13 Exciting Rewards You Can Earn In November By Acting With Global Citizen

The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived! The November award series is up for grabs – all you have to do is take action to defend the planet and end poverty.

Lending your voice to the movement by signing petitions and emailing representatives is helping fight climate change, global hunger and inequality. And taking action with Global Citizen Rewards can also earn you great prizes like spa vouchers and CBD packs!

Global Citizen Rewards are available to anyone who signs up for Global Citizen. You can start earning points for taking action to end poverty, defend the planet and demand fairness through our app or online platform.

And the actions you take through Global Citizen help mobilize real impact. TO Citizen of the World Live in September, more than $ 1.1 billion, 157 million trees and 60 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine were announced, thanks to partnerships between government, philanthropy, non-governmental organizations and the private sector . A fairer future can become a reality when we work together to achieve it.

So how does Global Citizen Rewards work? Taking action earns you points, which you can use to enter raffles for a chance to win all kinds of great prizes. And there are loyalty benefits: creating a profile and taking action earns you Silver status. When you act beyond that, you earn Gold status and access our best rewards. Taking at least one action each month will maintain this Gold status, so you can continue to have access to all of our amazing rewards. You can find out more about our loyalty program here.

Even though the G20 summit is over, there is still a lot of work to be done. Take action and call on world leaders at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) to make bold commitments before it’s too late. It’s now or never, make your voice heard here.

So let’s get down to business and collect some points along the way!

Here are 13 rewards you can earn this month for taking action with Global Citizen.

Global awards

Courtesy of SnackMagic.

1. SnackMagic: Snack box

Since launching in 2020 as a direct result of the pandemic, SnackMagic has shipped millions of snacks around the world. Originally started supporting their office meal delivery business, SnackMagic has now created the Snack and Give Back program to share the joy of snacking around the world. For each supply of snacks offered, SnackMagic will donate snacks to those in need.

Global Citizen is offering a chance to win an international stash of delicious treats from SnackMagic! Organize your own snack stash with 25 international snacks and savor the flavors of the world from the comfort of your home. This isn’t your typical, boring “snack box” – SnackMagic only stocks unique and under the radar goodies from around the world.

Enter for this reward here.

2. Global WAKEcup: Zero waste starter kit

Global WAKEcup is a zero-waste reusable brand whose mission is to put an end to single-use plastic pollution for good. Ten percent of proceeds from WAKEcup products also go directly to green charitable partners Marine Conservation Society and Plastic Oceans. Reduce your plastic footprint and take action to win a Zero Waste Starter Kit from Global WAKEcup.

This zero waste starter kit contains everything you need to reduce your plastic footprint in style. The kit includes a paper backpack, a bamboo water bottle, a bamboo coffee mug and a bamboo straw.

Enter for this reward here.

France Awards

equilibre-november-rewards.jpgCourtesy of Equilibre.

3. Balance: Package by Balance

Équilibre favors personal care with its premium CBD oil, harvested from its rigorous selection of 100% naturally grown hemp and prepared in France. Associated with flowers and dried plants, its oils will embark your time of relaxation for a beautiful trip in nature.

Take action to win a Balance package! Relax with holistic oils that contain organic herbal remedies and CBD, made in France.

Enter for this reward here.

Germany Awards

kazi-yetu-november-rewards.jpgCourtesy of Kazi Yetu.

4. Kazi Yetu: Natural tea blends

It’s cold ! Relax with these natural tea blends from Kazi Yetu. Kazi Yetu offers a delicious assortment of tea blends from Tanzania, all produced under fair conditions, so you can feel good while you sip. Kazi Yetu is working to change the way we export products from Africa and create valuable jobs and transparent and traceable production chains for consumers.

Take action and enter to win natural tea blends from Kazi Yetu. The pack contains the following three varieties: Cinnamon Spice, Coco Choco and Hibiscus Star.

Enter for this reward here.

Awards in South Africa

AWIEF-November-rewards.jpgCourtesy of AWIEF.

