Delhi University Hostel Accommodation: Colleges Not Ready

Delhi University hostel accommodation facility will not resume like offline classes. Students will have to wait a bit longer as colleges could take a bit longer to complete the room allocation process, officials said.

Following the announcement, DU colleges sprang into action to prepare for the arrival of students, and cleaning and renovation of hostel rooms began. However, the process of applying for admission to hostels will take time, officials said.

Preparation of Accommodation at Delhi University Hostel

According to Maharaja Agrasen College sources, rooms at the hostel may not be ready by February 17 as they have been closed for almost two years.

However, the college’s principal, Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari, said they were working on a “war footing” to get the hostel rooms ready.

“The hostel has a capacity of 56 students. We have started to prepare the rooms by putting a new coat of paint on the walls. The room allocation process was done online,” he said. -he declares.

Another task of the college administration is to ensure that the rooms are ventilated and that there is enough space for two students.

“We will have to see the size of the room and if it is a small room, only one student will be allowed. The list of hostels will not be able to come out on February 17 and will take a few more days.

This usually happens every year. After the admission process is completed, the list of hostels is prepared,” said Director of Kirori Mal College, Vibha Chauhan.

Meanwhile, the university has advised out-of-town students to plan their arrival in Delhi so that they can complete the three-day isolation period before joining their respective college/department.

Pankaj Arora, Dean of Student Welfare, DU, said: “Each hostel has a management committee and they will decide on further processes.

We had a meeting with the hostel provosts the day before yesterday (Tuesday) and advised them to complete the hostel allocation process online so that the students know where they will go after returning to Delhi.

“Organizing an isolation facility is the prerogative of the hostel and if students wish, they can complete their three-day isolation period elsewhere and then come to the hostel,” Arora said.

Babli Moitra Saraf, Principal of Indraprastha College for Women, hopes the application process for the college hostel will start from Friday.

But she also questioned whether students could return to colleges on such short notice.

“Restoration, deep cleaning and disinfection are things we will take care of.

But there are more important things like hostel admissions that need to be done first for freshmen and sophomores. We make a list of available places and vacancies,” she said.

“By tomorrow evening, we will begin the application process. Accordingly, we will be opening hostels as students come in. We have to wait and watch how the situation develops,” she added.

Principal Chauhan agreed with Saraf and said they would start allocating the inn first.

“We will first solicit applications from students who want to stay in hostels and then prepare a merit list. There is a hostel committee that takes care of this. We will follow the usual procedure,” Chauhan said. .

Talking about providing isolation facilities for students, she said it’s not one or two students who need those facilities.

“I think it will be difficult but if there is an exception, we will do it. The hostel has a capacity of 190 students. We will manage it and keep in touch with the students.

Once we find out which students are in need of a home, we’ll sort things out,” she said.

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