Austin COVID test: How to get tested before the holidays

Austin Public Health offers two free testing centers that allow walk-in visits.

AUSTIN, Texas – As more people prepare for vacations or to reunite with their families, the need for COVID-19 testing increases.

Austin Public Health (APH) offers two free testing centers that allow walk-in tours: a drive-thru location at the Travis County Expo Center and an indoor location at the George Morales Dove Springs Recreation Center in Southeast Austin.

William Malm, public information specialist at the APH, recommends booking coronavirus testing for the holidays as soon as possible.

“I actually had to go to the Travis County Expo Center this morning and got there really fast. We have a great team there, ”said Malm.

Home test kits do sell, and if you catch one, know where you’re buying it.

“Be extra vigilant. I would really recommend going through verified merchants like CVS, Walgreens, or other verified pharmacies,” Malm said.

Home testing may also be an option for those who cannot physically travel to testing sites. For example, people with mobility issues are encouraged to call the APH nurse hotline to make an appointment.

The APH recommends that those who wish to be tested to register quickly. The drive-thru and in-person test locations will only be available until the Wednesday before that weekend’s vacation.

To learn more about testing through APH, click here.


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