China Navigation becomes Swire Shipping

The China Navigation Company Pte. Ltd. (CNCo) announced that it has been renamed Swire Shipping Pte. Ltd. (Swire Shipping), as part of a strategy to streamline its brands and present customers and stakeholders with a cohesive and unified experience across its product offerings.

“Swire Shipping is widely recognized as the trading name for the company and is well established from a business and customer perspective. Therefore, it makes sense for us to use Swire Shipping as the primary name, ”said James Woodrow, Managing Director of Swire Shipping Pte. Ltd.

“The name change should go smoothly,” said Mr. Woodrow. “This will not impact the existing nature and structure of the business, nor on existing relationships with customers, partners, suppliers, financial institutions, manufacturing, contracts, staff and / or shareholders.”

CNCo began on the banks of the Yangtze River in 1872, operating a modest fleet of Mississippi-style paddle steamers. The company offers versatile liner services through Swire Shipping for the global transport of containers, general cargo, heavy loads and project cargo, while its Projects division provides specialist shipping services to the energy sectors, resources and infrastructure in the global project logistics market. In January 2021, CNCo’s bulk transport division became a stand-alone entity under Swire Bulk Pte Ltd.

Along with CNCo’s growth, Swire Shipping has become synonymous with a leading provider of sustainable liner shipping services to Asia-Pacific markets, connecting more than 400 ports through its extensive network. In July 2021, Swire Shipping launched its inland logistics division to offer its customers enhanced services such as customs clearance, inland transportation and freight management solutions.

Continued focus on the Pacific

Following the name change, Swire Shipping will continue to focus on the Pacific, a geographic region that has been the backbone of the Company’s growth. “We will continue to be a leading provider of a wide range of specialized customer solutions for various types of freight and will continue to develop our end-to-end offering. We remain true to our goal of enriching lives by connecting customers and communities in the Pacific, ”said Mr. Woodrow.

In addition to its community work in the Pacific, Swire Shipping is a key sponsor of Fijian rugby and, through the Moana Taka partnership, ships waste from the Pacific free of charge to approved ports in the APAC region for recycling. Earlier this year, he announced that he had started work on the Cerulean Project to build a low-carbon, low-cost inter-island freighter to serve Pacific communities that lack cargo handling infrastructure. .

In August, the Company began to change the names of the ships in its fleet. By the end of October 2021, the majority of the ships it operates will be named after a Pacific island country or place. “When someone thinks of Pacific shipping, they naturally think of Swire Shipping,” added Jeremy Sutton, COO, Swire Shipping.

CNCo remains the main holding company in the UK

The name of the UK holding company – The China Navigation Company Ltd – will remain unchanged. Likewise, the names of the company’s subsidiary and branches in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), as well as its brand name “太古 轮船 Taigu Lunchuan (CNCo)” will be retained, as these names are deeply rooted in our brand. business in the region. In all other jurisdictions the name will be changed from CNCo to Swire Shipping.

Brand new website

Swire Shipping’s new website ( was also launched, offering a suite of enhanced e-commerce tools, including our all-new instant pricing feature and an updated quote and booking experience, as well as as information about the company. including Swire Projects, its division offering various marine solutions for the project industry. Detailed information on Swire Shipping’s award-winning and industry-leading sustainability (SD) initiatives, SD annual reports, careers at Swire Shipping and global footprint are also available on the website.

“Overall, this is an exciting time for us as we grow our business and celebrate our 150th anniversary next year. We have all the building blocks in place; a strong, unified and highly respected brand, a range of innovative and sustainable solutions, a modern and environmentally friendly fleet and a very committed workforce determined to ensure the success of our customers, ”said Mr. Sutton .
Source: Swire Expedition

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