Cheap hostel – Ostelli Della Gioventu Wed, 22 Sep 2021 12:00:31 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Cheap hostel – Ostelli Della Gioventu 32 32 SoftBank and Demi Lovato back June Homes, a proptech startup emerging from stealth with $ 50 million in funding Wed, 22 Sep 2021 12:00:31 +0000

June houses, a proptech startup that aims to make leasing less painful and more flexible for tenants and landlords, is coming out of hiding today with total funding of $ 50 million.

SoftBank Ventures Asia led the startup’s latest round – a $ 27 million Series B. The company’s other funders include FJ Labs, Kairos, TQ Ventures II LP (Scooter Braun, Schuster Tanger, Andrew Marks), Reshape, Quiet Capital and angel investors including musician Demi Lovato and Behance founder Scott Belsky.

The New York-based company also previously raised (but did not announce) a $ 13 million Series A – also led by SoftBank Ventures Asia – and $ 10 million in seed funding.

Founder and CEO Daniel Mishin first became interested in real estate with a missed train and an unscheduled stay at a cheap hostel in Berlin at the age of 11. The experience inspired him to start his first business at an early age, turning his grandmother’s empty apartment into a short-term rental space for backpackers. After starting and selling a hotel business, Mishin founded June Homes in 2017. He was motivated after his one struggle with finding an apartment in New York City.

“Prohibitive costs, foreclosure fees, complicated requirements, long-term rental commitments – it seemed incredibly difficult to get housing on these terms,” Mishin said. “I started to think that there was a real opportunity for innovation that could benefit tenants as well as pop moms and owners, and that’s how June Homes was born.”

Mishin founded the company on the premise that the current rental system is “broken” for both tenants and small landlords. Even the fact that we are using the word “owner” itself is very outdated, he said, as the word literally means “lord over the earth”.

“We still speak as if we were in the 16th century,” he said.

So how exactly does it work? The company says it has developed an algorithm that detects poorly priced rental apartments that often need repairs. He has also developed a process that he says can inspect, upgrade, renovate and list units for rent in under 72 hours. Then, according to Mishin, people can discover, apply for and move into a new apartment “in as little as three hours.”

“Our proprietary algorithm automatically performs a best-use analysis for each building and chooses which June Homes model to apply to it,” Mishin said.

The startup claims that its units are fully customizable. Tenants can rent furnished or unfurnished, with roommates or alone, and have the option of staying between one and 18 months. The company says that unlike some short-term social housing companies that charge tenants considerably for flexibility, its rental rates are more in line with the price range you’d expect to pay with a traditional lease.

On the flip side, June Homes says she helps homeowners by working to help them fill properties faster and by dealing with things like tenant defaults, non-payments and building performance. The startup also eliminates brokerage and management fees, and never charges owners an upfront fee, according to Mishin. Instead, the June houses processes all rent payments from tenants through its platform and pays landlords either a smaller fixed payment each month or a portion of income collected from tenants.

Over the past six months, according to Mishin, June Homes has seen a 150% increase in tenant growth and a 137% increase in unit growth. Specifically, he signed thousands of tenants in New York, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Boston. In particular, millennials and Gen Z looking for convenience and flexibility are among the platform’s biggest users.

“The new generation deserves more when it comes to housing, and June Homes has created the easiest and fastest way for them to find their place in a new city,” said singer Demi Lovato, who invested in the framework. of the company’s A-Series last year. , in a written statement.

Because it offers more flexible rental conditions, tThe company claims to have 25.5 times fewer defaults than the industry average. It also states that it can refill units 10 times faster than traditional legacy systems. For example, Mishin said, in July 2021, the average June Homes New York apartment was rented in 7.5 days, while all other rental listings were rented on average in 76 days.

Going forward, June Homes plans to use the new capital primarily to expand to other markets in the US in the short term and then globally over the next 12-18 months. He also plans to do more hiring. Currently, the company has 144 employees, three times more than at the same time last year.

Sherman Li, Partner of SoftBank Ventures Asia and Member of the Board of Directors of June Homes, believes that June Homes provides today’s tenants “exactly what they want in the post-pandemic world – flexibility, access and convenience He wrote by email.

He said SoftBank was also impressed with the company’s ability to build such a large housing company “without owning a single property.”

While SoftBank Ventures Korea initially focused on the South Korean market, it has since expanded to start-ups around the world.

“We are actively looking for early stage or growth stage startups that have strong business potential regardless of geographic boundaries, and June Homes is certainly one of those cases,” Li said.

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Veer decides to help Rani Tue, 21 Sep 2021 16:30:00 +0000

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Rani is crying. She remembers a woman berating her child for failing the exam. Rani says not to hit him. He will become demotivated. If he fails, he has only one option to succeed the next time around. Motivate him. Rani says I also have a way to be successful. Mausa says you’re right. Vijaya couldn’t find anything for a reason. Earn the trust of your family, but with their rights.

