Apartment to rent in Brixton for just £ 260 per month – but you have to share a BEDROOM with a stranger

Tenants in London are used to paying through the nose for accommodation in the capital.

London is known to be an expensive place to rent or buy, and finding an apartment where you can get the most bang for your buck is a constant battle.

A Brixton apartment caught the attention of Londoners this week for a cheap asking price, but all was not as it appeared.

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A room in a Brixton apartment has been advertised on SpareRoom for £ 260 per month – but there is a catch.

According to the ad, the room is only available if you are willing to share the room with another tenant.

The initial ad, which was later edited, even suggested that you were sharing not one but two strangers.

The announcement starts well: “We are looking for stable and respectful people for a long stay.

“They need to be clean and able to get along with other roommates. That said, we are still fun and sane and welcome everyone.”

Sounds perfect – but if you keep reading, the list points out that: “You will be sharing the room with you. [sic] respectful and easy going girl, believe me, I chose her with care. “

There is a lot to like about this apartment, and according to the announcement it is well served by public transport and plenty of pubs and shops nearby.

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The initial ad was posted on Reddit, where social media users were quick to voice their take on the apartment’s unusual layout.

One user said, “Wait, a ROOM share? No way.

“I shared a house and it was great, but sharing a room should definitely be a crime. Basically, you pay the rent for a room but live in a hostel.

The initial publicity the tenant would share with two people was something Londoners really seemed unable to get on board with.

Another user added: “It’s crazy, only an idiot would pay that for this room !!”

Another disgruntled Londoner took to Reddit asking, “That must be a joke, right?”

Would you like to live in a shared room like this? Let us know in the comments below!

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