Accommodation for 28 people is available in Banbury to avoid sleeping on the streets

Cherwell District Council has partnered to ensure that those with nowhere to sleep can access an alternative to sleeping on the streets. Photo by Getty

The council has partnered with Homeless Oxfordshire and Sanctuary Housing to secure 28 new accommodation units to avoid sleeping rough. This means that people in need of specialist services no longer have to travel to Oxford but can instead receive the help they need in their area.

Senior Housing Councilor Lucinda Wing said: “Everyone deserves a roof over their heads and we know that there are currently more people signing up than usual. housing register.

“Our ambition is that no one has to sleep on the streets in our neighborhood and thanks to this new agreement with our partners, we are able to widen the local safety net that is in place.”

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In addition to housing for people in need of direct support, the agreement also covers affordable rental housing. People can be referred to the units if they are at risk of losing their housing, or by the homeless service if they are already sleeping rough.

Bill Feeney, Acting CEO of Homeless Oxfordshire, said: “Homeless Oxfordshire is delighted to continue to work closely with Cherwell District Council, providing much needed housing for those who find themselves homeless or at risk of homelessness.

“From experience, we know that people thrive much better in their own communities and we absolutely agree that a greater focus on prevention, intervention and recovery is a step forward. “

For information on the Housing Registry, Landlord Assistance, Rental Relations Officer, Homeless Assistance and other housing services, visit

Residents concerned that someone is sleeping rough should report using StreetLink, the national notification service:


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