Scene 2
Sooraj says Maa is calming down. Drink water. She screams and says I don’t want anything. Sooraj says Radhika will come, don’t worry. She must have a lot of things, she had a test today. I made a cake for her to celebrate our victory. Vijaya says to call her. Sooraj says I did it but she didn’t choose it. Vijaya says you told me she had an exam. Call her again. Vijaya says in her heart that she is lost after yesterday’s deal. Where is she?

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Rani comes to their house. Sooraj says where have you been? I was waiting for you. Please come in. Vijaya says Sooraj was worried, you know he doesn’t like to wait. Where have you been? Sooraj says Maa Radhika must be busy. It’s finally here, I’m happy. He says we are starting to study Radhika ji. Vijaya says to wait a minute. How was Rajeshwari so personal to you? Rani says she was crazy about the land. I gave it to you. Sooraj says we had to burn it, we’re happy. She’s after Radhika now. Let’s go.

Scene 3
Rajeshwari says she has been cheating on us for so long. These cheap people should never be trusted. Vikram says why would Rani do this? Veer said enough Rani sa. I won’t hear a word against her. She did all of this for us. Our happiness, his way may be wrong, but not his intentions. She has done so much for all of us. We couldn’t do any of that. Rajeshwri says but .. Veer says for you that a mistake ruins everything a person has done. But I’m not like that. Rajeshwari says you still get me wrong. Veer says Rani did all of this to get us back what was ours. She can only do this by gaining their trust. Rajeshwair then says what is the law today? Will you help him? Live the leaves.

Rani looks at Veer’s photo and remembers that he was worried about her. Rani says I’ll catch up with him. Vikram comes to Veer and says that you support Rani and then get angry with her? Do you doubt her? Veer says I can never doubt her. Vikram says what’s the problem? Veer says Sooraj and Vijaya are dangerous. Rani gets into trouble to save us. Vikram says she won’t stop. Let her do what she wants and help her in her fight.

Scene 4
I pooped. Pandit ji says that Nandini ji is sitting here. Champa goes mad. I told Nandini to come and sit down. Champa leaves in anger. Nandini does havan with Jai. Jai comes to Champa. She pushes him aside and says you don’t even recognize me in front of everyone? He says you have to have respect for your wife in front of everyone. You know who you are to me. Better remember that. Champa is angry. I am leaving. Nandini says why are you with Jai? He’s my husband. I am stuck. But you are free. Why are you tolerating all of this? Champa says, mind your own business. Nandini, can’t you understand a woman’s pain for being a woman? Don’t waste your life and mine. He won’t give you the love and respect you want. He won’t even name this relationship. Hope you understand what I’m saying. I am in front of you.

Scene 5
Rani says I have to go now. Let’s meet tomorrow. Sooraj says tomorrow? Sooraj says you will live with us. I have exams in progress. Rani says what? Rani says I can’t stay here. I need permission from the hostel. He says you don’t have to go back. Rani says I can’t stay here okay. Sooraj says Radhika is saying you don’t agree with me? Don’t you agree with Sooraj? Rani says, don’t you understand? He angrily breaks things up and says you have to stay here. Rani says what are you doing? Vijaya arrives. Rani says I have to go. He says you won’t go if I say so. Vijaya says if my son says you’re going to stay here, you will. Rani says I have a life, I can’t stay here. I can’t break the hostel rules. Vijaya says you don’t need to be afraid of periods. She says Sooraj is calming down. She will agree. Rani says I have to go back to study Vijaya says you can study here. I can call your hostel. Rani says I can’t stay here. Please understand what I am saying. I can’t agree with that. Vijaya says you’re afraid of your husband, aren’t you? Rani says that is also the reason. She says what’s her name? Rani says I don’t take her name. Vijaya says to give me her number. I’ll tell him about your salary increase. She picks up her phone and says to tell me the number. Rani picks up the phone and says I can’t stay here.

The episode ends.

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Keep reading for more updates!

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The real reason these horror movies failed Tue, 21 Sep 2021 00:54:00 +0000

On the surface, “Doctor Sleep” seemed to have it all. It was a sequel to the iconic horror film “The Shining”, had a renowned actor (Ewan McGregor) in the lead role, and it opened over Veterans Day weekend. Certainly, a market that always seems to cater for nostalgic sequels, especially horror ones, would turn out in droves for “Doctor Sleep.” Instead, this directorial effort by Mike Flanagan became a surprise box office non-starter and grossed just $ 71.8 million worldwide on a budget of $ 45 million.

