“140 refugees from Afghanistan will be in the county by Friday,” council said as Northamptonshire hotel opens

Refugees arriving at Heathrow Airport. Photo: Getty Images.
Refugees arriving at Heathrow Airport. Photo: Getty Images.

More than 100 Afghan refugees will be in the county by the end of the week, according to the West Northamptonshire Council (WNC).

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The hotel, which this journal chose not to identify himself for security reasons, will be at full capacity with refugee accommodation, according to the council.

Online reservations are currently closed for members of the public until next year.

When WNC announced the plans last week, Councilor Jonathan Nunn, head of the council, said: “These families have supported our forces in often dangerous and difficult situations and have been forced to flee their countries of origin, leaving their families behind. houses and their very short-term livelihoods. notice with little other than the clothes they wear.

“Now it is our turn to do all we can to support them as arrangements are made to relocate them to the UK so that they can create new lives which will greatly contribute to our society.

“In the days to come, we will involve and work closely with the local community and faith groups in this process and it will become clearer how our council and local communities are able to support these families to give them the best start. possible.

“We will share how this can be done most effectively once we have fully assessed the options and the best way forward. “

The Interior Ministry has also confirmed that the hotel will only serve as temporary accommodation, as local authorities work to find suitable accommodation.

A spokesperson added: “The UK has a proud history of protecting people in life-threatening situations and we are committed to helping as many Afghans as possible through the Afghan Citizen Resettlement Program. .

“The Home Office and the Department for Housing, Community and Local Government (MHCLG) are working closely with UK local authorities to match the thousands of people currently staying in hotels, including our courageous performers and their families, in accommodation.

“These people should stay in these hotels until the local authorities provide them with suitable accommodation. “

The Chronicle & Echo published this article to educate readers and members of the public on what is being done in the county to help with the international crisis.

It is imperative to do so and we will continue to report on updates on the situation and any connection to our county.

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We are saddened that we need to include this editor’s note, but our previous experiences have shown that it is necessary to do so.

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