Company-X expands text-to-speech technology globally as a SaaS platform

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Company-X, based in Hamilton, is expanding its award-winning text-to-speech software globally as a software as a service application.

The software specialist already had international success with Voxcoda, which transforms text into finely tuned human voices, before launching the SaaS offer.

Now, Company-X is in talks with several potential distribution partners and preparing a marketing campaign to grow Voxcoda’s international user base.

Company-X built Voxcoda to enable DeLaval in Stockholm, Sweden to create realistic artificial intelligence (AI)-generated voices for voice-overs on training videos. Voices sound as human as possible thanks to intricate control of emphasis, pitch, speed and tone.

DeLaval uses e-learning courses to ensure its staff, dealers and millions of farmers in 100 international markets are trained in the principles of sustainable food production. However, booking voice artists, recording studios and sound engineers for multiple markets was prohibitively expensive.

“Voxcoda is a significant opportunity for Company-X and is one of many innovations helping our growth in overseas markets,” said co-founder and director David Hallett.

The project earned Company-X the category “Independent Software Vendor of Local Innovators” in the Reseller News Innovation Trophies in 2020.

“The flexibility of the Voxcoda tool allows the project team to ensure that the voice quality meets the requirements that any user of the end product would expect,” said Mario Lopez Benavides, technical development manager of the DeLaval milk quality and on-farm service solutions.

“Project time is shortened without compromising quality, and that’s something we greatly appreciate.”

Voxcoda uses AI-based machine language services with Text-to-Speech Markup Language (SSML) tags to simulate the correct accents and languages, with a variety of pitches and tones for each international market, and a combination of male and female voices offering variety.

It also offers multi-user functionality, built-in collaboration tools and project reporting, which makes it unique, Company-X said. Multiple projects across multiple clients were easily manageable.

Stefanie Goodhew, DeLaval Services Agricultural Training and Assortment Administrator, it was amazing how natural the end result sounded and how easy it was to change the sound of the words.

“The Voxcoda Editor has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to easily convert scripts into human-like voice files.

“The user can enhance the generated voice by adding SSML tags, similar to how a director might direct an actor,” said Voxcoda product owner Lance Bauerfeind.

The editor also allows the user to create a pronunciation library of domain-specific acronyms and terminology.

Voxcoda is also used by Stockholm-based multinational CBG to create synthetic audio translations for clients. With 12 offices around the world. The CBG team helps clients in a wide range of industries work successfully in 70 languages.

CBG has used traditional voiceover techniques for years, but the cost has become prohibitive.

“Voxcoda primarily solves the cost problem,” said Poul Jacobsen, key account manager at CBG. “It’s seen as a good option that sits somewhere between creating subtitles and hiring a traditional voice-over artist, sound engineer and studio.”

Voxcoda also reduces the manual effort involved in creating voiceover files and shortens turnaround times.

“Pre-production and post-production engineering is not that different between traditional voice-over recording, but Voxcoda allows us to provide the client with a raw audio file,” Jacobsen said.

“So far we’ve found recordings up to six minutes to be competitive with our studio provider.”

Jacobsen said CBG’s close dialogue with the development and support team was very important as the product was continually improved based on feedback.

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