5 accommodations in the trees to fly above others


Treehouses have always aroused a sense of childlike wonder and fascination, and being so close to nature is truly a magical experience. Theit’s just something about the silent chirping of grasshoppers and the melodic tunes of birds that make you feel like youhave been transported to a different world.

Fortunately, the Western Cape is home to some fairytale places and accommodations, including a few spots among the towering trees. A treetop getaway may be what you need to enjoy a restorative getaway, and these incredible treetop accommodations can do the trick.

Teniqua Treetops Lodge

Eco-friendly and naturally charming, it offers privacy and incredible views over the valley and its surroundings.

Synergie hut in the trees

Eastern Cape treetop getaways
Source: Synergy Treehouse

The perfect getaway for those looking to enjoy tranquility, nature and luxury as the property offers stunning ocean views and contemporary design.

Vindoux Tree House & Spa

Nestled on a farm, this luxury treetop accommodation offers incredible views of the Tulbagh region and surrounding areas. Choose from a range of units, including a stunning honeymoon suite.

Western Cape treetop getaways

Tsala Treetop Lodge

Western Cape treetop getaways

Hunter Hotels offers a range of properties, including the magnificent treetop experience that is Tsala Treetop Lodge. It is essentially a treehouse on steroids, offering incredible views with luxurious features including an infinity pool and fireplace.

Old Mac Daddy

Situated on the slopes of the beautiful Elgin Valley, Old Mac Daddy offers a range of drafty trailers nestled among the towering trees of this region. It is the perfect accommodation for those who are a little afraid of heights, but still looking to immerse themselves in nature. It’s the perfect mix.

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