Part of the problem here was that without “The Shining” in the title, “Doctor Sleep” had an uphill battle convincing people that it was actually a sequel to this Stanley horror classic. Kubrick. In the end, marketing ended up being caught between a rock and a hard place, with too many ads relying solely on callbacks to the original making it appear derivative, when the title itself didn’t never showed viewers that it continued the story and world of “The Shining”. It didn’t help that it was a more artistic genre of horror film, with a slower pace and fears derived from a weird atmosphere rather than just fears of cheap jumping. These qualities ensured that “Doctor Sleep” was received well enough not to be seen as a critical cash grab, but they also ensured that the audience on the fence had one more reason to stay away.

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Midnight Hunt’s Most Valuable Cards, Explained Sun, 19 Sep 2021 20:36:20 +0000

Magic: The Gathering returns in Innistrad’s gothic horror blueprint in the all-new Innistrad: Midnight Hunt together, the first of two expansion sets for the aircraft coming this year. Early glimpses made it clear that classic Innistrad tribes and game mechanics would return, and Midnight huntFull spoilers have confirmed that the plane is back in great shape.

This set is filled with exciting and tasty maps of all colors, supporting all ten archetypes for Limited Booster Draft sessions. Collectors and gamers looking to buy singles will also want to know which Midnight hunt cards are the most valuable and prepare accordingly. Prices may fluctuate on outings, but for now, the prices shown on M: TG Goldfish are good indicators of which cards will be true hunting rarities. It’s also worth noting that the extended versions of these cards tend to be more valuable.

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Midnight Hunt White Cards

A few white boxes in Midnight hunt are particularly valuable, proving that white mana still has a lot to offer. Fearless adversary belongs to the five-card cycle of the Mythical Rare with pseudo-multi-kicker, and this Human Scout currently costs $ 6.18, the highest of any white card in Midnight hunt. Fateful absence is another $ 4.33 value card, a flexible and inexpensive suppressing spell for any format that offers the opponent a single Clue token as a consolation prize.

Defeat the Horde is a plank that costs {1} less for each creature on the battlefield, making it the white mana version of Blasphemous Act. It is currently worth $ 3.99. The last is Sigardian Savior, a rare and mythical angel valued at $ 3.49 who can serve as a smaller flying solar titan by bringing back two creatures with converted mana cost / mana cost of 2 or less and returning them from the graveyard immediately battle.

Midnight Hunt Credit Cards

mtg card prices

Several blue cards stand out, including the legendary creature Ivy, Disciple of the Drowned, who can serve as a good commander. It flashbacks all instant and sorcery cards in the graveyard to generate a massive card advantage while stopping any countermagic, resulting in a prize of $ 11.99. Then there is Poppet stitcher, a rare Mythic Transformer that can create 2/2 Zombie Tokens and transform into a Poppet Factory to upgrade those zombies and transform again if you want to. It is currently worth $ 6.93.

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Flood of memory is a cheaper card with flashback, which can dig deep into the library to find answers and use flashback to redo it. M: TG Goldfish has it at $ 1.99. Finally, there is Spectral Adversary, part of the multikick cycle, valued at around $ 5.84. It has a rare and special effect, phasing, which can remind veteran players of the early days of the game.

Midnight Hunt Black Cards

price of the 3 mtg card

The most expensive black card in Midnight hunt is by far The Meatook Massacre. It’s a legendary enchantment that weakens all creatures when it enters the battlefield – and can kill most. She will also gain her controller life while opponents lose some, so this card costs $ 15.99. There is also Corrupted opponent, the third entry in the multikicker cycle, which can get + 1 / + 1 counters and make a lot of Zombie tokens. It is worth $ 6.58.

Champion of Peris, meanwhile, is a smaller zombie that grows larger as friendly zombies enter the battlefield, and is worth $ 3.99. The last is Jerren, corrupt bishop, a legendary creature that can transform if its control has 13 hit points, and become Ormendahl, the Corruptor, a powerful flying demon. This card is currently worth $ 3.99.

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Midnight Hunt red cards

mtg card prices

Two red cards in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt are very valuable, starting with Moonsail Regent, a 4/4 dragon that can easily discard and draw lots of cards to refresh the hand, then deal damage to any target when it dies. All of this justifies its price tag of $ 10.99. The other high value red card is Bloodthirsty Adversary, a rare and mythical vampire who also belongs to the multikick cycle, valued at $ 6.99 due to his ability to cast instants and rituals from the graveyard for value.

Phoenix sunbeam can change the day / night cycle and return from the graveyard to the battlefield as the days and nights change. It’s only worth $ 1, but it represents Dawn’s Hope for the humans of Innistrad. Then there is Smoking egg, a 0/4 Defender who can transform once enough instants and sorceries are cast and becomes Ashmouth Dragon. It’s only worth $ 0.70, making it a rare budget to pick up for Commander decks that cast a lot of instants and sorceries.

