Denham Airfield could build housing on site if new plans are approved

South Bucks AN Airport could receive approval for new staff accommodation on-site – if the board approves the recently submitted plans.

Amy Paul, of Bickerton’s Aerodromes Ltd, submitted a planning request for Denham Airfield to the Bucks Council.

The plans detail the “demolition of the existing bungalow and outbuilding at Tilehouse Lane, and construction of a replacement twin-bed bungalow and outbuilding on the site adjacent to parking lot 2 at Hangar Road”.

ON THE PHOTO: The existing bungalow.

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The now vacant bungalow is privately owned by the airport, “was used as staff accommodation” and is “impossible to renovate” because it is in “very poor condition”, says a town planning document.

The site also currently houses three temporary containers for the storage of “essential airport equipment,” he adds.

Two parking spaces are also available, one of which will be a single garage, as well as a bicycle storage room.

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ON THE PHOTO: The existing containers on the site.

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“It is extremely important to the proper functioning, safety and efficiency of Denham Airport that management is able to provide limited accommodation for staff,” a planning statement read.

“An airport needs staff who can be present at all times to respond to incidents, and staff living near the site can provide a quick response if needed. ”

Bucks Council planning officers will now decide what to do with the planning request.

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