Chennai school under scanner for forced religious conversion, NCPCR calls for action

The National Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (NCPCR) requested that the report on the measures taken be submitted within three days.

The National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) wrote a letter to DGP of Tamil Nadu Sylendra Babu and Chief Secretary V Irai Anbu on Friday September 9 to take action against Girls’ Higher Secondary School CSI Monahan to Royapettah for the alleged forced conversion of daughters. to Christianity.

The Tamil Nadu State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (TNSCPCR) recently formed a team to carry out inspections to check hostels attached to schools in the state. The team found that the Child Care Institution (CCI) attached to the CSI Monahan School was not registered when inspected on September 6 and also found that the school housed girls from backgrounds economic poor who were then forced to follow Christianity. The probation officer, immediately after the inspection, instructed the District Child Protection Unit (DCPO) and Child Protection Committee (CWC) to rescue the girls.

NCPCR President Priyank Kanoonga mentioned that the female students are accommodated in a hostel which is not registered and also requested the DGP and Chief Secretary to evacuate the female students within 24 hours. They were also asked to file an FIR against the school because the manager of the hostel abused students at the school and the school forced parents to give consent for their children to continue studying at the school. ‘hostel.

In the letter, the commission mentioned “however, some girls of the said CCI called TNCPCR on 09.09.22 to inform them that they have not yet been rescued from the CCI and are currently being abused by the caretaker They further shared that now their parents have been asked to come and give their consent to the school management for their children to stay in a hostel.”

“The TNCPCR further advised that state authorities are not responding to their appeals at this time and that they have learned through a staff member that Department of Social Defense officials are supporting the management of the CSI school while preventing rescue operations from taking place,” it reads further.

The commission then ordered that the girls be brought before the Child Protection Committee to record their statements about forced religious conversion and give them counseling in accordance with the Juvenile Justice (Care and Screening) Act 2015 . Priyank Kanoonga also requested arrangements to rehabilitate the students either in their own homes or in other appropriate facilities as required by law. In addition to an FIR (First Information Report), the NCPCR has also demanded to take legal action against the school as it operates hostels without proper registration and expects the report on action taken to be submitted within three days. When TNM spoke with Saraswathy Rangasamy, who led the TNCPCR team to inspect the schools, she said that action should have been taken immediately, but the government has yet to take action against this. school. We would have to wait until Monday to know the government’s response, she added.

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