Creating a splash in the education sector, Dehradun-based startup Okadmission raises huge pre-seed funding

The covid-19 epidemic has disrupted education around the world, forcing students to embrace online methods. This unprecedented crisis has led to the evolution of various online coaching institutes and startups. Speaking of a, Ok Admission founded by Debjyoti Saha came to the rescue of students by helping them make the right career choices before being admitted to various colleges and universities.

Debjyoti, a 23-year-old entrepreneur, founded Ok Admission after sharing his concept with Partho Pratim Haldar, co-founder of the company. Partho has 8 years of experience in the admissions field which has contributed to the growth of the company.

At the age of 19, he founded his first business, DMG Educational Foundation. Along with this, he began to provide admission counseling to college students. Well-known institutions joined them as admissions counselors and marketing partners, which helped their business thrive. The company was not successful because it was based in a physical location and could not reach a large number of students, but it made a profit.

Originally belonging to the village of Falakata, Alipurduar District, West Bengal, Debjyoti moved to Dehradun to pursue studies in agriculture, where he decided to work to serve society. For the same, he planned to build an Agrotech facility for this purpose, but he failed during the conceptualization phase. It was the very first time he entered the world of entrepreneurship.

Having the same vision as Steve Jobs, of never giving up, he continued to create ideas and succeeded in implementing OkAdmission. It is an electronics technology company, the first and only technology-focused career counseling and admission support company in the world.

The company provides many features in the form of an online form that helps students find colleges and universities, as well as funding services. They have a hostel directory where students can book hostels directly from the site. So, from admission to finance, they have everything under one roof.

They raised 3 million rupees in pre-seed funding from a reputable investor for their business. They want their business to dominate the education industry in the future, and they plan to employ over a thousand people and enroll a lakh of students with their support by 2024.

If you’ve recently graduated from high school or know someone who has, you can talk to them about OkAdmission and tell them how helpful it is for them to find the right career with professional support. . With Debjyoti’s vast knowledge, one can undoubtedly be admitted to one of the greatest institutions and universities and flourish by achieving his ambitions.

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