Midnight Hunt Green Cards

mtg card prices

Wrenn and seven, a new green Planeswalker, is Midnight huntthe most valuable card of all, with an impressive price tag of $ 26.39 due to its four abilities and synergy with land cards. The second most valuable green card is Unnatural growth, a colorful enchantment that doubles the power and toughness of all allied creatures to create massive attackers over and over again. It has a price of $ 9.99.

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Then is Primal Adversary, the latest entry in the multi-hit cycle, a 4/3 wolf with trample that can transform friendly lands into 3/3 wolf creatures that are still lands. It is worth $ 6.43. Another notable green card is Autumn augury, a human druid who can look at the top card of the library and play lands from there, just like Courser of Kruphix. With Coven Online, he can also cast creature spells from the top of the library. All of this makes Augur of Autumn worth $ 6.59.

Multicolored Midnight Hunt Cards

mtg card prices

Several multicolored cards in Midnight hunt all command impressive price tags, starting with Tovolar, formidable overlord, a legendary multicolored werewolf. It can draw extra cards when wolves and werewolves deal damage to players, and its back can pump out friendly creatures. Tovolar is currently worth $ 10.46. Arlinn, the hope of the pack is another card compatible with werewolves, a planeswalker that can transform and generate constant value. Arlinn is worth $ 19.15.

Another precious Planeswalker in Midnight hunt is Teferi, which slows down the sunset, who can draw cards, untap permanents, search the first three cards in the library for answers, and even gain life. This flexible planeswalker is currently worth $ 18.00. The last is Liesa, the forgotten archangel, a 4/5 Orzhov-colored shuttlecock that can gain life, return creatures to its owner’s hand when they die, and disrupt opponent’s graveyard strategies. It is worth $ 2.91.

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Midnight Hunt Artifacts and Lands

card prices 7

Among the artifacts of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, The Celestial is most valuable, a unique legendary artifact that can change day to night or night to day at the speed of sorcery, which can massively benefit some draft decks, especially tribal werewolf builds. He can also gain health and loot when day and night change, and tap for mana, and he’s worth $ 1.75 for his niche but remarkable abilities.

Midnight hunt also offers some interesting land, including land in transformation Hostile hostel, who can sacrifice enough creatures to transform into a 3/7 black artifact creature with notable abilities, including the ability to vanish. Hostile Hostel is currently worth $ 2.62.

Finally, there is a full cycle of ally colored dual lands that come in tapped unless the player has two or more other lands, which should make them very useful for the Commander format. Among them, Shipwreck swamp is the most valuable at $ 4.99, and Chute-de-roche valley is in second place at $ 3.79. The rest are all worth a little over $ 3.00.

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Classic Dungeons & Dragons Adventures Find New Life With Fifth Edition Conversion

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The best ways to reduce the cost of travel to Istanbul Sun, 19 Sep 2021 17:56:29 +0000

Istanbul is one of the great metropolises of the world and the economic, cultural and historical center of the country. Istanbul is a fascinating city with a large number of tourist attractions. Istanbul will impress even the most monument-weary visitors.

Once you have visited the city, you will not have the opportunity to explore all of its sights. If you like to travel to this city, it is best to familiarize yourself with the best ways to reduce the cost of your trip to Istanbul.

Take a cruise on the Bosphorus

One of Istanbul’s attractions for tourists is cruise travel. Most tourists rent private boats at high prices. You can use cheap and public cruises, so as not to miss the pleasant Bosphorus experience. These ships are known as the Turkish Sehir Hatlari.

Get a cheap flight to Istanbul

One of the fixed costs of the trip is related to plane tickets. Flight prices such as Flights Istanbul Tehran, are high in high season, especially in summer, to reduce the cost of your ticket; try to travel in low season. Because the prices in this period are more reasonable than at any other time. However, you can plan your trip with, the site offers you the best and cheapest flights at any time.

Travel back to the times as free festivals

Istanbul always hosts a variety of festivals and special events. Set your travel date close to the time of famous and free festivals.

These events usually take place in the spring and summer when the tourist population increases. Here you can get acquainted with some famous festivals:

1- Istanbul Tulip Festival: Every April since 2006, the city government of Istanbul has crashed millions of tulips in the parks, avenues, roundabouts of Istanbul and… really wherever there is open ground.

2- Istanbul International Short Film Festival: Week-long festival in mid-December

3- Istanbul Jazz Festival in November

4- Istanbul International Music Festival May – June

5- The Istanbul International Music Festival, Previously Istanbul party, is a cultural event organized in Istanbul, Turkey

6- Istanbul Film Festival: is the first and oldest international film festival at Turkey, organized. It takes place every April in cinemas in Istanbul, Turkey

visit Esteghlal Street (Istiklal Street)

Esteghlal Street (Istiklal) is the heartbeat of tourism in Istanbul. You will live the most exciting experience in a beautiful region for free.

