said Dr. Alhazmi. “Throughout our digital channels, our never-ending quest to improve our customers’ experience has always been digital-first, and we will work with emerging technologies, AI and the Internet of Things to push the how we communicate with them at the next level.”

Al-Rashed, CEO of SCAI, expressed his excitement to work with the Kingdom’s national airline to improve its customer experience using the latest AI and emerging technologies.

“We discussed ways to develop and use artificial intelligence applications to help achieve Saudia’s strategic goals, including providing them with SauTech, a voice-to-text system that is sure to improve the experience of Saudia customers,” Al-Rashed said.

“SCAI and Saudia will work together to use the system’s highly sophisticated voice recognition solution to enhance their customer service applications.”

Dr. Altuwaijri, CEO of NACI, underscored SDAIA’s intention to build a data-driven, AI-powered economy, saying, “Our mission is to unlock the latent value of big data to achieve the goals of Vision 2030.

“This MoU will help us diversify the sectors in which the Kingdom can develop and apply AI solutions and air transport is one of the key sectors to benefit from these technologies.”

Saudia announced earlier this week that it had been named a strategic sponsor and official carrier of the Global AI Summit, a three-day event attended by more than 200 speakers representing digitalization and AI decision makers from around the world. 70 countries, as well as investors and senior executives of major technology companies.

Saudia’s sponsorship of the prestigious event underscores its commitment to the goals of Vision 2030, including establishing the Kingdom as a global leader among data and AI-driven economies and the application of AI solutions to ensure that its guests and staff receive the best possible service.

To celebrate the occasion of the Global AI Summit, Saudia offered attendees discounts of up to 20% on Saudia Holidays packages.