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Ever wish you could ask more questions about cervical screenings or Pap smears, but worried about looking stupid?

The Cervical Screening Program helps save thousands of lives in the UK each year.

But, it’s fair to say that there’s still a bit of mystery about them, and they can be a little embarrassing or scary for some people.

Remember that if you are worried or unsure about anything, it is always perfectly acceptable to seek more information from medical professionals.

In the meantime, for Cervical Screening Awareness Week (June 20-26), we asked experts to answer some of our most pressing questions about Pap smear testing…

Photo of a speculum. Photo credit: Alamy/PA.

1. From what age can screening be stopped?

Zilico clinical specialist Amanda Caley, who works in 15 UK hospitals in colposcopy, says:

“The UK has one of the most robust screening programs in the world, and at 64 you opt for your last annual screening if there are no abnormalities.”

Photo of Amanda Caley – clinical specialist for Zilico. Photo Credit: PA Photo/Amanda Caley.

Professor Jay Chatterjee, consultant gynecologist-oncologist at The Lister Hospital, part of HCA Healthcare UK, notes that “the risk of cervical cancer declines significantly after the age of 65”.

2. How often should I have a Pap smear?

As for routine cervical screenings, Caley explains that the frequency with which they are offered “is not the same across the UK. In England, we start at 25 and until the age of 49, we undergo screening every three years. If there is a problem, you may need to get tested more frequently.

However, in Wales routine screening has been extended to every five years instead of three. In Scotland, it is also every five years.

For people who don’t identify as female but may still need screenings, Caley says: “If you’re not registered as a female with your GP but you have a cervix uterus, call your GP service and ask to be put on the list.

3. Can you book a cervical screening at any time?

Caly says:

“You can’t do it all the time. It has to be your turn, you can’t call 19 and ask for a screening.

Chatterjee adds:

“Unless there is a medical reason why you need Pap smears before age 25, they are not routinely done before that age because the risk of cervical cancer is very low.”

However, if you are concerned about unusual symptoms or have a family history of cancer, talk to your GP. They can answer all your questions, provide you with personalized advice and reassure you.

4. How worried should you be if you are called for a biopsy?

First of all, having an abnormal Pap smear result does not mean you have cancer.

Cervical screenings do not actually diagnose cervical cancer. They are designed to prevent the onset of cancer, by checking for certain strains of HPV and cell changes, which may mean you are at higher risk of developing the disease. These can then be monitored or treated, as needed.

If cellular changes are detected during your screening, the next step is usually a colposcopy, which allows a healthcare professional to take a closer look at your cervix. If necessary, a small sample of cells (biopsy) may be taken for further testing.

“A colposcopy will take place in a hospital setting, but the nurses will do their best to make you feel comfortable. There you will be assessed, answer a few questions and sit in a chair with stirrups – yes, like Rachel in Friends,” says Caley.

“There will be some dyes used to change the color of the cells to see if everything is normal. If all of these things indicate that you need a biopsy, then you [have one].”

5. What should you wear for a pap smear?

You can wear whatever you want, but for practicality and comfort, Caley says, “Don’t wear a big jumper or jumpsuit. You look fabulous but you’ll end up sitting in your bra. Wear a nice long dress or sweatpants. Make it easy to get on and off.

6. How many tests do you do per day?

It depends on the clinic, but Caley says:

“As part of primary care in a GP practice, the nurse will treat up to 10 people in the morning in a Pap smear clinic, but this varies.”

7. Is there bodily judgment?

Caley is adamant on this one. “Nope!” she assures.

“We saw it all and couldn’t pick you out of a crowd afterwards. Clinics tend to be more female-run, which may make you feel more comfortable. We’re just here to take a look at your cervix.

8. Is it easier to do cervical screening after childbirth or menopause?

“No, it’s just different. In fact, there are five different types of speculums you can use and you will be graded based on what makes you feel comfortable. We can use a very small speculum if that makes you more comfortable,” says Caley.

Chatterjee adds:

“It is advisable to wait at least three months after childbirth before booking a pap smear. In postmenopausal women, the use of vaginal estrogen may facilitate obtaining an adequate smear.

9. Will it be uncomfortable afterwards?

“That’s not normally the case, but everyone is different,” says Caley. Although many people don’t feel any physical discomfort after a Pap smear, some people may experience it – and you can let your nurse or doctor know if you are anxious.

“If you tense up, it will be more uncomfortable. Take a paracetamol beforehand if you are really worried. Take a deep breath and exhale as the speculum comes out,” Caley shares.

10. Should I wax or shave first?

“If you want it, yes, if you usually want it, but you don’t need it for your screening,” says Caley.

“It makes no difference to us whether you are hairy or hairless.”