Esteghlal Street is literally one of the most beautiful and joyful streets in the world. Street music speaks to people of different cultures and languages ​​in the area. You are constantly reminded that Esteghlal Street is inhabited not only by Turks but also by Kurds, Arabs and even Iranians. People from different parts of the world appreciate its beauties. For this reason, the Tehran-Istanbul ticket is the most popular ticket for foreign flights to Iran.

Visit famous museums for free

You can visit the most popular Istanbul museums without paying an entrance fee. To visit these museums, you must visit on the day when the visit is free.

1- Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

Visiting this museum is free on Saturdays.

2- Salt

This museum is free every day of the week and is located near Esteghlal Square.

3- Péra Museum

This museum is free on Fridays from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

4- Sakip Fine Arts Museum

Visiting the Sakip Museum is free on Wednesdays.

Istanbul Modern Art Museum

Buy Istanbul Card

One of the best and cheapest ways to save money in Istanbul, Turkey is to use the Istanbul Card. It is best to get this card as soon as you arrive in Istanbul. With these cards you can visit the main attractions of Istanbul at a fixed price. By using this card you will save up to 60% on your payments. It is best to have a comparison between these types of cards in terms of price and discount before travel.

Discover several types of Istanbul cards:

Istanbul welcome card

Istanbul tourist map

Buy and book online

You can buy the most tourist attractions and facilities online such as; airport transfers, theme parks, festivals, events and concerts include a 10% discount on the original price. In addition, you can cancel your reservation free of charge and get all your money back

You can also go to Istanbul from Tabriz

Many airlines cover the Tabriz-Istanbul flight route; you can book your ticket according to the time and price you want.

In Trip (, Book with confidence with us. Surf hundreds of flights with over 400 airlines at no cost. You can always sort your search by price (cheapest), flexible date search (earliest, fastest), and last minute flights. When traveling, contact customer service twenty-four-seven.

Trip strives to provide you with the best rates and prices through its extensive communications.

Use free Wi-Fi

If you are looking for cheap travel, you can use the free public internet in places like hotels, hostels, cafes, etc.

You can use the city’s free Wi-Fi called Wi-Fi in main squares, most parks, bus stations, public buses and tourist areas of Istanbul.

If you stay in Istanbul for a short time, use the Turkish SIM card for more internal calls and incoming calls. But if your stay is long, it is better to buy internet services for your SIM card.

Remember not to buy a SIM card at the airport as it is more expensive than buying a SIM card in Istanbul.

Stay in hostels

Istanbul has plenty of accommodation and hostels, which is a good alternative for cheap travel.

Instead of staying in a hotel and paying a hefty price, check out Istanbul hostels before you travel and find the most suitable ones, based on price and location. You can book your hostel in advance.

Stroll in Istanbul

Istanbul is popular for its architecture as well as its natural beauty. It also has historic and glorious architecture, the most attractive landscapes and beautiful beaches in the world.

Istanbul is popular for its architecture as well as for its natural beauties. It has historic and glorious architecture, the most attractive landscapes in the world and beautiful beaches. You can walk around and enjoy fantastic views in Istanbul. Especially famous places in Istanbul around Taksim Square and Galata. As you walk around, you will certainly discover different and beautiful places in Istanbul.

The best ways to reduce the cost of travel to Istanbul

Fascinating districts of Istanbul

Use Dolmus instead of a taxi

On routes where you do not have access to buses, use Dolmus instead of taxis. Dolmus is a cheap minibus in Turkey. There are several main routes in Istanbul that make getting around easily. Like, Ottoman in Bishkek, Taksim Square in the Asian part of Istanbul.

To get from the airport to the city, take the bus called Hawash.

Don’t change your currency at the airport

Currency exchanges at the airport usually involve a 5% commission, which is not in your favor. If you need to change currency at the airport, take a small amount of lire to get to the city center by taxi or bus.

Use Turkish apps

One of the best ways to reduce your travel costs is to use the apps in the destination country. You can experience an easier and cheaper trip by downloading a variety of Istanbul apps such as BiTaksi.

Finally, if you are looking for an economical and inexpensive trip to Istanbul, book flights online quickly and easily with This website features the fastest and cheapest flights. You can discover the best flights for national and international destinations; it also offers the best and fastest airline tickets of any airline.

