Atlantic City vs. Vegas: which is the cheapest?

There’s no doubt that Las Vegas and Atlantic City are extravagant destinations that conjure up images of a wild, carefree, and uninhibited vacation. And when it comes to gambling and nightlife, few cities come close to the pulse and vibe of these oddly remote destinations. Yet, as with all vacations, almost all travelers must consider the expected cost of a trip. Money, we are told, does not grow on trees.

Of course, there are money-saving tricks one can explore: like finding the best vacation packages or simply booking a plane ticket, even a good two months in advance. However, comprehensive information that compares these two meccas of travel — dollar to dollar — might be more meaningful. In this article, we pit “Sin City” against “America’s Favorite Playground” and choose the cheapest vacation option.


Between Atlantic City and Las Vegas, which is the cheapest to fly?

Of course, for someone on the East Coast, Atlantic City would be cheaper. This is because it is a shorter destination. On the other hand, for someone on the west coast, “Sin City” is cheaper. Again, it’s all about distance. For one who is in the southeast region, Atlantic City seems cheaper. According to Kayak, the online travel search engine, the average price for a round-trip ticket from Miami to Las Vegas is $250. On the other hand, the average round trip ticket price from Miami to Atlantic City is $116. But from the south central region, Las Vegas has a price advantage. Flights from Dallas to Las Vegas cost an average of $190, while those from Dallas to Atlantic City cost an average of $262. For a state in the Midwest like Kansas City, Las Vegas is cheaper. So, as we have seen, a plane ticket will invariably depend on a person’s location.

And the airports? According NetCredit, New Jersey is the state with the cheapest average domestic flight in the country. The average flight within New Jersey costs $205.6. On the other hand, Nevada domestic flights cost an average of $264.61. That’s a difference of about $59. If all factors are constant, including distance, Atlantic City is a cheaper destination to fly.

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Food and Accommodation: Which is Cheaper Between Las Vegas and Atlantic City

When it comes to the cost of food without lodging, Atlantic City beats Las Vegas hands down. According Numbeo, According to the Global Consumer Price Perceived Database, a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant in Atlantic City costs $47.50 on average. On the other hand, a similar meal at a restaurant in Las Vegas will cost an average of $64.50. That’s a difference of $17. Of course, there’s the argument that “Sin City” is bigger and with more accommodation options – and that fact alone should make it cheaper than Atlantic City. There are those who swear it is. However, when it comes to financial figures, it is better to rely on cold facts. Of course, as in many situations, these will be outliers. On average, according to Numbeorestaurant prices in Las Vegas are 11% higher than their Atlanta counterparts.

When it comes to hotels, the image takes on a new look dramatically. According, the online travel agency for hotel reservations, one will pay an average of $408 per night for a budget hotel in Atlantic City. But in Las Vegas, it will only part with $351 per night. That’s a decent saving of $57. Of course, hostel prices are much lower. For example, the Sin City Hostel, rated by Tripadvisor as the second best value budget hostel in Las Vegas, only charges around $30 per night. In Atlantic City, Sunset Inn is listed as the cheapest hostel on, but it costs $51. That’s $21 more than in Las Vegas. Here’s the ride home: For lodging, Las Vegas is cheaper than Atlantic City. However, Atlantic City is cheaper than Las Vegas for food and restaurant prices.

  • Where is Sin City hostel located? Sin City Hostel is 2.7 km from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Other Factors to Consider When Comparing Atlantic City and Las Vegas

Las Vegas and Atlantic City both enjoy some fame as the gambling capitals of the country. The truth, however, is that the gambling scene in Atlantic City cannot match that of Las Vegas. Las Vegas has more casinos, far more than in Atlantic City. Naturally, this breeds competition, which, as economics teaches, is the consumer’s best friend. Besides gambling, both cities offer many other attractions. In either city, it takes a keen eye to distinguish cheap from luxurious.

When it comes to other attractions, Las Vegas has way more. Granted, Atlantic City has the beach, a huge bonus over the coastal city, which is also famous for its iconic boardwalk. However, it will be necessary to move to see these attractions. This brings us to the cost of local transport. And here is the verdict when we compare the two. For local transportation, Atlantic City is cheaper than Las Vegas. Jitney buses in Atlantic City only charge $2.25 for each one-way trip within the city. In Las Vegas, a 2-hour pass costs $6 while a 24-hour pass costs $8.

That’s it. While Atlantic City and Las Vegas offer all the fun imaginable, fun doesn’t come at the same price.

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