11. Can I have my screening if I have my period?

“Not really,” Caley said.

“The cells in the lining of your uterus are sloughing off and these cells are not wanted. Call and ask ahead.

Adland must better accommodate caregivers to retain talent – Here’s how Thu, 16 Jun 2022 14:13:55 +0000 After Dentsu UK announced would launch its first-ever emergency carer policy, The Drum takes a broader look at agencies implementing similar schemes and asks why support for workers with caring responsibilities may be key to retaining staff during the talent crunch.

According to Carers UK, around one in eight adults, or 6.5 million people across the country, is a carer. Since the Covid-19 epidemic, his research has revealed that 9% of caregivers have given up on their jobs. Additionally, amid the cost of living crisis, more than half (52%) report feeling anxious or stressed about their finances.

Employers therefore have to deal with the adaptation of talent – ​​or lose it. For example, more and more working parents are being pushed out of adland due to the rising cost of childcare – carers of other types are also being neglected by the lack of an accommodation policy.

At Dentsu, Sarah Painter, vice president of customer experience at Merkle, who helped create its new policy, says its implementation “is such a relief to have in place.”

“While I always work flexibly to meet my caregiving needs, knowing that this safety net is there eases the anxiety of combining care and work. It gives me the opportunity to ‘accurately record appointment times and gives me peace of mind that when the next emergency arises, I can give my daughter’s needs my full attention.

So what are other organizations doing to meet the needs of caregivers?

Bridging the gap

Historically, additional leaves or accommodations for caregivers may have been added to parental leave policies; however, this did not take into account caregiving responsibilities to other family members or close people.

As Charlie Glynn, UK Human Resources Director at M&C Saatchi Group explains: “While supporting parents is essential, we know that many of our employees have caring responsibilities towards an elderly person, another member of family or a friend.”

Therefore, a parent or carer working within the M&C Saatchi Group, regardless of seniority or length of service, now has access to 10 days of free assistance per year, with replacement care for any child or adult in his care in the event that his usual provider is unavailable for any reason.

Using the centralized booking system developed with Bright Horizons partners, M&C Saatchi Group staff can access emergency care within two hours, whether they need in-home childcare, crèche , a childminder, a holiday club or an elderly care specialist.

Meanwhile, although IPG does not have a separate policy for carers, a spokesperson told The Drum that its work leave policy includes a ‘caring for dependents and partners’ section. which has been in place for years.

For the purposes of the policy, “dependents” include a spouse, civil partner, child, parent, or someone who lives with the employee, such as a friend or roommate. In addition, this includes any other person who would reasonably rely on the employee for assistance if they become ill or are injured or assaulted, or who would rely on the employee to arrange for the provision of care in the event of illness or injury.

In the worst-case scenario, instead of a flexible carer policy, workers would have to use their annual leave pay to meet their caring responsibilities, which would contribute to burnout by not taking enough time. time to rest.

As Elaine Grell, Chief People Officer UK and EMEA at Ogilvy explains: “Until now, carers have had to use annual leave for family responsibilities, but now they can request additional leave to help them plan ahead. advance their caring responsibilities. With this planned leave, they have more choice in how and when to manage the often invisible responsibilities they may have.”

Grell also explains that Ogilvy’s recently increased flexibility for caregivers also extends to compassionate, annual and special leave for those who may, unfortunately, be victims of domestic violence.

“We have spent time updating our personnel policies and guidelines to reflect today’s society and modern families. They are now fully inclusive and supportive of the life changes our people can experience when they need it. »

Dentsu and Publicis also introduced policies for workers affected by domestic violence this year, and IPG’s Parents/Dependents Policy also extends to allow workers to provide assistance when someone dependent falls ill, gives birth, is injured or assaulted.

Paula Cunnington, Chief Talent Officer of Publicis Groupe UK, specifies that “all these programs are accompanied by training and work to raise awareness of certain issues facing our employees. We know that today more people than ever are balancing work and family responsibilities, and we are working to raise awareness across our company of this to ensure that all of our managers and teams provide the same level of support for our caregivers. ”

Eleanor Conroy, director of communications at Publicis, tells The Drum that since joining the company two years ago, she has benefited directly from the support, having regularly had to take time off for appointments at the office. hospital and others – “and I know other people who have also benefited,” she says.

If you want to read more stories like this, sign up for The Drum’s Work and Wellbeing briefing here.

live results and latest updates for day 1 races Tue, 14 Jun 2022 15:25:07 +0000

Band Marcus Armytage

Royal Ascot begins with a bang today thanks to three Group 1 races, including one of the most anticipated clashes of the week as Nature Strip and Golden Pal meet in the King’s Stand Stakes.