5. African Women’s Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship: 7th African Women’s Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Each year, the African Women’s Forum for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (AWIEF) brings together established and new generation women entrepreneurs and businesswomen in Africa, social entrepreneurs, innovators, SMEs and MSMEs, professional associations, NGOs, governments and the private sector. There, they discuss innovative strategies to support female entrepreneurship and improve economic participation and opportunities for women, with the aim of advancing Africa’s economic transformation and sustainable growth.

Take action and participate to earn the opportunity to join groundbreaking conversations promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality on the African continent.

Enter for this reward here.

6. Sonwaro: R250 coffee basket

Sonwaro is an established South African coffee brand dedicated to creating beautiful coffee blends for coffee lovers.

Take action for a chance to win a Sonwaro coffee basket valued at R 250.

Enter for this reward here.

7. Sonwaro: barista training course

Sonwaro is also passionate about empowering youth and women. You can take action and participate for a chance to be part of his three day barista training.

Enter for this reward here.

United Kingdom Awards

bad-hero-november-rewards.jpegCourtesy of BadHero.

8. BadHero: a pair of BadHero sunglasses

BadHero is making lasting statements with its stylish sunglasses and giving program. BadHero allows you to return an old pair of glasses for a 50% discount on a brand new style. He then donates the old pair to charities that provide glasses to those in need in developing countries.

Take action to win a stylish, high-quality pair of sunglasses that offer the right protection, without the designer price tag.

Enter for this reward here.

9. Spabreaks.com: £ 250 to spend at Spabreaks

Nothing beats a hot bath on a cold fall day! Take a dip in a luxurious getaway with Spabreaks.com, Europe’s # 1 spa specialist. Spabreaks believes everyone should have access to the healing power of spas.

It has been a long year and we all deserve a break. That’s why Global Citizen is offering you the opportunity to spend £ 250 to book a spa getaway on the Spabreaks site! What better way to relax than with a mini spa break or a spa day with friends?

Enter for this reward here.

United States Awards

friends-nyc-november-rewards.jpgCourtesy of FRIENDS NYC.

10. New York Jets Tickets

Sport is back! Be part of the action – live.

Take action through Global Citizen for a chance to win two game tickets and a parking pass.

Enter for this reward here.

11. Conscious step: socks that give you pounds

Support children’s literacy and look great while doing it! Conscious Step brings about sustainable social and environmental change through its production practices, which support farms and factories offering fair wages while using only sustainable materials. Each purchase provides its partners with the resources necessary to support communities in need, from access to clean water to the protection of our oceans.

This month, you can enter to win these Conscious Step Socks in an elegant shade of periwinkle, studded with stars and adorned with an embroidered book. Each pair supports Room to Read, a partner of Conscious Step, and its mission to improve literacy among schoolchildren. One in four children in a low-income country cannot read. Room to Read wants to ensure that schools around the world have books and qualified educators to help children learn to read. Each pair purchased gives a book to a child and brings us one step closer to the end of illiteracy in the world and the fight against poverty.

Enter for this reward here.

12. Chameleon: A Case of Cold Brew From Chameleon

Global Citizen and Chameleon Cold-Brew have teamed up to bring you a unique gift box for coffee lovers organized for the theme of the month.

A consciously designed organic cold brew takes commitment. Beyond the ethical sourcing of specialty coffee beans, Chameleon takes responsibility for protecting the places and people who grow our coffee and the planet we call our home.

Chameleon is also taking a strong stand on gender equality, working on women-focused projects around the world, including co-financing the organic certification fees of two women-led cooperatives in Myanmar who are passionate about the culture. organic coffee.

Enter for this reward here.

13. FRIENDS NYC: The FRIENDS Experience

The FRIENDS ™ experience is the ultimate experience for Friends fans, with iconic props and recreated scenes from the hit series. Explore Joey and Chandler’s apartment, sit in Monica and Rachel’s kitchen – you’ll even have the chance to push Ugly Naked Guy. I KNOW!

Standards are in place to ensure the safety of you, your friends and family, and the staff – “dedicated to keeping the experience not only clean, but also” Monica Clean! ” »» Vaccination is compulsory to attend.

Tickets are valid for any available date and time until December 31, 2021.

Enter for this reward here.

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