Erik Larsen doesn’t want a Savage Dragon movie

On Twitter, Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen insisted the character would only stay in the comic book world.

Wild dragon Creator Erik Larsen has no interest in seeing his creation appear in a movie. On Twitter, he insisted that the character, currently released by Image Comics, will only remain in the comic book business.

“I’ve heard it before and I’m going to hear it again: ‘They should do a Wild dragon movie, “he wrote.” Honestly – and I know people mean that as a compliment – but I couldn’t give a fuck to see Wild dragon on the big screen. “

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“Savage Dragon in the comics is MY character. He looks the way I want him to look. He acts the way I want him to. Every word is emphasized the way I wanted. Every gesture, every expression, everything – everything is as I imagined it, ”he continued.

The writer-artist ruled out the comic being adapted as an animated series, although it aired as a cartoon for two seasons in 1995 on Cartoon Express in the United States. “If you like my work and you like Wild dragon – there is, and always will be, one place where you can find it. And it’s not on the big or small screen – it’s in print. It’s a comic, ”Larsen concluded.

The character, a large humanoid with green skin who made his debut in Graphic fantasy # 1 in 1982, is a crime-fighting cop with his super strength and quick heal factor. Wild dragon # 231, the next issue in the ongoing series, goes on sale February 7.

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