Tuesday is almost always the best of the five days of Ascot and this afternoon the focus is on the sprint which pits the fastest in Australia against the USA at a neutral venue. The home-bred horses appear to be there only to pick up the pieces if the two international guests go too fast and cut each other’s throats – a not impossible scenario.

Wesley Ward has been taken seriously by bettors and rival coaches since he stood up in cowboy boots under his tail pants and a Stetson for a top hat, in 2009 when his Strike The Tiger denied the odds of 33-1 to win the Windsor Castle Stakes.

The former United States champion apprentice saddled 11 other winners at the royal meeting and most of his horses have the same racing style; he drags them out of the stalls as if they had been shot from a cannon and they are invariably three lengths ahead after half a stadium.

But for as many as those who won, many more got to the furlong post, took a deep breath, and started walking on water. Indeed, that’s what seemed to happen to Golden Pal on his two previous visits to Britain, in the Norfolk Stakes here and the Nunthorpe in York.

His jockey, Irad Ortiz Jr, is the best in the United States but it’s his Ascot debut and he will have to adapt quickly. Ahead it will be just him, the wind in his hair and the clock in his head, and while Ascot may look quite flat, it has a steep uphill finish.

Getting a horse to travel from Australia, in winter, is no easy task either. Black Caviar was the latest to succeed in extending their unbeaten record, just, at the Diamond Jubilee ten years ago.

Getting Nature Strip halfway around the world in top shape is trainer Chris Waller’s first job. His gelding is rated slightly higher than Golden Pal, while jockey James McDonald, who has far more riding experience in Britain than Ortiz, is also in his favour, and he can sit right at side of Golden Pal, in terms of cycling, slipping the leader.

Neither is unbeatable, however. Nature Strip has lost a few times a few times and it feels like not only must he fall right for him these days, but Covid caused him to miss the boat on this trip when he was at his best two years ago. . But the king’s position is not won in advance; so often when a race is presented as a game, something else shows up to spoil the tea and scones for two.

In the race 12 months ago, they went so fast in front that three of the top five at home were described as ‘slow away, back traveled’, and the winner, Oxted, was a specialist in six stages.

It looks like the race is on again for Arecibo, runners-up a year ago, making him an interesting shot at 50-1, while King’s Lynn, unlucky in 2021 and ahead of Arecibo at Haydock last time out, Twilight Calls and Refreshed Godolphin’s Man Of Promise could all benefit from a blistering gallop and a late-stumbling pace.

The King’s Stand appetizer is the Queen Anne Stakes in which Baaeed, the highest ranked horse in the world, races against what appears to be weak opposition. It would be the shock of the summer if he lost his invincibility.

2,000 Guineas winner Coroebus is expected to win the St James’s Palace Stakes, but he won’t be much of a prize and the value either way could be with Native Trail runners-up New Energy in the Irish 2,000 Guineas.

Royal Scotsman, trained by Paul and Oliver Cole, is the nap of the day in the Coventry Stakes for a team that has won the race three times before.

The best family vacation deals Sun, 12 Jun 2022 01:15:24 +0000

The gift of travel, especially now, could be the perfect way to spend time with the ones you love this summer. To celebrate Father’s Day, many hotels are developing special packages for the enjoyment of dad and the whole family. Instead of a gift you can wrap, these travel-focused gift ideas could be a perfect way to surprise dad this summer. From escape rooms to helicopter rides, your next vacation just might be bigger and better than before if you choose one of these creative options.

The World’s Largest and Tallest Escape Room at Hilton Orlando

This riddle experiment is a fun way to challenge your children’s minds. Hilton Orlando offers the world’s largest and highest escape room experience with a special package through Escape at Hilton Orlando. To take advantage of it by the end of the year, it includes accommodation for the night, an exclusive file with instructions, clues and mission aid notes. Guests can earn and redeem Hilton Honors Points for a visit and enjoy elite status benefits during their stay.

Adopt an animal for marine research

Make your vacation educational at The Ritz-Carlton Sarasota with its Summer Family Package. It includes a private beach walking safari in partnership with a local non-profit marine research organization as well as tickets to the aquarium. You can even adopt your own pet through Mote’s Adopt-A-Pet program by making a donation and then receiving updates and news on its progress throughout the year. Among the animals you can adopt are manatees, alligators, sea turtles and seahorses. The Ritz-Carlton Sarasota is part of the Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program allowing guests to earn and redeem points during their stay.

Grand Wailea Father’s Day Package

The whole family can help dad celebrate his big day at Grand Wailea in Maui. The package includes a Hawaiian cultural experience like kukui nut bracelet weaving as well as a pendulum tour along the coast. In order for dads to teach their children the importance of giving back, the resort also offers guests to visit a nearby Hawaii Land Trust Volunteer Day for an educational and charitable experience. To reward yourself later, the package includes a visit to Wailea Golf followed by a massage at the spa. The resort is a Waldorf-Astoria property offering guests the opportunity to earn and redeem Hilton Honors points during their stay.

