Cochin Bakery known as CeeBee celebrates its 20th anniversary in Mangaluru

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Mangaluru, June 13: A well-known bakery to every household, Cochin Bakery celebrated its 20th anniversary here at the Father Muller Convention Hall on Wednesday June 8th.

Speaking on the occasion, famous comic star Aravind Bolar praised the taste of the products prepared in Cochin Bakery and said he was a regular customer of Cochin Bakery.

Mayor Premanand Shetty also praised the baked goods.

MP Ramesh, General Manager of Cochin Bakery and Lavina Ramesh chaired the program.

TK Rajan, President, Kerala Samajam, Mangaluru, Vijayakumar C, President Karnataka Nair Service Society, Mangaluru, Anil Kumar Damodaran, President, Sree Narayana Samskarika Vedi and other dignitaries were present.

Shabari Ganiga did a painting on occasion.

20 fulfilling years of CeeBees

Nothing brings people happiness more than good food. Cakes, pastries, desserts and baked goods are the most popular food items. Since 1939, one brand has established itself as the maker of the finest baked goods in South India – Cochin Bakery. A name synonymous with the ultimate in taste, quality and variety! With a network of thirteen branches – five in Calicut, five in Mangalore, two in Ernakulum and one in Kasaragod – Cochin Bakery serves thousands of customers every day.

Also known as ‘CeeBees’, Cochin Bakery today offers an innumerable variety of products to its customers and its signature items like Ghee Cake, Nankhatai or Snow Balls, Bachelors Buttons and Masala Biscuits are among its all-time favourites.
some products.

Having won numerous awards and broken several world records as well as national records, Cochin Bakery enjoys an impeccable reputation for its high level expertise and mastery in the baking industry.

A reputation passed down from generation to generation for over one hundred and forty years, the legend began in 1880, when a young entrepreneur by the name of Mambaly Bapu started his own bakery at Thalassery in Kerala.

Called ‘Mamballys Royal Biscuit Factory’, it was probably the first bakery in South India. He was previously engaged in shipping milk, tea and bread to British troops in Egypt. Then, in 1883, a few days before Christmas, Murdoch Brown, a British planter and one of Mambaly Bapu’s favored customers, walked into the bakery with a rich plum cake he had brought from England.

He told Bapu to taste the cake and asked him if he could make a cake as good as the one he brought from England.

Mambaly Bapu took on the challenge and, after sourcing the best ingredients, finally created the perfect Christmas cake for Brown!

The Englishman was very impressed and, in his own words, called it “an excellent cake”. Thus, Christmas cakes have quickly become local favourites, and Bapu’s
business prospered.

In the years that followed, his descendants created successful bakery chains in different parts of the state.

One such bakery chain is Cochin Bakery, which started its own journey in 1939, when four brothers namely, MP Karunakaran, MP Achuthan, MP Kumaran and MP Balakrishnan moved from their hometown of Thalassery looking for opportunities in the bakery field. .

Under Mambally Gopalan’s patronage, his sister-in-law’s four sons established their own bakery on Cannon Shed Road in Kochi – and Cochin Bakery was born!

The Jews, as well as other foreigners in Cochin, liked this name because it was easy for them to pronounce it.

The aroma of cakes and sweets from Cochin Bakery has captured the hearts of young and old alike.

Achuthan was a disciplinarian who adhered to quality, hygienic standards and punctuality in the delivery of goods.

His magical hands were instrumental in shaping the business.

The company grew by leaps and bounds.

The common man as well as members of the royal family of Cochin and dignitaries of Indian and foreign origin have become the loyal customers of Cochin Bakery – Lord Wavell and Lord Mountbatten are among them.

Thus, a legend was born.

Achuthan excelled in creating many cakes.

The special “CeeBees” Japanese cake, butter beans and tea rusks are some of the baker’s products that were later imbibed by other bakeries.

Cochin Bakery started a new run when MP Ramesh son of Achuthan opened his first showroom at the CSI Building in Calicut in 1986 with strong support from his friend Madhu.

This new venture marked Achuthan’s 75th anniversary.

From then on there was no turning back for Ramesh, who with his hard work and dedication and a team of loyal workers went on to achieve greater heights.

In 2006, Cochin Bakery opened its showroom in Kochi, its hometown. Cochin Bakery now has a well-equipped factory and two outlets in Kochi. With his relentless pursuit of experimentation and innovation in baking, Ramesh has invented many new products.

