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“Create a fund to meet the unforeseen needs of the DDC/BDC”

Recommends increased fees and fuel expenses

Mohinder Verma
JAMMU, 15th March: In view of the security situation prevailing in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the Parliamentary Home Affairs Standing Committee linked to the department has requested the government to provide adequate security and accommodation to all elected councillors. Furthermore, he recommended an increase in fees and fuel expenses in addition to the establishment of a contingency fund to meet the unexpected needs of District Development Councils (DDCs) and Block Development Councils (BDCs). .
In its report tabled yesterday in both Houses of Parliament, a copy of which is available with EXCELSIOR, the Parliamentary Standing Committee headed by Congress Leader Anand Sharma observed that the security and accommodation of elected councilors is provided by the territory of J&K Union. Government on the perception of the threat and on request of the member concerned.
“To date, 378 counselors have been assured of security in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, while secure accommodation facilities are available in group/leased hotels. The government says that the issue of providing vehicles to elected representatives of municipal councils/committees is under consideration,” the parliamentary committee further observed.
Accordingly, he recommended the Union Home Ministry to provide adequate security and accommodation to all Elected Councilors in view of the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir. He further recommended that vehicles as well as fuel costs should be provided to elected representatives of municipal councils and committees as soon as possible.
He asked the Ministry of the Interior to inform him as soon as possible of the progress made in this regard.
The Committee inquired about development funds that have been earmarked for District Development Councils and Block Development Councils in Jammu and Kashmir and whether a contingency fund has been established to meet unforeseen needs. However, the government has informed the parliamentary group that no reserve fund has been created to date.
The Panel has now recommended that the administration of J&K UT establish a separate contingency fund of 5-10% of the capital expenditure budget to meet unforeseen DDC/BDC needs for development work.
According to figures provided by the J&K government to the parliamentary panel, Rs 200 crore was provided to District Development Councils, Rs 71.25 crore to Block Development Councils and Rs 1000 crore to Panchayats.
The Parliamentary Standing Committee further recommended reviewing and increasing the honorariums granted to the various elected councillors. At present, Chairpersons of Municipal Committees/Councils receive an honorarium of Rs 15,000, Rs 10,000 Vice-Chairpersons of Municipal Councils, Rs 8,000 Vice-Chairpersons of Municipal Committees, Rs 5,000 Councillors. councils and Rs 4,000 to Councilors of municipal committees.
In addition, reimbursement of the bill for the use of telephone facilities subject to the monthly ceiling of Rs 5,000 for presidents, vice-presidents and deputies is provided by the government. In addition, elected council representatives are paid Rs 750 and elected committee representatives are paid Rs 500 as meeting expenses.
Regarding the pattern of use of funds from District Development Councils and Block Development Councils in Jammu and Kashmir since 2019, the government informed the Parliamentary Caucus that wise working funds are provided by the respective District Development Commissioners (DDCs) in accordance with approved plans. DDCs/BDCs. However, no fixed ratio has been prescribed.
It is pertinent to mention here that a number of councilors and other elected representatives of the people at the local level have been killed by the militants in the past and that the political parties have collectively demanded adequate security for the councilors and to others in order to instill a sense of security between them, which is imperative for the proper movement and work for the well-being of the people in their respective areas.

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