Are you going backpacking? How to choose the right backpack

If you are going hiking, consider getting the right backpack. It’s always important to get one of the right size.

Are you going backpacking for the first time? How to choose a backpack? Depending on what one is planning to do, this can be a very important decision to make. Proper packing is also very important and there are many things that travelers regret having to pack.

Some of the big questions come down to where are you going, what are you planning to do and for how long are you going – as well as the size and fitness of the person who will be carrying the backpack. Get it right and you’ll see why happiness can lie in packing for somewhere far away.

The idea of ​​a backpack is mobility

As a general rule, the smaller the better. Common mistakes newbies make are over-planning, over-packing, and being overweight. The very idea of ​​having a backpack and not a suitcase is for mobility. So that we are free and mobile to move. If the backpack is too heavy or uncomfortable to carry for a long time, it is too big and has been overpacked.

  • Golden Rule: If it is difficult to transport for a long distance, it is overpacked
  • Remember: Mobility, Mobility, Mobility
  • Point: A smaller backpack will require you to pack economically

No one should ever have a backpack larger than 70 liters and smaller is better. Girls shouldn’t really have more than 55 or 60 liters. And more than 70 liters for a man is a mistake, 60 liters is better. It may be later if one only plans to go from hostel to hostel and destination to destination – and therefore not wear it very long.

  • Maximum volume: 70 liters + men’s day pack
  • Best volume: 50 liters + day bag

As for the weight, never exceed 23 kg (50 lbs) for the main backpack. The simple reason is that this is the maximum weight of most international airlines. You don’t want to pay ridiculous extra fees with every flight.

  • Maximum weight: 23 kg (50 lbs)
  • Target maximum weight: 10-15 kg (22-33 lbs)

But even that way too much for most people to lug around. Try to keep it at 15 kg (33 lb). If you are backing up for a long trip for the first time, leave some space. There were probably things we really needed that we hadn’t thought of before. Otherwise, if one is full to bursting, then for all that one buys, one must throw away something else.

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Short term, long term, hike or stay in a hostel…

If one is planning to go hiking, the question is: do you also plan to go camping? Because camping gear takes up a lot of space. Make sure you buy quality equipment that is light and small. There are plenty of essentials that hikers (like AT-Thru hikers) swear by).

If one is going for a long period, one should also bring a computer – one can even be a digital nomad this way. A laptop will almost always be used – photos, work, apps, etc. Just take a little.

  • Point: Take a notebook on long trips
  • Packing for long-term travel: Paradoxically, it can be less important to pack for longer trips because you can just buy what you need when you need it.

If it is a longer trip, it should have a larger backpack as well as a small daypack. Daypacks are great for spending the night on a Tinder date, going for a hike, or just going out for a day trip.

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Think about your mode of transport

If one is traveling just for a few weeks – like in Europe or elsewhere, then other things to consider. How do you plan to travel to Europe? There are plenty of cheap flights across the continent – but these generally exclude checked baggage and checked baggage is very often more expensive than the original ticket in the first place.

  • Cheap European flights: Wizz Air, EasyJet, Ryanair

If that is the plan, then look at carriers like Wizz Air, Easy Jet and Ryanair and see what their cabin baggage restrictions are and plan around those.

If one is planning to be mobile and move around a lot, it is really important to reduce size and weight. If you hitchhike, you will often have to walk for miles.

If you plan to do a lot of hiking in the mountains, it is imperative to have as little as possible while having everything you need. Otherwise, we will be forced to unload a large part of the contents of the backpack in an inn or somewhere.

A popular brand is Osprey while Kathmandu has some of the best backpacks.

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