Council pledges to offer all residents facing eviction in St Michael’s Gate new accommodation before they have to leave

Peterborough City Council said any residents facing eviction from a city street would be offered alternative accommodation before being forced to leave in just over two weeks.

Residents living in St Michael’s Gate in the city have been told they will have to vacate their homes on August 19.

The estate is used by Peterborough City Council to provide emergency accommodation and has been managed by Stef & Phillips since 2016. Yet the council has now decided it is not financially viable to renew the tenancy agreement with the company. which ends in August.

St. Michael’s Gate in Peterborough

In June, residents received a letter informing them that they had to leave their homes.

While some have been offered new homes by the City Council, a number still remain in St Michael’s Gate – including mother of five Nadine Jones.

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Nadine, who moved to the streets to escape domestic abuse in 2019, told the Peterborough Telegraph she was “scared” about the situation, having yet to be offered new accommodation.

She said she was concerned about her children’s schooling, given that they did not know where they would be living in September.

Nadine’s neighbors have moved to areas as far afield as Boston and Sheffield – but it’s believed there are still around 20 households left in St Michael’s Gate, with just weeks to go before the departure deadline.

Today, a spokesperson for Peterborough City Council said: ‘We continue to work to find alternative accommodation for all households in St Michael’s Gate. Many residents have received offers and have already moved out and those remaining will be contacted in due course as suitable properties are secured. We will ensure that all households have an alternative offer before August 19.”

The estate made headlines in 2016, when 74 homes on the estate were brought in by Paul Simon Magic Homes and were then to be managed by Stef & Phillips. Residents living on the streets were then told they had to leave – along with the houses to be used to house the homeless in Peterborough.

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