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Swap Prague for Olomouc, the quirky and underrated city break from the Czech Republic Thu, 16 Sep 2021 13:57:49 +0000

FFrom starry spiers to heavenly cathedrals to baroque monuments, nothing brings the history of the Czech Republic to life like an atmospheric market place. Olomouc (pronounced Oh-la-moats), in the eastern province of Moravia, has such a gloriously Gothic centerpiece – and it’s worth a visit because it lets you gorge on whatever you want from the Czech Republic, and all without the bubbling overtourism of the country’s capital.

Consider haunting palaces and castles. Inexpensive pilsner pints, topped with foam. Historic bistros serving huge pork knuckle feasts. Lots of Renaissance and 11th century Baroque eye candy. On top of that, the city is compact and easily navigable, allowing you to dive in and out of sightseeing at your leisure, and its picturesque, pastel-hued core is the very antithesis of Prague’s Staroměstské Náměstí. All that’s missing is the other tourists.

What to do

Understand why Unesco loves it

No Olomouc attraction will impress you as much as the Column of the Holy Trinity. Even if you’re not the religious type, the rocket-shaped monument anchors the magnificent Upper Square (Horní Náměstí), through which all of the city’s most photogenic streets filter. It is a 35m (wow) choker, filled with a who’s who of saints in gilded copper (double wow) and it is the largest freestanding baroque sculpture in Central Europe (triple wow). Did we mention that the square has a heliocentric astronomical clock on the facade of the town hall opposite? Whisper it, but it’s much more fascinating than the most famous in Prague.

Eat the smelly cheese in the world

The puff of Olomoucké tvarůžky is on every corner – and we think that’s a good thing. This ripened soft cheese, first made near Loštice, is a real punisher of nostrils, enough to make small children cry and scare away the coronavirus. Okay, it’s not quite This powerful, but yellow, cartoon disc-shaped nosepiece – also known locally by a name that translates to “the icy breath of the Knight of Lostice” – is an acquired taste. Depending on who you ask, it tastes like a holy trinity of flavors, including spicy toffee, cottage cheese, and tangy salty butter. In summer, if you are brave enough, there is an Olomouc cheese ice cream to try. The Formaggeria Gran Moravia, an artisan delicatessen on Upper Square, is one of the spiciest places to pick up a souvenir.

Soak up the foam in a beer spa

Valuable moments can be spent, beer in hand, reflecting on why the Czech Republic has the highest per capita beer consumption in the world. Or why the golden Czech pilsners are so much better than those elsewhere (sorry, Germany). But at Svatováclavský Pivovar microbrewery, it’s the bonkers beer spa you’ll think of when you come home. There are wooden tubs filled to the brim with dark beer (spiked with skin-softening brewer’s yeast, apparently), a salt sauna, and beer tastings (£ POA).

Pay homage to Mozart

The Czech Republic has long gone gaga for classical music, so it seems that when Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart came to Olomouc he was inspired to write a symphony. Aged 11 at the time, he returned a few years later to perform Symphony No.6 in F major under the dazzling spiers of the three-tower St. Wenceslas Cathedral (guided tour £ 3). The deanery, where the recital took place, is now the Archdiocesan Museum (admission £ 3) and it remains inviting with its circular towers, civic history and many ecclesiastical pomp. The adjacent Amadeus Cafe is the perfect place to stock up on coffee, ice cream or beer.

Column of the Holy Trinity on the main square of Olomouc

(Getty Images)

Where to stay

It’s four star quality for three star prices at the quietly located Theresian Hotel & Spa, an elegant boutique with a cavernous restaurant and a rooftop spa with Finnish sauna, steam room and hot tub. Not just for hotel guests, its best breakfast buffet in town is worth the stay alone (£ 10), while the restaurant draws local regulars for its ‘fresh from the forest’ menu. (It’s a shortcut to dishes like buckskin and chestnuts, beef and wild mushrooms, and stuffed guinea fowl.) Double from £ 85, B&B.

Quirky furnishings, a stuffy courtyard garden, and a sociable cafe – Miss Sophie’s is all you want a historic boutique to be. This handsome eight-bed hotel has a modest offering of double, triple rooms and a cozy romantic attic, and since you’re in the heart of the action, you can come home anytime. Doubles from £ 88, B&B.

With a serious budget? Long Story Short Hostel is designed for budget stays, with easy-to-view double and dormitory rooms and a smart choice of destination bar-cafe and restaurant at street level. Drinks until late – including Moravian wines from the region – or roasted coffee in nearby Brno add to the charm. If there’s one thing you’re messing around with, consider the Big One Room, complete with a bathtub, sound system, and mini bar (£ 76). Dorms from £ 9.50, bed only.

