Blue Bay Travel’s accommodation service targets retail


Blue Bay Travel has launched an accommodation-only service that allows travel agents to sell direct contract hotel products from its packages for the first time.

Blue Bay Hotels was developed to enable the long-haul operator to maximize sales through travel agents, a key area of ​​growth for the company.

Blue Bay Travel sells direct to consumers on a subscription basis, offering exclusive packages, typically lasting six weeks as a booking window, and available until the end of 2023.

Blue Bay Travel also sells its package vacations through a selection of travel agents, through an exclusive partnership with the Travel Division of The Midcounties Co-operative.

The launch of Blue Bay Hotels means the company can expand the range of travel agents who can sell its accommodation product to all agencies that use an ATOL to pack it or wish to sell it as a accommodation only.

CEO Alistair Rowland said, “We are excited to launch Blue Bay Hotels, which will allow any travel agent with their own ATOL to sell the premium accommodation component of the packages we secure. “

“To use Blue Bay Hotels, agents must create an account with us, which will give them full access to a reservation system. Our user-friendly website gives agents live visibility of availability for all dates. “

“We are not a bed bank so all of our products are directly contracted and priced which means agents can package them under ATOL and match the value we deliver to our direct customers.”

Agents are invited to join the Blue Bay Hotels Agent Offers Facebook group, where deals are posted and agents can feel they are part of a growing community.


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