Coconut Shelling, Ukulele Lessons and Cocktail Lessons at the Hyatt Regency Maui

Similar to its Mother’s Day package, this Maui resort is preparing dad-friendly activities for Father’s Day. If you missed it this spring, now is your chance to go. During a three-night stay in the Presidential or Palace Suite, guests can learn to play the ukulele, shell fresh coconuts, or practice their bartending skills by mixing new cocktails. Families can enjoy a private table at the resort’s famous luau with their own kid-friendly fire knife lesson plus all-day tent rental with lawn games and other beachside activities. beach. There’s also an astronomy tour led by a NASA astronomer that showcases 80 of the 88 constellations in the sky as well as the chance to earn World of Hyatt points for this $20,000 package (valid for six people for three nights in a suite).

Glamping for families in Houston

Another Hilton Honors participating property, The Woodlands Resort, Curio Collection by Hilton, near Houston, is offering a family-friendly activity this summer. The glamping package includes accommodation, sleeping bag and tent, s’mores kit, flashlight, toys and puzzles to keep everyone entertained. Dads can celebrate their special day with the whole family while earning plenty of Hilton Honors points.

Home Alone Package at The Plaza Hotel

Between June 12 and June 26, the Plaza Hotel is offering a “Don’t Leave Dad Home Package,” which includes accommodations and a limo ride around New York City to visit movie locations like the Empire. State Building, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and Radio City Music Hall. The self-guided tour, including a box of pizza for the ride, is a great way to explore the city before returning to the hotel for an in-room ice cream sundae (just like the famous movie scene) with 16 balls and all the colorful toppings you can imagine. Guests booking this package (rates start at $1,677 per night) can earn Accor All Live Limitless points during their stay to redeem for discounts on future stays at Accor hotels.

SpongeBob Summer at Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts

By September 7 (reservations must be made by August 30), Riviera Maya and Punta Cana Nickelodeon properties are offering up to 40% off and $400 in resort credit. This could represent mega savings for families. SpongeBob-themed programming is part of the experience, including themed events, special menus, and SpongeBob episode viewing parties. Other activities include quiz contests, scavenger hunts, breakfasts with Pajama Jam characters, arts and crafts get-togethers, and beach parties. Don’t miss Nick Live! Poolside – SpongeBob Edition with pop-up live performances and DJ shows.

Family fun at LEGOLAND New York Resort

In New York’s Hudson Valley, LEGOLAND New York offers a new water park and plenty of family-friendly activities. Starting at $177 per person, this vacation package includes an overnight stay with separate sleeping areas for children, two day passes with guaranteed entry to LEGOLAND, free breakfast, free parking and a hunt treasure with a prize at the end. Children will also be welcomed with a special welcome gift. The rooms have different themes like pirates and LEGO NINJAGO themes. They come with Google Nest Hubs that can send them on bedroom scavenger hunts or even read the kids a bedtime story so parents can relax after a day of family fun.

Explore the Rockies by train

Rocky Mountaineer’s Final Call promotion is offering $150 off per person through October for its many train routes. By now and late August, you can save up to $800 on a train trip for two in 2023. Two- and three-day train trips include onboard food, drink and sightseeing, plus hotel accommodation en route. It’s a family-friendly way to explore popular US destinations, including national parks, without having to worry about driving.

Learn to sail in New York

There’s a new partnership between the Equinox Hotel and Hudson River Community Sailing just in time for Father’s Day. The special hotel package includes a two-hour private sailing lesson, food and beverage credit at the hotel, and two nights at the hotel. It’s a great experience for families. Hudson River Community Sailing is a non-profit organization that helps underserved youth develop leadership skills and achieve academic success through sailing experiences. Be sure to give the hotel two weeks notice if you wish to book this vacation package.

Be a ranger for a week

EcoTraining camps in Southern Africa offer a special parent and child package that allows young visitors to become rangers for the day. Dads and their kids can have a great time hiring a specialist guide to embark on game drives and bush walks. The “Dads and Lads” experience is available at the Pridelands Conservancy, Greater Kruger, Selati Game Reserve or Karongwe Game Reserve for a minimum of two nights from approximately $226 per person per night, meals and accommodation. most drinks included.