Ghee Cake, which was founded in 1992, is the biggest of all, the first in all of India and probably the world. Mr. Ramesh then opened four more showrooms in Calicut: one on Link Road near the railway station – Cochin Bake House, one in Vandipetta, Nadakkavu, one in Chevayur and one in Puthiyara.

Cochin Bakery has extended its reach into the neighboring state of Karnataka, with the first location in Mangalore at Paradigm Plaza – AB Shetty Circle in 2002.

Kankanady’s second outlet is housed in its own building, CeeBees Tower, which has a mechanized factory and cafe on the first floor.

A third outlet has been opened at Vijayashree Arcade near Padavu School in Nanthoor. The fourth outlet was opened in Padil, followed by the fifth in Padavinangady. Cochin Bakery, Mangalore supplies its products to some of the famous institutions in and around Mangalore such as Nitte Institutions in Karkala, KS Hegde Institutions, AB Shetty Institutions and KMC Hostels.

Yielding to constant customer demands, Cochin Bakery has also opened a showroom in the city of Kasargod. Ramesh has mastered the art of baking long cakes, which get longer over the years, all for a noble cause.

He set several records for making the longest cakes.

1. A 25-foot “Peace on Earth” themed cake was made in Mananchira
Calicut for the YMCA and the Rotary Club of Calicut.
2. A 104ft cake at the Calicut Indoor Stadium to mark Cochin Bakery’s Diamond Jubilee.
3. A 75 foot cake was created at Mangalore Town Hall for the Hospice and Pain Center at Omega Hospital Mangalore.
4. A 216-foot cake was made at Ernakulum Durbar Hall Grounds to commemorate Cochin Bakery’s return to its hometown. This extraordinary feat was recognized for the first time as the most lavishly decorated cake in the prestigious Limca Book of Records.
5. A 90 foot cake was prepared in Mahé to celebrate the 280th anniversary of Mahé’s magistracy.
6. A 35 foot cake was designed at Infosys-Mysore.
7. A 52 foot cake was made to celebrate LIC Calicut’s 52nd anniversary.
8. A 101-foot eggless cake was baked at Sree Kandeswara Temple for its centenary celebration.
9. A 353.5ft cake was made at Thalassery for the Bakery Association of Kerala to commemorate the 129th anniversary of the “excellent cake” made by Mampally Bappu. This extraordinary effort earned the second Limca award for the longest eggless cake with the most photos.
10. A 600ft cake was baked at the Lulu Convention Centre, Trissur for the Bakery Association, where Mr Ramesh broke his own record and achieved his third Limca book record.

Born on June 5, 1951, Ramesh is the youngest son of MP Achuthan and his wife, Bharathi Achuthan.

He is married to Lavina, in addition to being an exceptional entrepreneur. Ramesh also holds high positions in various prestigious organizations.

He is a Rotarian, Privileged Member of Sree Narayana Education Society, Director of Sree Kandeshwara Temple, Life Member of YMCA and Fellow of Indian Red Cross, Trustee of the prestigious Deshaboshini Library, Treasurer of All Kerala Bake Association. , and the president of Calicut Bake Association.

He received the Gandhi Peace Foundation Award 2017-18 and the Nehru Award 2017-18 for his excellence in baking and food processing.

On November 26, 2019, Ramesh received the Star of Asia award from the Open International University of Sri Lanka for his contribution to the baking industry by making Ghee Cake in 1992 for the first time in the world.

All Cochin Bakery products are made using special recipes, which are trade secrets inherited from ancestors. They are made from the highest quality ingredients.

Exclusive attractions include Fig & Honey Cake, Coffee Walnut Cake, Nutty Bonanza, Golden Cake, Butter Icing Cakes with a variety of flavors and more.

Over the years, Cochin Bakery has pampered the palates of elite patrons including the evergreen stars and actresses of the Malayalam film industry. Today, more than 140 years after Bapu made India’s first Christmas cake, Cochin

Bakery continues the tradition of making great baked goods that delight customers.

With his own extensive knowledge of the bakery industry and the support of his loyal team of staff members, Ramesh plans to expand the reach of Cochin Bakery to new horizons and foreign lands.

And thus create its own legacy worthy of the memory of the founders. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Cochin Bakery in Mangaluru, we thank all of our valued customers, business associates and our entire team of loyal and dedicated workers, who have supported us on our journey to success.

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