Delhi-based travel start-up aims to make solo travel hassle-free for women in India

With education and a strong sense of independence proliferating among women, a large percentage of them have developed a strong desire to travel and explore places around the world. Several surveys claim that most women want to travel in groups, but there is no shortage of wanting to explore the world on their own.

In recent years, India has been seen as one of the dangerous destinations for women traveling alone, due to the increasing number of criminal incidents against them. Safety was a big concern, with women feeling reluctant and insecure about traveling alone. To meet the demands of safe solo travel, a Delhi-based women-centric startup called “Wovoyage” was launched.

Wovoyage, a women’s travel aggregation platform, was founded in 2016. It currently operates in India and Japan and offers risk-free and safe tours for foreign female travelers by providing them with tour guides and designing their tours with real Indian experiences. It offers group departures, including concept tours such as photography, rejuvenation, yoga, hiking, cycling, and more. The platform aims to provide a more stimulating and empowering travel experience for any traveling woman or group by booking their trip to India.

“I have done my research on foreigners traveling to India, especially women doing a few self-employed tours. I have found that foreign female travelers want to travel to India, but they do not feel safe and hesitate to travel to the most incredible country in the world., “ Rashmi Chadha, Founder, Wovoyage said The logical Indian.

Chadha felt that if she could reduce the risk and offer them a fully secure visit, there would be a business opportunity with great potential to explore.

Employment opportunities

Wovoyage’s technology ecosystem includes reservation services, research and planning platforms, on-demand trips and recommendation sites. Wovoyage promotes incredible India, women’s empowerment and female employability.

“We have a huge database of verified properties across the country and internationally and when a traveler is looking for a place to stay, the system recommends them what the safest options are to book. It also gives recommendations on nearby attractions, restaurants, and must-see attractions. places,” said Chadha.

Wovoyage is a great platform for women from India, outside India, to explore the innate desire to be a carefree travel urge. A well-researched approach and travel prowess make this platform enjoyable for streamlining travel itineraries. The team has been working on various new developments to make this platform more dynamic and robust, and create a safe space for female travelers since its inception.

As a women’s travel aggregation platform, Wovoyage has collaborated with many local women in Tier II and Tier III cities who run this business to support, encourage, build a strong and safe community for all. world. “We have trained women in partnership with us which include group chaperones, women taxi services, although we hire a male driver this is checked carefully. We have a coordinator available 24/7 / 7 who coordinates all services with everyone to provide hassle free experience “, Chadha explained.

The same allows women to come forward and contribute to the travel and tourism industry and create employment opportunities for women. “We have a lot of content creators joining us now to take this journey and encourage too many other women,” she added.

“There are many travel agencies in India, but none of them offer a female-friendly travel center and all-female travel staff to accompany them on their next big tour through India. We customize packages for solo travelers, groups and senior women. , whatever their location. We are proud of this and we will change the perception of travel agencies in India “, said Chadha.

The startup offers budget tours in which they run hostels and cheap accommodation, as well as luxury tours.

Super guides

The entrepreneur claims the platform is risk-free and ensures safe travel for women, all over India with super female-friendly guides.

“When foreigners / expats travel to India, they want the tour to be conducted by a real company rather than third-party travel agencies who will sell their business for a commission. Women travelers feel at ease with female guides. We therefore create personalized products adapted to women. packages, assign them expert female guides “, she pointed.

“For example, a German lady wants to go shopping in Delhi, we assign her a girl who knows German and is an expert in shopping. To make travel safe and fearless for foreigners, we prefer to hire female staff who fits the business model. We call them ‘Super Guides’ “, she added.

Chadha believes every industry has taken a step back during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the travel industry, but with the recovery at a good pace, the future is bright for the travel industry in India.

“Since travel is almost back, but with precautions and all the appropriate COVID behavior, we see a pretty soft sail from here,” she concludes.

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