Fly over the Panama Canal

The Santa Maria Stopover Package at Santa Maria, A Luxury Collection Hotel & Golf Resort in Panama includes an exciting experience for all ages. In addition to three nights in an executive suite, guests are treated to a helicopter flight over the Panama Canal and the Pearl Islands, followed by a gourmet champagne lunch. Starting at $1,350 per night, the package also includes airport transfers, daily breakfast for two, and the opportunity to earn Marriott Bonvoy points. The package is available through Dec. 20 and works well with Copa Airlines’ own stopover promotion that allows travelers to stay additional nights in the airline’s Panama City hub at no additional cost.

Lenders should improve withdrawal process and work with brokers – Simpson Wed, 08 Jun 2022 14:31:56 +0000

Following the Bank of England’s base rate hikes and volatile swap rate markets, we’ve seen a huge volume of interest rate hikes hit the buy-to-let space over the past few weeks. .

While I’m sure the broker community fully expected this, it raises several concerns. With lenders giving increasingly tight deadlines to secure rates, customers may face the impossibility of obtaining what was considered the best option for them.

This begs the question: are we as fair to the customer as we could be?

At any given time, brokers will be working on many applications at different stages of the mortgage process. In TBMC we will have applications to be entered on the lender’s system for decision in principle (DIP), DIP accepts pending information and supporting documents prior to submission, fully submitted applications pending lender to issue an offer and proposed cases pending finalization. All of these cases could potentially be affected by a price increase, not just apps that aren’t on your desktop yet.

The most common problem is the time limit for performing the DIP. We are seeing more and more “withdraw effective immediately” rates, with little or no time to effect a DIP. If you’re sitting at your desk when the withdrawal email arrives and you have an application that needs to be DIPd, this can be a simple task.

However, the job of a broker is not so simple – you are more likely to meet another client or have several cases to deal with. In these cases, the two hours allotted to the DIP of a case, for example, might simply not be feasible.

This can lead to difficult discussions with customers, explaining that although they filled out their application before the tariff was withdrawn, the product they had opted for is no longer available.

The lender should fund the book through BDM

It would be fantastic to see lenders trying to mitigate this, perhaps by earmarking funds through Business Development Managers (BDMs). Brokers would happily give the number of applications, loan amounts and client names over the phone to guarantee the rate, and then have more time to enter the case.

At the start of the pandemic, we saw a number of lenders not only withdrawing from new applications, but also refusing to honor their application pipelines. This resulted in a massive re-distribution of requests and multiple disgruntled customers to deal with.

Given the uncertainty in the markets and the fact that many specialty lenders are fully funded by the capital markets, there are concerns that the pipeline business could be similarly affected.

It’s safe to say that we fully understand the need to pull back and raise rates, we also all appreciate that things are moving fast so so should the lender. I think what we would all like to see, however, is improved lender withdrawal processes and for lenders and brokers to work together to minimize the impact to customers.

In these times of uncertainty and rising costs, I hope the specialty lending market can find a way to support and help our customers.

Jane Simpson, CEO of TBMC

Enjoy an unforgettable event or trip on one of the Royal Game Yachts in Dubai founded by Patricia Vega Mon, 06 Jun 2022 18:27:33 +0000

“Enjoy an unforgettable event or trip on one of the Royal Game Yachts in Dubai founded by Patricia Vega”

Welcome to The Royal Game experience! Now well established as the leading specialist yacht charter provider in Dubai, they are a dynamic next-generation company offering enhanced service, value and professionalism in the yacht charter industry.

The Royal Game is a world-renowned, bespoke concierge company that invites guests to experience the ultimate in luxury. Based in Dubai, an international hub and melting pot, it has grown into a company that reflects all the most scintillating elements of one of the jewels of the United Arab Emirates.

The Royal Game seeks to relieve the stress of guests with busy lives, while showing them how amazing a concierge-curated vacation can be; in all his work, his main concern is to go beyond the ordinary and escape the plain.

The Royal Game has organized events and adventures of all kinds for its clientele, from vacation homes and super yachts to luxury cars, exotic experiences, vacation planning, private jets, helicopter rides, gastronomy and private or corporate events. No matter the occasion or the guest list, they deliver.

People want to gather outdoors more than ever these days, and hosting an event on a boat or yacht is one of the perfect ways to enjoy the getaway we’ve all been waiting for. With the accelerated democratization of yachting, it has become accessible, safe and popular for everyone to enjoy, with the possibility of renting a boat with or without a skipper.

The Royal Game is the leader in creating the best yacht charters on the most luxurious yachts. As they run successful charters on the vast majority of yachts available, they can objectively and unbiasedly recommend the best of Dubai to every supplier, owner and manager. This valuable and necessary service is free and comes with a modern, positive, professional and friendly attitude. The Royal Game is a Dubai registered company offering private and corporate trips and events throughout Dubai.

