England’s best family campsites ranked

Dorset’s campsite, Higher Moor Farm, has been ranked as the UK’s best campsite, according to a new study.

New search for the leader in motorhome rental, Camptoo, ranked the top 10 UK campsites, with Higher Moor Farm in Dorset taking first place.

It also turned out to be the most Instagrammable campsite on the list with by far the most social media posts, tagged 943 times by users on the social media site.

The 10 most popular camping regions in the country were selected based on the number of campsites in the region, with the best individual site for each region then selected based on online popularity (judging by Instagram posts and reviews). TripAdvisor reviews).

The average climatic conditions (hours of sunshine and annual precipitation) were measured, along with the number of hiking trails nearby, the air quality in the area and nearby landmarks to visit to give a score Ultimate overall of the 10 best campsites in the UK.

Herding Hill Campground in Northumberland took second on the list, offering the most nearby landmarks compared to the rest of the list.

As expected, popular campsites are in the top five, with Long Meadow (New Forest), Deepdale (Norfolk) and Mains Farm (Lake District) ranking third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Mains Farm, located in the UK’s largest national park, has proven to have by far the most hiking trails nearby, with a whopping 631 to choose from, although the lakes have the second-highest average annual rainfall. highest on the list.

Gwithian Farm, located in the unofficial camping capital of the UK, Cornwall, placed sixth alongside Beech Croft in the Peak District.

National parks made up the rest of the list like By The Way Hostel and Campsite (Loch Lomond), Grantown on Spey (Cairngorms) and Tyn Cornel (Snowdonia) ranking eighth, ninth and 10th.

Ed Bassett, Wanderlust Manager at Camptoo, said of the research: “It was really interesting research to participate in and it gave us some very unexpected results.

“We knew national parks would dominate the list, but we didn’t know how much with an impressive number of seven campsites on the park list across the UK.

“With Cornwall has so much to offer in terms of camping and activities, it was no surprise to see Gwithian Farm making the top 10, perhaps less than expected given the natural beauty of the area. But ultimately the competition is fierce as we have an incredible choice of campsites across the country and we are spoiled for choice.

“It will be interesting to see if any of these results change over the next few months, with campsites starting to reopen to the public and a record number expected with travel restrictions meaning Britons are more likely to book a stay this summer.

“We hope our research will help the public decide which parts of the UK will be best for them, whether they’re looking for good weather, nearby attractions or worthy social media imagery.”

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