Where to eat

The attraction of Drapal, a pub and restaurant with the scent of hops on the fringes of the historic center, lies in the detail, in the warp and weft of the place. The walls are stacked with barrels, the wooden counter dominates the proceedings, and the menu is printed like a turn-of-the-century newspaper. Everyone, of course, drinks mugs of Bald Pilsner Urquell, while lunch or dinner is just as exciting. You’ll want a thick flank steak (£ 10), a kilo of smoked pork knee (£ 11), or a pork chop (£ 5). Vegans beware.

Beer cocktails (Staropramen with Pepsi? A Hoegaarden mojito?) With a popular terrace, it’s a hot spot for people-watching on sunny days and the food isn’t bad either. For the ultimate beer snack, pair your pilsner with an Olomouc cheese tartare, served with spices and onions (£ 5), or dip into a bowl of throat-clearing Valachian sauerkraut soup . The sweet and sour broth made from smoked pork knee (£ 2) is the perfect warm-up to the house specialty: pork knuckle, mustard and horseradish (£ 15).

For something meatless, but barely lighter, Faency Fries is a growing Czech street food concept that tries to outdo Belgians in what they do best. He specializes in stacked pokes of crispy fries topped with all kinds of toppings to go. Lots of options for veg, including mango chili and homemade Middle Eastern dips.

The pretty architecture of the old town makes Olomouc a pleasure to walk around

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Where to drink

Ask a local and they’ll send you to Masné Krámy. The old butcher’s market near Upper Square has an arcade of dimly lit cocktail bars and pop-up pubs, most of which only open on weekends. The stage caters to the enthusiastic students of the city’s thriving university, so follow the crowds. Two to start with are Corleone’s mafia-themed cocktail bar and Kumo shisha club.

Like most Czech towns, Olomouc is populated by branded bars like the two big breweries, Staropramen and Pilsner Urquell. That’s not a bad thing, although the independent LocaAle Pub is always a breath of fresh air near the main train station. What’s not to love about beer taps, darts, foosball, and, wait, tofu snacks in all their forms?

Architectural highlight

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t point to the postcard-initiated Holy Trinity Column. But our money is on Bouzov Castle, a Disney-type castle 35 km west of the city. The Moravian Bastion is a humdinger of a medieval fortress, with a horseshoe-shaped cluster of witch-hat towers, turrets, armories, and guard houses.

Nuts and bolts

What currency do I need?

Czech crown (Kč).

What language do they speak?

Czech. Expect potty English from the elders, but fluent banter with young Czechs and students.

Should I tip?

Up to you. Typically 10 percent in restaurants.

What is the time difference?

One hour ahead of the UK.

What is the average duration of a flight?

The nearest airport Brno-Turany is 2 hours 5 minutes from the UK.

Public transport

There is a comprehensive network of buses and trams throughout the city, with tickets easily purchased at stores, at stops or directly from drivers. Find more information here:

Better view

Content with its medieval bone structure, Olomouc has no flashy rooftop cocktail bars or glassy observation decks. Instead, the most impressive view is at street level, looking out over Upper Square – preferably in the summer, around witch hour, with a beer in hand, on one of the many restaurant terraces in the place.

Insider tip

The Olomouc Region Card allows you to visit over 100 places in Olomouc, Central Moravia and beyond, including castles, castles and museums. In Olomouc, this includes visits to the Museum of Modern Art and the Archbishop’s Palace, while public transport is also free.

Trying to fly less?

You can get to Olomouc by land by train – take the Eurostar from London to Brussels (2 hours 10 minutes), then the ICE train to Frankfurt (2 hours 50), then another ICE to Dresden ( 4 and a half hours) and an EC Train to Hlavni Nadrazi in Prague (2 hours 25). Once in the Czech Republic, it will take you a little over two hours to the main station in Olomouc.

Okay to fly?

From the UK, the nearest airport to Olomouc is Brno, with bi-weekly Ryanair flights from London Stansted taking 2 hours 5 minutes. Trains from Brno to Olomouc take about an hour.

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how i survived the first year Thu, 16 Sep 2021 13:07:30 +0000


Getting admitted to the university and getting a scholarship is a great pleasure for every high school graduate and his parents because it is realized that the efforts made in the studies have not been in vain.

The government covers your tuition fees and gives you a monthly stipend to cover the essentials. Study and get paid monthly? I thought managing my own money was going to change my lifestyle.

In September 2015, I started my first year at the University of Rwanda. I was admitted to the School of Journalism and Communication of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Like the other students, I was delighted, but also anxious. I was going to move from my hometown in the southern province of Huye district, where I also went to school, to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. And I was going to receive a stipend of 25,000 RWF (US $ 25) per month.

I thought I was going to be rich, live a life of luxury, buy the clothes I wanted, eat when I wanted, have fun with friends, and save money for a business.

I had no idea that electricity and water bills were going to be added to the list of other basics such as food, lotion, soap, sanitary napkins, photocopies of notes, internet and weather antenna, among others.