The Royal Game has over 100 yachts available for charter either for luxury voyages or for private and corporate events including balloon decoration, entertainment, catering and private transport. Yacht charter prices start from AED 900 per hour. When booking more than 4 hours, The Royal Game offers a free barbecue or an hour of jet skiing to its customers.

With help from The Royal Game, you can host your next event in a floating space with ever-changing views. Customized to meet your needs, our all-inclusive packages, chef-prepared menus and full bar options provide the flexibility to host a memorable event on the water.

Media Contact
Company Name: The royal game
Contact person: Patricia Vega
E-mail: Send an email
Call: +971509302411
Town: dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

Travel plans and flights canceled by COVID leave tens of thousands of Australians out of pocket years later Sat, 04 Jun 2022 19:00:00 +0000

Helloworld headquarters did not respond to numerous requests for comment on whether the parent company had a legal or moral responsibility to help customers surprised by its franchisee’s bankruptcy.

Consumer Champion’s Adam Glezer, who contacted Helloworld on behalf of Bouronikos, said: “I believe that if a customer books through a Helloworld franchise that goes bankrupt, Helloworld head office should bear some responsibility, but they simply direct clients to the administrator.

For Sydney’s Hamish Bowman, it was a similar story, with months of emails assuring him Qantas refunds were on their way. He had booked a family trip to France with his elderly father and other family members; her father is now 86 and less mobile, so the opportunity has passed.

Hamish Bowman booked through Member Benefits Australia, but the booking was actually made with a Helloworld franchise.Credit:Steven Siewert

He said Qantas later told him that not only did they never receive the money, but the travel company made changes to the booking every month until the flight was cancelled, which which had the effect of delaying the payment due date.

But for Bowman, the situation is more complicated as he booked through another entity, Member Benefits Australia, which he said offered a good deal at the time because of its link to the University of Sydney.

Bowman said it was never revealed that the booking would actually be owned by Helloworld, let alone a Helloworld franchise in suburban Melbourne, and he wouldn’t have booked if he had known. that was the case.

The Herald of the Sun and Sunday age have copies of email correspondence between Bowman and its travel agency representatives who used a Member Benefits Australia email address. In one case, the email was from, but company records reveal the name in the signature was that of a director of the Helloworld Plenty Valley company.

As recently as January 2021, those emails said they were “still struggling to get funds physically returned” by vendors.

By the time Bowman realized there was a major problem with the refund and tried to reverse the credit card payment from the bank, it was too late. Its travel insurance only covered the insolvency of a travel supplier such as an airline, not a travel agency.

Glezer approached Member Benefits Australia several times on Bowman’s behalf, to no avail. Once The Herald of the Sun and Sunday age sent questions about the role and liability of Member Benefits Australia, a solicitor contacted Bowman.

The letter to the Bowman family says the company accepts no liability but would provide a full refund provided they sign an agreement not to disparage or criticize the company, including “that there is no mention of MBA in an article proposed in the Sydney Morning Herald”.

Bowman said he wanted the story to happen despite the offer. “I think there is [too] many organizations that disrespect consumers and only react when they see a risk to themselves,” he said.

Glezer said he would take the matter to NSW Civil and Administrative Court if it could not be resolved in advance.

“It’s disappointing that MBA only offered to return Hamish’s funds in exchange for their name being removed from this article and not because they wanted to do the right thing for their client,” Glezer said. .

The official statement from Member Benefits Australia provided to this masthead reads: ‘MBA is reviewing its legal position and is unable to comment further.’

Jodi Bird, a travel expert at consumer advocacy organization Choice, encouraged Bowman to complain to NSW Fair Trading and said the industry needed a complete overhaul of regulations to improve transparency.

“This story is similar to many others we have seen during the pandemic, where Australians have paid a company for travel arrangements involving a range of other suppliers and it is unclear where their money went,” said said Bird.


“Many people are also unaware that when they book with a national travel agency brand, they are often booking with a local franchisee rather than the national company.”

Glezer said he advocates mandatory trust accounts for travel agents to protect customers’ money.

“Lawyers need trust accounts, real estate agents need trust accounts, why don’t travel agents need them?” said Glézer.

“All three are dealing with funds that are destined for a third party.”

Federation of Australian Travel Agents chief executive Dean Long said the devastating impact of the COVID outbound travel ban meant that around a third of Australian travel agents were considering closing, and most did so neatly and appropriately.

