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Traveling is almost compulsory for all students in schools and universities. They can broaden their horizons, meet new people, learn new things and also learn new skills. Deciding for themselves is another benefit that travel can bring. However, traveling is generally expensive. Well, cheap travel is more than possible for all students, and now we are going to tell you how to take more advantage of this possibility.

# 1 get tickets early

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The best way to make student travel much more affordable is to get tickets ASAP. For example, if you get a ticket to a certain destination 1 or even 2 months before your departure, you will pay $ 100. If you want the same ticket but 2 days before your departure, you will have to pay $ 400. Every student can use this trick which is extremely attractive and easy to use. It also applies to all tickets and all destinations.

An interesting issue that offers the same benefit is the use of testing providers. If you order them a few days before the deadline, you can pay a lot less. On the other hand, there are no issues with quality, requirements or anything similar. You should know that when it comes to buying missions online, you should use reputable service providers and those who will give you the aforementioned discount. The best example at the moment is Writix. This simple tip can help you get a massive discount.

These services have been top rated these days and we believe they will become even more desirable in the near future. Hence, it is important to save money on these and all that you can so that you can travel more.

# 2 find a job abroad

cheap places to travelcheap places to travel

This is the ultimate trick that all students can use. It doesn’t hurt education, but it is useful and attractive. Basically you will be working as an Au Pair, hostel worker or whatever. The examples are endless.

Now you can travel and earn money. In some cases, you can even earn more than in your home country! Once you are done, quit and do the same but for another country.

# 3 sharing economy

It is a must! If you want to travel cheap and be away from college for a while, you’ll use this trick. In short, you will bypass the conventional travel industry. You will not stay in hotels but rather in shared accommodation. You will also share tour guides. In other words, you will be sharing the same service with other students or people, which makes it much more affordable. There are many websites for this purpose, and these are more than popular.

# 4 Student discounts are still here

student travel discountsstudent travel discounts

As a student, you get a 50% discount on almost everything. It could be a pass, ticket, accommodation, meal, item or anything else. Remember that you will need your Youth or Student Card to get this benefit and integrate it into your trip. You will need to apply for the discount first, which is obvious.

In Europe, these discounts are almost always present in galleries and museums, among other tourist destinations. So be sure to ask the person about the discount and get it.

# 5 prepare your own meals

to cookto cook

This part of the guide is also essential. In most countries, you will have to pay $ 15 for a meal. Therefore, you will have a lot of money for food only. On the flip side, you can shop for groceries for $ 50 and last all week. This is a massive saving tip that will help you travel more and stay longer in the place you want. Be free to experiment with, read, and write recipes at home so you can use them while traveling. The possibilities are limitless.


You can check out countless travel guides, but you’ll always see these tips and things. Why, you might be wondering? Because these are essential to keep travel costs as low as possible and to enjoy them for as long as possible. Now you can add them to your next trip and enjoy them more.

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