Are Trent and Amber Johnston Paying for New Searches of Older Children?

Trent and Amber Johnston recently shared photos of the family moving one of the older ones 7 Little Johnstons children in a new home. Well, TLC fans have speculated, and by inference it looks like Anna is getting a new pad. In the new season, fans expect to see more of Jonah’s move. Additionally, other fans believe Elizabeth has already moved to an apartment. Now fans are wondering if their parents are paying for all this new housing.

Trent and Amber Johnston told Jonah to move out – what about Anna and Elizabeth?

At the end of the final season of 7 Little Johnstons on TLC, her parents told Jonah to move out. They felt that their oldest son did not appreciate the value of money and responsibility. Many fans seemed shocked about it and the TLC stars took to the heat. However, Jonah is no longer a small child. In fact, he’s in his twenties. In fact, he has already chatted with his girlfriend Ashley about them moving in together. Of course, fans are now wondering if he moved in with her. Likely, the new season reveals exactly where he’s gone.

Did Jonah Johnston move and join Ashley in North Carolina?

By March of this year, it looked like the rumors about Elizabeth and Anna’s move had also been confirmed. It came when Trent and Amber Johnston’s youngest daughter spoke about it on her Instagram. Emma hinted that her older sisters were leaving the house. In the comments section, Trent said the two girls were attending “college full time, working full time, and [make] TV. “So presumably they moved in together. In fact, that possibility arose when Emma mentioned that they were living ‘apart’ but still seeing each other. However, some rumors circulated that Liz moved in. in his own apartment rather than in a house.

Who pays for all this new accommodation in the 7 Little Johnstons family?

When Trent and Amber Johnston shared a photo of Emma and Alex “Chillin ‘@ the Sis’s Casa 🏠” this weekend, fans talked about Elizabeth. One of them suggested that only Anna moved into the house because “Liz has an apartment”. Well it seems to be incorrect as Trent replied, saying, “No, your [not] correct! “So this again raises the possibility that Anna and her sister are moving into their new home together. Also, as they called it the ‘casa des sis’, this indicates that Jonas does not live in the same house. .

Another follower asked Trent and Amber Johnston rather sarcastically who pays for this? They wrote: “Does my sister pay for this casa or is mommy and daddy?” the 7 Little Johnstons The Patriarch seemed to be fed up as he repeated once more: “All the big kids work full time, go to school full time (list of deans) and do a TV show. They are busier than most adults. They pay there (sic) their way in life. It’s called independence and adulthood. So it looks like the girls are paying for their own accommodation.

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Check back with us often for more news and spoilers on Trent and Amber Johnston and the Children of 7 Little Johnstons on TLC. Remember, the new season kicks off Tuesday, May 25 at 8 p.m. ET.

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