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Cheap trips: the best places to visit on a budget

After the many lockdowns and border closures spanning two long years, people all over the world are dying to get out and travel. However, with rising inflation and the ever-increasing cost of living, affording yourself a well-deserved vacation is now much more difficult than it was in the not-too-distant past.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to put a stop to your post-pandemic travel plans. Luckily, traveling the world can be incredibly cheap if you visit the right places.

If you’re craving an international adventure but aren’t looking to splash or burn too big a hole in your pocket, you’ve come to the right place.

Today we’re exploring the eight best places to visit on a budget in 2022, so read on to find out more.

Cheap trips: the best places to visit on a budget

1. The Kingdom of Thailand

Fun Fact: Did you know that Thailand is officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand?

There’s a reason why Thailand remains so popular among travelers around the world. Along with its scenic beaches, crystal clear waters, and mouth-watering cuisine, Thailand is also one of the most affordable vacation destinations in the world. With a tourist trail stretching back decades, Thailand is truly the heartland of backpacking in Southeast Asia, and most people can get by on a minimal budget of between $25 and $50 AUD per day thanks to affordable bed and breakfasts, inexpensive meals, and competitive tourist attractions.

Even if backpacking isn’t quite your thing, you can find amazing serviced apartments or Airbnb properties for as little as AUD$35 per day.

However, even at the price, Thailand is still one of the best budget vacation destinations in the world and should not be ignored.

Trick: To increase your vacation savings, we strongly recommend that you purchase foreign currency on a travel card before embarking on your trip. Whether you’re looking to convert AUD to Canadian dollars or Thai baht, lock the exchange rate to up to 10 foreign currencies for a cheaper and easier vacation.

Cheap trips: the best places to visit on a budget

2. Cambodia

Cambodia is another Southeast Asian gem that is notoriously cheap to visit.

Brimming with traditional art, history and delicious cuisine, it’s a must-visit destination if you’re looking for a vacation filled with culture and incredible adventure.

Some of the most popular (and affordable) things to do in Cambodia include visiting the beautiful ancient Khmer temples of Siem Reap and visiting the incredible palaces and museums of the capital Phnom Penh.

More importantly, you can find luxurious accommodation at a resort and spa for just AUD$35, or even a hostel room for just AUD4.

Pair that with sumptuous meals that cost as little as a dollar or two and you have the most affordable vacation of your life.

Cheap trips: the best places to visit on a budget

3. Vietnam

Another star contender from Southeast Asia for budget travel is none other than the incredible Vietnam.

This incredible land rich in culture is famous for its unique natural attractions, including the limestone islands of HaLong Bay and the largest cave in the world, Hang Son Doong.

Transportation and accommodation are also very cheap here, which is why Vietnam is one of the cheapest Asian countries to visit. Most 3-4 star hotels will cost you no more than $35 per night, with cheaper options like Airbnb under $29 AUD per night. If you really want to spoil yourself, you can even book a room at the Continental Saigon Hotel for just AUD 99 per night.

If you’re a foodie, Vietnam is definitely one of the best destinations to visit for world-class street food, and there’s no shortage of Pho, Bahn Mi, Banh Xeo, Goi Cuon and more to satisfy your tastes. taste buds.

Luckily, street food prices in Vietnam are much lower than those in mainstream restaurants, and you can get your hands on some mouth-watering dishes that cost just AUD $1.44.

Learn about the top 10 Vietnamese dishes to try here.

Cheap trips: the best places to visit on a budget

4. Denmark

Do you think traveling in Europe on a small budget is a fantasy?

Well, think again. Although the Scandinavian countries are known to be the most expensive destinations in Europe, Denmark happens to be one of the cheapest destinations in the region. To really cut costs, we recommend visiting during the off-seasons (fall and winter) to avoid the price hikes that come with the influx of tourists during the warmer months.

Flights and accommodation are up to 40% cheaper between September and November, just after the summer crowds return, but before the cold, windy weather arrives.

In terms of food, Denmark offers an abundance of affordable dishes that you will find in local bakeries, cafes, so forget the exorbitant expenses for hotel meals or tourist restaurants.

Our favorite affordable meal has to be the open sandwiches known as Smrrebrd, which are popular lunch options for locals. Plus, many of Denmark’s most famous attractions are free or very cheap to visit, so you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a taste of what the country has to offer.

