DJ Tira Partners With New YouDeh App To Help Fans Meet Their Favorite Celebrities

Many artists were left with no income during the pandemic, DJ Tira says this app will help artists make a living in the event of a third wave.

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Fans have always just seen their favorite celebrities on TV, or even perform at a concert in their city.

But since Covid-19 hit, actors in public space have had to think differently about how to reach their fans in the age of social distancing.

Artist Mthokozisi “DJ Tira” Khathi (44) recently partnered with businessmen and IT specialists Thulani Ngwenya and Aubrey Modise to facilitate this task.

With a new app called YouDeh, they’ll allow fans to access some of Mzansi’s top media personalities with the push of a button.

“The app allows users to connect with people around the world who would be hard to reach through paid private meeting requests,” says DJ Tira.

“This is a first for social media because you don’t have to hold your breath in hope or frustration to try to get the attention of those they support for different reasons,” says DJ Tira. .

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No celebrity personal contact information will be visible on the app.

“It’s important to note that celebrity contact details are never compromised as there is no sharing of their emails or contact numbers unless they do so voluntarily during private calls. These calls are neither recorded nor stored on the application, ”explains Tira.

YouDeh isn’t just limited to celebrities and their fans, but entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, guardians, and even sangomas can use it for consultations because the reach is endless.

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At the height of the pandemic, performers struggled financially when their reservations were canceled. Co-founder Thulani said the app will create jobs from home in the event of a new pandemic.

“The app is a safe and fun space to expand our world while keeping us connected, and a percentage of the booking fee goes to the artist.”

YouDeh can be downloaded via Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You create a profile, set your preferred rates and connect with your star once your date is confirmed.

How the app works

  • For example: a celebrity might say “I will charge $ 10 (R139) for my five minutes”. (Every user is a celebrity on the YouDeh app)
  • When someone wants to have a private video call with that celebrity, they will log into the app and create a meeting type group request.
  • Invite that particular celeb = When inviting the celebrity, the user would indicate for how long. If they say five minutes for example, the app will inform them that the celebrity will charge them $ 10 (R139). If they accept, they will then make the payment from their wallet on the app. (Users can top up their wallet using credit / debit cards or PayPal)
  • The celebrity will receive the request on the app which they can reject or approve.
  • If they approve, the requester will receive a notification, and when the time comes, the requester and celebrity will connect via a private video call on the app.
  • After the call, the funds are released to the celebrity’s wallet on the app within 24 hours. The celebrity can use the funds to request other users’ time or withdraw the funds through PayPal. All rates are charged in USD as this is an international application.

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