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The first step in university marks the beginning of a new phase in the life of a student, a turning point that introduces him to the professional world. This is the moment when you become the person you have always aspired to be. University life is not just about getting a degree; it’s about growing up, making serious decisions for a better and more secure future and, above all, creating memories that will always be remembered.

Colleges provide plenty of opportunities for students to excel in different fields other than academics like sporting events, festivals, seminars, different clubs, etc. Students have the chance to find their creative vocation and improve their skills.

GLA University, located in Lord Krishna’s country of Mathura, is a beautiful campus which is a beautiful destination for students who want to not only excel in their studies but also get involved in different extracurricular activities. GLA University’s campus spans 110 acres of land designed in a modern architectural setting with contemporary laboratories, residential blocks, recreation areas, cafeterias and grounds, etc.

Awarded with NAAC “A” accreditation for its consistent contribution to providing students with quality education in multiple disciplines, GLA has also entered the league of 12 private institutions in India that have achieved UGC 12B status.

The university has been ranked among the top universities for its academic excellence by many renowned organizations.

The university has been ranked among the top universities for its academic excellence by many renowned organizations. With more than 30,000 alumni worldwide, GLA has joined the league of leading Indian universities that help create a path for students to create their own successes.

The GLA University campus is more than just a place for students; it is a platform where students of diverse ethnicities can meet, explore and learn to value each other’s differences. Ragging is strictly prohibited on campus, and those who indulge in such indiscretion face serious consequences, contributing to the calm and welcoming atmosphere of the GLA. The campus offers a wide range of facilities, including large courts and a variety of playgrounds for sports such as soccer, volleyball, cricket, basketball, badminton and tennis.

GLA University is mainly concerned with the overall development of its students, which is why the university organizes a variety of innovative and interesting activities that contribute to the development of the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills of the students and keep them motivated.

There is also the facility of a gymnasium where students can work out and make every drop of sweat count.

As GLA University strives to give students the best possibilities for their full professional development, every year GLA University, Mathura hosts various festivals like Agrata, e-Conclave, Maitree, Jhoom etc. These festivals are conglomerates of varied activities involving the best minds and talents from all of the top business schools in the country. The fests aim to provide a place for students where they can excel in all fields, as well as to foster interaction and discussion with other students, while making a small contribution to a social cause. that is, by financially helping blind and intellectually disabled children in schools, children in orphanages, widows living in the community and people with cancer through monetary donations and interactions.

The GLA campus has a variety of clubs which are typically found at the university level. These clubs are the Ninad Club for students who are passionate about music, the Nature Club for students who understand and appreciate the presence of the natural environment and are determined to protect it, the Natraj Club for students who want to excel in the field of dancing, the Vihiti Club which is a theater club for the future playwright, the Drishti Club where photography is more than just a hobby for students, the Fine Arts Club for students of painting and other similar artistic aspects , and the GLA Voice Club where students learn the art of singing from professionals. In addition, there are clubs at different departmental levels that help students develop their talents, depending on their inclinations.

For bibliophile students, the GLA University Library, commonly known as the Central Library, would be heaven on earth. Students can access around 10,000 books in various categories here. The atmosphere of the library is remarkable as it aims to provide students with a calm reading environment in which they can read their books.

For students with a solid academic background, there are many scholarships available.

The university has also used the facilities of the NCC in order to develop a strong character in future leaders. Students can join the National Cadet Corps unit, 10 UP BTN, Mathura, here. NCC cadets participate in a variety of activities including military training, public awareness campaigns, rallies and other training camps held across the country. There is also the facility of a gymnasium where students can work out and make every drop of sweat count.

The GLA campus has excellent accommodation facilities. There are 15 hostels for boys and 4 hostels for girls where more than 5000 students can easily reside. Residents enjoy warm amenities like mess food, on-campus laundry service, full power supply, indoor games (like TT, Carrom, Chess, etc.), caring guards and security reinforced to ensure a comfortable and safe stay for residents.

The campus is well equipped with security measures such as smart cards, biometric readers, the latest IP cameras, a fire alarm system and 24 hour guards. For any medical emergency, the university has its own dispensary and a team of highly qualified doctors and nurses.

Compared to other private institutions, GLA University has an affordable fee structure. For students with a solid academic background, there are many scholarships available. For example, students who performed well in 12th grade may get scholarships ranging from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 60,000 depending on their percentile, and students who performed well in JEE MAINS may get scholarships. up to Rs. 70,000. Students whose family income is less than two lakh rupees are also eligible for the scholarships. GLA University’s flexible fee structure enables students to receive a high quality education at a reasonable cost.

Through several extracurricular, extracurricular and athletic activities, campus life at GLA University is filled with many opportunities to learn and become a better individual. The GLA University campus is well known in the region due to its exceptionally developed infrastructure which includes well-maintained buildings, a library, science labs, studios and playgrounds for various sports. All the facilities it offers to students prepare them for the challenges of the future and give them an edge over their peers at other universities.

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