While this holiday may not be as cheap as a trip to Thailand or Cambodia, it is certainly still an affordable option for Australians looking to travel to Europe on a budget.

Cheap trips: the best places to visit on a budget

5. Nepal

If you are really up for adventure, Nepal happens to be one of the cheapest countries in the world to visit.

Nestled between China and India in South Asia, Nepal is a land of spectacular natural wealth combined with a vibrant culture and sense of history. Home to not only the famous Mount Everest, but also ten of the 14 tallest mountains in the world, Nepal is an absolute dream for the serious adventurer at heart.

Many of these mountains (apart from Everest) can be hiked for very cheap, and the combined costs for accommodation, food, travel and adventure come to as little as $15 AUD per day.

Learn about 21 amazing things to see in Nepal here.

Fun fact: Nepal is also the birthplace of Gautama Buddha-Lumbini, a South Asian ascetic and spiritual master who lived during the second half of the first millennium BCE.

Cheap trips: the best places to visit on a budget

6. Morocco

When it comes to African countries, Morocco is definitely one of the most affordable destinations for tourists. Although it may not be as cheap as traveling to Southeast Asia, Morocco is still one of the cheapest countries to visit if you are able to stay away from the tourist traps. .

Filled with color, heavenly beaches and vast expanses of desert, Morocco is a very tourist-friendly country that is sure to impress any traveler.

Hostels around Morocco generally cost between $12 and $15 AUD per day, while most modest hotels will cost no more than $25 AUD per night. As for food, we recommend eating at local restaurants and avoiding the overpriced restaurants in Jemaa El Fnaa, the main tourist square.

Must-try dishes include Kaab el Ghzal, Makouda, Tagine and Zaalouk. For all your sightseeing pleasures, be sure to visit Asilah, Chefchaouen, the Atlas Mountains, the sand dunes and the Koutoubia Mosque to name a few.

Learn about common tourist traps and scams to avoid in Morocco here.

Cheap trips: the best places to visit on a budget

7. Fiji

It’s no secret that Australians love traveling to Fiji thanks to its secluded palm-fringed beaches, luxurious private islands and sparkling water as far as the eye can see.

Luckily, Fiji also happens to be one of the cheapest Pacific Island vacation destinations, with no shortage of affordable guesthouses, transportation, and activities, especially in the popular Yasawa Islands.

Affectionately dubbed the “Soft Coral Capital of the World” and teeming with hundreds of different species of fish and coral, it is a dream vacation destination for avid divers and anyone who loves underwater adventures.

If you’re backpacking in Fiji, you can expect to spend around AUD$60 a day, which covers a hostel dorm, public transport, affordable street food, and a variety of free activities and cheap such as hiking and swimming.

Even if you’re not a backpacker, you can still take advantage of all these offers to save a ton of money instead of spending AUD 150 a day on more expensive restaurants and attractions.

Cheap trips: the best places to visit on a budget

8. Turkey

Finally, let’s talk about Turkey.

Although the economy of this fascinating country has suffered in recent years, you can now get many times more liras for your Australian dollar than just a few years ago. At the time of writing, $1 AUD will net you 12.17 Turkish liras, which is the equivalent of a cheap meal at a local Turkish cafe.

Economic ramblings aside, there are dozens of reasons to visit Turkey, from breathtaking scenery and fascinating history to intricate architecture and some of the best shopping in all of Europe. This destination is particularly stunning if you are a cat lover, as you will find streets, shops and cafes filled with stray cats cared for by the local community.

On average, you can expect to spend around $35 to $55 AUD per day on your vacation in Turkey, depending on whether you choose to stay in hostels or opt for a hotel/AirBnb instead.

As for food, expect to pay around $1.50 to $2 AUD for a cheap meal or $10 AUD for a three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant. Additionally, the cost of a single ticket for public transport is AUD 0.49, with cheaper options available for combined/multi-ride tickets.

There you have it, eight of the best places to visit on a budget this holiday season. We hope this article shows you that exploring what the world has to offer doesn’t always have to cost you an arm and a leg (or require you to remortgage your home).

What are some of your favorite vacation destinations to visit on a budget? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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