Australian escort ‘helps police’ investigate death of Remuera woman Pauline Hanna

A high-class Australian escort says she is “helping” police investigate the sudden and unexplained death of Remuera woman, Pauline Hanna.

Melbourne escort Madison Ashton, also known as Christine McQueen, claims she and Hanna’s husband had been “boyfriend and girlfriend for over three years”.

Six months after Hanna’s death, friends and colleagues are stunned by her husband Philip Polkinghorne’s alleged long-distance relationship with the Australian escort.

A friend claimed that Hanna was open about swinging with Polkinghorne and hiring male escorts. “It’s not fair to judge other people’s relationships as long as it works for them. The thing we still don’t know is what happened to Pauline.”

Hanna, 63, died at her home in Remuera, a suburb of Auckland, on Easter Monday. She worked at the Manukau Counties District Health Council as an Executive Project Director and participated in the deployment of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Pauline Hanna and Philip Polkinghorne in 2018. Photo / Norrie Montgomery

Police are still investigating the circumstances of his death, which authorities consider unexplained. As part of their investigation, police raided a luxury lodge on the South Island where Ashton and Polkinghorne were staying in May.

Polkinghorne, an eye specialist in Auckland, previously told the Herald he was being treated as a “suspicious person” by police as part of their investigation.

Police have questioned dozens of people in connection with Hanna’s death, including a barber and a masseuse known to her husband.

Over the weekend, the Melbourne Herald Sun newspaper revealed that Ashton was also being questioned by police.

Madison Ashton and Philip Polkinghorne.  Photo / provided

Madison Ashton and Philip Polkinghorne. Photo / provided

Former mistress of the late King of Cardboard, billionaire Richard Pratt, Ashton has claimed she had an intimate relationship with Polkinghorne.

Ashton claimed she met Polkinghorne in 2011 when he and Hanna booked a “sex session” with her while on a trip to Sydney.

She claimed the couple “had used her services on several occasions” during their visit to the city.

And she claimed they visited other sex workers.

Ashton told the Herald she spoke to police in New Zealand as recently as last week.

The Herald Sun also reported that police searched a $ 1,725-a-night luxury suite at a “remote” lakeside lodge on Mount Cook where Ashton and Polkinghorne were staying in May.

The newspaper said the couple were on a “romantic vacation”.

Ashton's phones were seized by New Zealand police during a raid on a luxury lodge on the South Island.  Photo / Supplied

Ashton’s phones were seized by New Zealand police during a raid on a luxury lodge on the South Island. Photo / Supplied

Police also searched a rental car used by the couple and took Ashton’s phones, she told the Herald Sun.

Ashton told the Herald Sun that she was ready to help the police and the investigation and that she had nothing to hide.

“I’m doing this to help her [Hanna]. It really is a degree or no degree of separation. But I would do this for anyone. “

Police at the house where Pauline Hanna died.  Photo / NZH

Police at the house where Pauline Hanna died. Photo / NZH

Ashton also spoke in more detail about the night the police arrived at the lodge.

The mother-of-two told the Herald Sun that she and Polkinghorne were having a “romantic room service dinner” and drinking champagne when officers arrived and “searched” their belongings, searched the car Polkinghorne had rented for their vacation and seized it Phone (s.

“I was like ‘who the hell are these people?’.

“I couldn’t give them access to my phones – my client lists are confidential.”

She said her phones were seized and not returned to her until a few months later.

Ashton’s attorney, Zali Burrows, told the Herald his client was angry at being treated as a “suspect.”

Ashton told the Herald Sun that his relationship with Polkinghorne started as a professional and included Hanna.

But after “several years” he started reserving her for solo sessions.

She said that in 2017, Polkinghorne shifted the relationship “from the company to the people”.

She didn’t know it and Hanna still lived together in their “couple” house in Remuera.

Ashton claimed that she and Polkinghorne were “creating a house in Sydney” and claimed he had taken out a lease for a “luxury apartment and downtown skyscraper” where she lived.

She continues to work as an escort.

Upon returning to Australia from this year’s trip, Ashton told the Herald Sun that she was the only person arrested at Melbourne Airport and questioned for an hour and a half by Australian Border Force officers on where she was and who she had seen.

“There was a young man and he asked me if I had been in contact with anyone who is having trouble with the police. I knew it was a stunt,” Ashton said. .

This week, the sex worker told the Herald that she plans to share her story in a weekly podcast.

“It was a very difficult decision but I have to do the right thing for myself and for Pauline.”

Polkinghorne did not respond to repeated requests for comment on his alleged relationship with Ashton.

The police investigation into Hanna’s death is ongoing and Detective Inspector Aaron Pascoe is reportedly not drawn to the details.

“Police continue to investigate the circumstances of the sudden death of Pauline Hanna, which we still consider unexplained,” he said.

“Our investigations remain ongoing and the police will not comment on the details of our ongoing investigation.

Another Hanna colleague said he was “flabbergasted” by the Australian report.

“This doesn’t sound like the person we know. There is immense sadness that her memory has been marred in this way and we have extreme sympathy for Pauline’s family,” they said.

Another friend described Pauline as a professional woman who adored her family.

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