Airbnb listing removed for offering accommodation to ‘unvaccinated customers’ only

A listing on the Airbnb accommodation website was removed after blocking those who had taken a COVID-19 vaccine from making a reservation.

“WE LIMIT THE CABIN TO NON-COVIDATED VACCINATED PEOPLE ONLY,” the announcement shouted to its readers.

“For the health and safety of not only other guests, but also ourselves, all COVID-vaccinated customers are urged to find an alternative vacation rental that allows vaccinated guests,” the announcement continued.

The ad claimed that it had been scientifically proven and “clearly stated on the websites of vaccine manufacturers” that the RNA protein in the ingredients of the vaccine “spreads through the skin, breath, etc. of the body. vaccinated person, and will be transmitted to unvaccinated persons. “

The announcement then changes pace, as if the previous paragraphs did not exist.

“The cabin is completely disinfected between each guest and is a safe place to rest, relax, enjoy nature and the surrounding activities which are plentiful,” he says.

Charlie Warzel, a former BuzzFeed News writer, posted the listing on Twitter, along with his direct message conversation with the owners of the property who said they should just assume people were being honest when booking.

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