Rental Escapes Extends Travel Advisor Appreciation Month Through June With New Bonus Commission Program Fri, 03 Jun 2022 13:58:05 +0000

WHY IT RATES: Rental Escapes is honoring the important work of travel advisors for another month, offering bonus commissions of up to $2,500 for every booking made in June. – Lacey Pfalz, Associate Editor, TravelPulse

Rental Escapes, a full-service luxury villa company specializing in providing unrivaled private villa rentals worldwide, today announced the launch of a new bonus commission program. To celebrate the company’s valued travel advisor partners, thanking them for their hard work, continued support and incredible dedication as travel continues to rebound, Rental Escapes will be offering a bonus commission of up to $2,500 on every booking made. in June.

trendy now

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“Comair has done himself a huge wrong” Wed, 01 Jun 2022 21:01:55 +0000

FIFI PETERS: The Competition Commission says it is meeting with executives of competing airlines to discuss the implications of Comair’s decision to suspend British Airways and Kulula flights. The Competition Commission sent this message earlier this afternoon, so I imagine that meeting has already taken place.

Nonetheless, it comes after Comair announced it was suspending flights because it needed to get a little more money – probably a lot more money – to stay comfortably in the skies.

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But to learn more about the story, we are joined by Guy Leitch, the editor of SA Flyer. Guy, thank you very much for your time. Have you heard of the meeting or potential outcome of the meeting CompCom has had with competitors in the air currently?

GUY LEICH: Thanks for asking me here. No, I haven’t heard any feedback on this, but I can understand that the Competition Commission is extremely concerned about this because, if Comair does not survive the current crisis, there will only be one low-cost carrier left on the market, and that’s FlySafair. Of course, LIFT is still in business and I think LIFT is also hoping to fill the void left by Mango – but LIFT is a relatively small operator at this stage.

Meanwhile, we see the other airlines, presumably Airlink and CemAir, increasing the number of routes and the number of seats they also offer on the Golden Triangle between Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

FIFI PETERS: So what are CompCom’s concerns here? Price? The fact that not enough competition will allow players who are still in the sky to charge at will?

GUY LEICH: Absolutely, one hundred percent. We have already seen accusations of price gouging from the airlines when they returned to the skies with this massive price increase. Two, three years ago, or before Covid, you could book a flight to Cape Town from Joburg for around 700 rand. Now those prices are well above R1000, and that obviously reflects the shift in demand and in particular for a highly discounted compound.

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FIFI PETERS: And the price of oil?

GUY LEICH: The real problem is, as you rightly pointed out, the price of oil. This is obviously of concern to the Competition Commission, but the price of oil increases the cost of airlines enormously. Airlines typically spend 30-40% of their total costs on fuel. So a small increase in fuel prices has a huge ripple effect, and unfortunately it takes a long time for the real prices to kick in, as people often book seats months in advance.

Airlines therefore have to fly at the old prices, even if they use expensive new fuel.

FIFI PETERS: I think “turbulent” is probably the best description of Comair lately. He was grounded or launched into commercial rescue at the height of the pandemic, when containment measures were in place and no one was allowed to fly. It emerged, and then it was again based on concerns about security. It emerged, and now it is anchored again.

Help us understand from your understanding how Comair got to this situation this time.

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GUY LEICH: I would just like to correct the perception that Comair was based on safety requirements. It was more a matter of complying with the paperwork requirements associated with the maintenance they had, with most of their maintenance done by SAA Technical. There were clearly gaps in skill level, and this trickled down to Comair and the Civil Aviation Authority [was] extremely heavy to anchor them.

But the thing is, yes, it started long before the Covid crisis hit, because Comair was already very stretched, having ordered five new Boeing 737 MAXs. He had bought a bunch of other associated companies. His record was already weak, then of course Covid hit him when he was weak. This has flattened many airlines and so it was only natural, I suppose, that Comair would go into the business rescue.

Unfortunately, two years later, it is still in commercial bailout and has not had state funds to simply bail it out like SAA did.

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FIFI PETERS: My thinking is that he came out of the corporate bailout.

GUY LEICH: No, the airline is still in commercial rescue, and it is still subject to the capital raising limits it has. What happened was that some of the original founders formed a consortium and delisted it from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange by buying it out at bargain prices. So now the ability to raise funds is arguably even more limited by the lack of shareholders. There are now far fewer shareholders.

But of course the banks are understandably extremely reluctant to provide him with additional financing. There was a 500 million rand bailout planned for any initial takeover by the former founding consortium, and that presumably got burned. So we don’t know if the airline will be able to get enough money to resume operations in the air.

FIFI PETERS: Alright, thanks for that fix. Just [although] it looked like business was business as usual because Comair was flying with Kulula again, that wasn’t necessarily the case. As you say, they are still in corporate rescue.

But my question then is that if Comair is struggling like this, what does it mean for the rest of the low cost carriers, in your opinion?

GUY LEICH: Oh, that’s a million dollar question. I would like to hope and think that FlySafair has run a very conservative operation in its balance sheet; even though it’s not as strong as it used to be, it’s still strong enough to carry them around. And indeed, they do an extraordinarily good job of pulling their flights; every ratio of loads and returns looks good. FlySafair is therefore probably making money.