The challenge was to manage the little money I had after realizing I had to cover a lot of expenses that I didn’t expect.

As I was going to be away from home, my parents wanted me to live in a college hostel – it wasn’t my wish, but I applied.

As a freshman, I was accepted into a hostel on campus. But, before paying for the hostel, the crooks used technology to steal the money. I opted for the ghetto because it was cheaper than paying the full amount of hostels on campus. I was happy that I wasn’t living on campus, but I was sad about the money I had lost.

For those students who take the risk of living off campus, it is important to plan ahead. You need to have cash, which will help you start a new life.

During the first two months in the ghetto, I discovered how difficult it was to manage finances when I started paying for water and electricity. As soon as I paid these bills, I heard someone knocking on my door. She collected money for garbage disposal.

I lived with two other students, and we shared the bills although it was not easy as I didn’t know anything about the bills or the cost of electricity when I was living with my parents.

More money from the house

Every time I paid an amount I was like, ouch, what is this? But I had to pay. And I got used to it. I used the pocket money I had to buy the little things I wanted, like perfume, phone accessories, and jewelry. But the support I received from my family has faded; my mother warned me to use my allowances correctly, pointing out that she could no longer send money.

So after the second month, I only relied on the monthly living allowance. Life got tough and I started to learn to spend wisely.

By the third month, I had to pay the rent with my roommates and plan for other expenses. We had to stock up so as not to run out of money.

So we made sure everyone contributed US $ 15 for shared responsibilities and kept US $ 10 for personal use. As difficult as it was, I tried to buy cheap items and leave the rest for others.

Occasionally I received a little money from family and colleagues, but I couldn’t count on it. But I could use it to buy shoes, clothes, or other items that I dreamed of but couldn’t afford with the monthly allowance.

Increased living allowances

The students appealed to the government that they could not live on US $ 25 and the living allowance was increased to RWF 40,000. Like other students, I was happy with the increase, but a little worried because I was planning to start a small business.

The allowance was delayed for three months, but then we received an arrears of salary as well as the following month’s allowance. I used some of the money to start a small business selling phone accessories like covers, screen protectors, chargers, and headsets.

My main clients were students. This business helped me get some extra money. It wasn’t much, but it helped me until I graduated. I quit the company when I started working as a journalist at Radio Salus, which is owned by the University of Rwanda. I was just too busy to combine the two activities.

The first year taught me the culture of being thrifty.

Currently, young people are trained to save early and try to create jobs from their savings. This training is provided as part of the Capital Market University Challenge which is organized each year.

This golden opportunity started when I was no longer a student, and those who participated and won say it instilled in them a culture of saving and that they are optimistic about a better future. More young people should seize the opportunity to develop a culture of savings.

Alice Tembasi, 25, graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication and currently practices journalism at Radio Salus at the University of Rwanda. She is a poet, actress and performer.

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Apartment to rent in Brixton for just £ 260 per month – but you have to share a BEDROOM with a stranger Thu, 16 Sep 2021 10:47:43 +0000

Tenants in London are used to paying through the nose for accommodation in the capital.

London is known to be an expensive place to rent or buy, and finding an apartment where you can get the most bang for your buck is a constant battle.

A Brixton apartment caught the attention of Londoners this week for a cheap asking price, but all was not as it appeared.

READ MORE: Ghost town in central London where properties sell for under £ 1million but a third of them are empty

A room in a Brixton apartment has been advertised on SpareRoom for £ 260 per month – but there is a catch.

According to the ad, the room is only available if you are willing to share the room with another tenant.

The initial ad, which was later edited, even suggested that you were sharing not one but two strangers.

The announcement starts well: “We are looking for stable and respectful people for a long stay.

“They need to be clean and able to get along with other roommates. That said, we are still fun and sane and welcome everyone.”

Sounds perfect – but if you keep reading, the list points out that: “You will be sharing the room with you. [sic] respectful and easy going girl, believe me, I chose her with care. “

There is a lot to like about this apartment, and according to the announcement it is well served by public transport and plenty of pubs and shops nearby.

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The initial ad was posted on Reddit, where social media users were quick to voice their take on the apartment’s unusual layout.

One user said, “Wait, a ROOM share? No way.

“I shared a house and it was great, but sharing a room should definitely be a crime. Basically, you pay the rent for a room but live in a hostel.

The initial publicity the tenant would share with two people was something Londoners really seemed unable to get on board with.

Another user added: “It’s crazy, only an idiot would pay that for this room !!”

Another disgruntled Londoner took to Reddit asking, “That must be a joke, right?”

Would you like to live in a shared room like this? Let us know in the comments below!

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Political killings increase as November … Wed, 15 Sep 2021 01:21:09 +0000