11 People Share Paranormal Experiences Of Life In Bangalore And They’re Scarier Than Traffic

While some people believe in supernatural beings, others don’t. However, there is one thing in common between all of us: we have all heard paranormal stories from our friends and acquaintances, of encountering a supernatural spirit or being.

Today we came across a series of threads where people revealed their scariest Bangalore horror stories that would definitely send shivers down your spine. If you’re looking forward to an all-nighter, read on.

1. “People from Banashankari and around would have heard of Kamakhya. There is a marriage hall on the first floor next to a pastry shop, which is haunted. When we arrived at the marriage hall, there was a large room on the left side. When I opened the door to this room, I had the impression that someone was passing behind me, like a gust of wind, with inhuman speed. As there was windows in the toilet, I ignored it like wind. However, after the reception, my husband and I slept in the same room. At night, he woke me up and said that he saw a lady wearing red saree with bangles hanging from the fan. He also said as soon as he closed his eyes he felt wet hair on his face. Then he woke me up and told me about it. We got very scared and we went to another room, where my in-laws were staying, we told them about the incident and my in-law said he also felt someone passing behind him. That’s when I realized the place was haunted.

2. “Once I was in my friend’s apartment in Kumaraswamy. We were kind of having a party and I went to use the bathroom. His bathroom was in another room and we were in another room. Just the three of us, including me. So, I had to walk through the living room and the bedroom, which had the attached bathroom, which was dark. But, there was a faint glow because street lights and I could see my way. I knew the light switch and I had to go. As I crossed the hall and walked to the bathroom, I had the strange feeling of ‘be followed and watched. I looked in the mirror and realized something was wrong. I went to the party and asked my friend if this place was haunted? He told me that Before him, someone had died in the house and no purification ceremony had taken place.

3. “I had recently moved into a 1 BHK apartment which already had the owner’s couch and bed. The first night I felt like someone was sleeping and snoring on the couch. scared me and I just froze and didn’t move an inch the rest of the night, under my blanket. The next day I moved the couch to the guest room. The second night was fine However, in the morning, I noticed that two of my little god idols had fallen face down, I convinced myself it must have been a mouse or something since I was downstairs. The third night passed. The next morning, again, the idols had fallen. Now I panicked. I decided to put the sofa back in its original place. On the fourth night, again I heard snoring noises coming from the sofa. I played soothing music through headphones all night. It became a routine for the following days and I felt nothing after that. We just coexisted without disturbing each other. After a few months, someone from the second floor jumped off the balcony in the night. After that, I decided to move. It was too much for me to handle.”

4. “I was staying in Ejipura. One night I heard loud knocking on my bedroom door. When I shouted, it suddenly stopped. I waited until morning to open the door I didn’t see anything misplaced or destroyed as all the doors and windows were locked tightly so I ignored it but the same thing happened the following nights and every time I I shouted, everything stopped. Afterwards, I left that house.

5. “This incident happened to me when I was in college. I always used to give my bike for maintenance to one particular guy. He always had cool bikes with him and he even let them ride. One day, he asked me to come with him to deliver a customer’s scooter. I accepted since I was waiting for my bike, anyway. We reached a small house in Viveknagar. During our ride he told me the owner hadn’t picked up his bike and had had it for a month so he wanted to collect his payment and deliver the bike to the owner we knocked on the door and an old man (scooter owner) opened the door. He looked really pale. The guy asked him why he didn’t come to get his scooter. But, he just stared at us. He tilted his head. side but didn’t say anything. It was really strange. His cold gaze sent a shiver down my spine. Staring at him awkwardly, I r marked a photo frame behind him with a garland. Looking closer, it was a photo of an old man, who looked like the old man standing in front of us. There were also incense sticks and camphor on the floor. My bike guy left his keys at the door and we both ran away. It still gives me goosebumps to this day.”