LIFT is also a very smart marketing tool and it works on very cheap leased planes, if you will, from Global Airways and they will soon be integrated into SAA.

Comair still has a place in the market, but prices will continue to rise, not least because other specialty carriers like Airlink and CemAir, which normally use smaller aircraft on regional routes, are also increasingly turning to the domestic market with their comprehensive service offering.

FIFI PETERS: Guy, what do you think of what Comair was doing? As late as May 30, they were announcing discounted tickets. In fact, they ran a campaign, or Kulula ran a campaign, up to 30% off. It was a one day sale, only for May 31st. You could fly until November. What do you think of this, where a few days later, in fact a day later, they announced that they had been punished. Seems a bit dodgy to me because you don’t wake up…

GUY LEICH: I agree with you. I think it’s absolute shock and bad timing, and Comair can’t pretend to know they were launching a massively scaled-down campaign like this without knowing they were going to hit the wall on May 31, when their funding was going to be shot if they hadn’t found alternative financing. So if I was a passenger who booked a ticket through their Winter Warmer sale, I would feel hugely aggrieved.

People really don’t know if the airline will be able to fly again or when it will be able to fly again. This makes it extremely difficult for anyone to decide whether to just wait and see, or whether to spend even more money booking on another carrier.

I think Comair did themselves a huge disservice and hurt their brand tremendously by selling out and then quickly closing.

FIFI PETERS: He has financial problems. How sure should passengers who have purchased tickets be that they will get their money back?

GUY LEICH: I think they can be sure to get their money back. Nowadays, most passengers buy and pay for their tickets with credit cards. This means you can get your money back if you don’t fly. The airline has basically promised that you will also get your money back. However, the real issue is that you need to be able to rely on an airline to get you where you’re going, whether it’s for grandma’s birthday or for connecting flights. As long as the airliner is unreliable in terms of flight guarantees, obviously people will want to book elsewhere, which again hurts Comair immensely.

FIFI PETERS: What about its relations with other partners? I know they have a relationship with Discovery, for example, where you get a discounted price if you are a Discovery member and want to fly and you use Kulula, you can get that discount on your Discovery membership. I wonder what you think of the strength of those relationships going forward, given the turbulence of Comair’s business, because I can imagine being a Discovery customer who might be a little prejudiced that I don’t get reduction because Comair has its own problems, where can I go?

GUY LEICH: Absolutely. You are one hundred percent correct in that there must be massive collateral damage to the associated brands, Discovery being just one. They must now be very worried about whether they should continue the relationship with Comair, which has been very good for both parties, certainly being able to put a lot of people in seats for Comair/Kulula that they didn’t have maybe not before.

The big question for me is how long British Airways will tolerate this weakness or damage to its own brand as well because as we know Comair operates the British Airways brand in South Africa.

Fortunately, British Airways currently has its hands full in London with its own huge problems in terms of trying to get people through airports and onto its planes. So maybe he’s not examining Comair’s issues as closely as he could. But if this problem persists for much longer, I think it will be inevitable that British Airways, Discovery and associated brands will want to withdraw from their license or partnership agreements with Comair.

FIFI PETERS: Well, Guy, we’ll leave it at that for now. Thank you very much for informing us of the events that are happening in the sky, the most relevant. Guy Leitch is the editor of SA Flyer.

Man lying in bed with 60 tickets to Kamal Haasan’s Vikram goes viral Tue, 31 May 2022 06:08:24 +0000

Bookings for Kamal Haasan star Vikram are open and fans, as expected, can’t keep calm. The movie hits the big screen on June 3, and in the meantime, a photo of a fan lying in bed with 60 Vikram tickets is going viral on social media. The photo depicts the madness surrounding Kamal Haasan star which also stars Vijay Sethupathi and Fahad Fazil.

Kamal Haasan returns to the big screen after a four-year hiatus. While Kamal, Vijay, and Fahaad play roles in their own right, Suriya’s cameo is something a lot of fans are looking forward to. Movie opening day tickets are in high demand in major cities including Chennai.

Another video from Chennai’s Rohini Silver Screens theater has gone viral. The video shows a large queue of fans who want to reserve their tickets for Vikram. The video has surpassed 75,000 views and 4,000 likes.

One of the users said, “The craze is on a whole new level.”

Trade pundit Ramesh Bala tweeted of Vikram’s pre-booking, “Vikram is the highest pre-launch business in Ulaganayagan’s career.”

Kamal has personally traveled to Kerala, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi for the promotion of Vikram. Interest in the film increased as Kamal said the final scene featuring Surya in the film would lead the film to a possible sequel.

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