6. “My co-worker, who lives in a popular society in a BTM configuration, told me this story. He and his apartment neighbor went on a trip once and when they came back, their families ordered non-vegetarian food for dinner. After a few days, the neighbor started behaving differently at night. He started talking to each other in three different languages ​​and even insulting his wife. It lasted a month. After that, his wife started called a priest for a checkup. The priest informed her that there was a ghost inside her husband, who penetrated him when he returned from the trip. Apparently the ghost was starving and as they were carrying a package of non-vegetarian food, he hopped with them back to their home” The ghost told the priest that if they brought him the same parotta and the same chicken again from that same restaurant, he would leave his body. The family again went to this restaurant, which is nearby Hosur, and got the same dish. They made sure the neighbor ate everything and the next day yes he was fine.”

7. “I was staying in a single room in my hostel, I was talking to a friend on the phone around 2 or 3 in the morning. Someone knocked on the door. My first thought was that someone had come to ask to food or something because that was normal in my middle school. But no, there was a girl standing there and I couldn’t see her (because the hallway was dark). She asked me if I was summoning spirits I don’t know why, at that time, I thought it was a perfectly normal question and started talking to my friend again, but the next day I realized that I didn’t. had never seen this girl in my hostel before.

8. “My friends lived in a house near Banashankari. All six of them were experiencing strange things like someone knocking on the bathroom door when no one was there and a shadow moving on the walls. They used to go through these things things individually and it never happened in a group. So they didn’t reveal themselves to each other, because they thought they might be criticized. But, one day, a strange thing happened. There was a camp bed in this house, which was already there before they arrived. One guy was sleeping on this bed and the other five were sleeping on the floor, next to the bed. All of a sudden Suddenly, the guy who was sleeping on the bed rose in the air and landed 10 feet from this cot. He woke up and started behaving in a weird way. His friends got scared and started beating him until he behaved normally.After that they started to share their personal experiences. they. One day there were only two people in the house. guy woke up and saw someone smoking near him. At first he thought it was the other guy, but he saw his friend sleeping next to him. He started screaming, woke up the other guy, and left that house without even packing his bags. After that, the six guys left Bangalore, leaving their bags in this room, and returned to their respective hometowns. People living nearby told them that an old man had died in this house before renting it and that it was probably his ghost who lived in this house.”

9. “I once smelled burning flesh in the alleys of HSR, like one would smell in a burning ghat. It was a deserted street and I got chills. Needless to say, I escaped.”

10. “There is an apartment in Shantinagar and everyone in this area knows that it is built on land encroached by a cemetery. One day my mother and I decided to take a look at these apartments and find out about the deal, when it was under construction. That night, my mother and I had terrible nightmares and decided that it was not even worth thinking about buying an apartment in these apartments.

11. “It happened around 2011, in Banashankari. I had recently moved to Bangalore and was in a hostel and was looking for a 1 BHK. I found this place relatively cheap and decent. The First week went well, but then things started getting weird, I used to keep the place clean, immaculate in fact, despite that, there was a rotten smell in there all the time. I used to think it was probably a drainage problem. Then I started having insomnia. I tried everything possible but just couldn’t sleep. Then a night I fell asleep only to be woken up by a loud knock on the door. From then on I would sleep, but a loud knock would wake me up, like every night. One night I opened the door and I am went to the street, but there was nothing. No dogs bark, no one talks, everyone is sleeping soundly. One night I d was going to Kormangla, my girlfriend had come to my house. I went to Kormangla and on the way back I kept getting lost no matter what I was going around in circles. I stopped for a cup of tea and some cigarettes. I tried again to go home. I got home and saw that she had cleaned up, because of the rotting smell. A few nights later, I had a nightmare. I jumped from my sleep, but couldn’t open my eyes in fear. I started praying hard, the only thing that came to mind at that time. A few months later I started hearing voices, they were still talking. Six months passed and I couldn’t take it anymore. So I left. After a while I realized that I had left a book there and had to go back to retrieve it. My friend, who was with me, stood with me outside as the new tenant brought the book to us. He invited us inside, but we were so scared we rushed out. I will never take these things lightly.”

BRB, I turn on all the lights in my house!

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